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Kapruka carries only authentic perfume brands while most online markets are flooded with fake and substandard perfumes. Kapruka direct imports perfumes to make sure you get the authentic brands. 

  • Are all perfume brands in Kapruka are originals ?

    Yes. All brands in Kapruka are imported directly by us and comes with 100Pct authenticity.

  • What are the most popular perfumes in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan perfume market is mostly driven by french brands.
Valentine day gifts for boyfriends and husbands in Sri Lanka


Valentines gifts for husbands, boyfriends, girl friends and more at Kapruka. this lovers day gift collection is hand picked for you by experienced gift specialist at Kapruka.

  • When is Valentines Day?

    February 14th of every year is Valentine`s day

  • What are the best Valentine gifts for a boy friend in Sri Lanka?

    Kapruka has over 10,000 special gifts for boy friends this valentine`s day. See all full collection on this page. For boys, the best sellers are perfumes, flowers and cakes.

  • What are top valentine gift ideas this year in Sri Lanka?

    Top sellers are red roses, cakes, chocolates, teddies and jewelery. See the top valentine brands on this page for home delivery.
Vegetable online sales in Sri Lanka


Get fresh vegetables delivered to your home in Sri Lanka

  • Are these fresh Vegetables?

    Yes, all are farm fresh vegetables at Kapruka
Best Anniversary Gifts in Sri Lanka


Anniversary gifts are one of the specialties of Kapruka for decades. The range of anniversary gifts are carefully picked by gift specialists in Kapruka. The collection if refreshed weekly to give you the most up-to-date selection of wedding anniversary and love anniversary gifts

  • What are top Anniversary categories?

    Wedding anniversary and love anniversary are the top categories. Then comes 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th Anniversary celebrations. .

  • Are there special gifts for first wedding anniversary?

    As always the 1st anniversary is special to all of us who celebrate this annual event. We carry gold and diamond Jewellery from the top jewelers in Sri Lanka and flower arrangements to go with it. Also range of greeting cards are offered..

  • What are Wedding anniversary gift categories?

    Rich with juicy strawberries and silky smooth creamy consistency.

  • What are the favorite best seller ?

    Kapruka cakes are the top sellers for this category. Also soft toys, specialized watch brands, perfumes are popular among customers who shop in this category. `.

  • "For him" or "For Her"

    Kapruka offers you distinct selections both for him and her. As anniversary gift could largely vary depending on gender. For him don’t forget to check out Kapruka’s gadgets sections
Flower Bouquets for online delivery in Sri Lanka


Looking for a Flower Bouquet to send to your loved once in Sri Lanka? Select from bouquet of roses, bouquet of mixed flowers or bouquet of orchids. Don't consider it just a bunch of flowers as Kapruka will always put super hard effort to make sure every arrangement is attended personally by a profetional florist

  • Bouquets Types

    Roses are the most famous bouquet type at Kapruka's online flower delivery service. Flower bookey is a common term to lookup this service.

  • Fresh Flower Bouquet

    Kapruka carries over 1500 different types of flower bunches and boquets. They come with roses, orchits, mix wild flowers and lilies.

  • Bouquet of roses

    Rose arrangements at Kapruka come in vases, boxes and as bouquets. All boquets are made fresh daily by Kapruka's well trained in house florists

  • Same day delivery

    Same day flower delivery is an often requested service at Kapruka. We are able to do this is major cities such as Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Jaffna and 32 other top tier 1 cities of Sri Lanka
Cheese Cakes for Home Delivery in Sri Lanka


Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry cheesecake are the top favorites are Kapruka this month in it's cheese cake category. Oreo cheesecake is a trending product comming out of Java Lounge

  • What types of cheese cakes do you deliver online?

    The most beloved Greek dessert around the word, is now in Kapruka for home delivery. Kapruka proudly sell the best cheese cake collection from Colombo's famous backers. Java Lounge, Cinnamon Hotels, Hilton and GMC to name a few. .

  • What flavours of cheese cakes do you carry?

    Strawberry, Orio, and blueberry are the top choices.In addition to those, red velvet, pineapple, raspberry and passionfruit cheese cakes are trending up. Famous Blueberry and Strawberry cheese cakes top our list. Oreo, Red velvet, Pineapple, Raspberry and Passion fruit are also trending up flavors. The variety of cheese cakes we have makes us different .

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Rich with juicy strawberries and silky smooth creamy consistency.

  • What are the favorite best seller ?

    Java strawberry cheese cake for its juicy strawberries and silky smooth cream consistency. Baked Cheese cake from Cinnamon Lakeside-place where `The Perfection is mastered`.

  • What makes our cheesecakes special?

    For carefully selected ingredients, their flavor and the quality.

  • On what occasions cheese cakes are being served?

    Perfect cheese cake is the flavorsome dessert for any occasion.

  • How long does a cheese cake last?

    Cheese cake can last up to days 05 days, but pls keep it in the freezer until few hours before its being served.
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection at Kapruka


Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate and hazelnut combined hot seller at Kapruka. Place of origin being Itlay its top of the range chocolate gifts with Kapruka

  • What type of ferrero rocher collection we sell online ?

    Dark, white and coconut are the main. Coconut truffle mix is one of our bestsellers. .

  • Are there special gifts for first wedding anniversary?

    As always the 1st anniversary is special to all of us who celebrate this annual event. We carry gold and diamond Jewellery from the top jewelers in Sri Lanka and flower arrangements to go with it. Also range of greeting cards are offered..

  • What is the specialty of ferrero rocher?

    Crispy wafer shell, a crunchy hazelnut in the heart and unique taste by having contrasting layers are a few to say.

  • Does ferrero rocher contain nutella?

    Nutella is made by the ferrero rocher company. There is no nutella in ferrero rocher `.

  • What is the price of ferrero rocher ?

    Our ferrero rocher collection range from Rs 1600 – Rs 4200 (12 pieces, 16 pieces, 18 pieces and 24 pieces).
Top Selling Fruits and Fruit Baskets at Kapruka


Did you know Kapruka has the best prices and largest collection of fruit baskets for online delivery

  • Fruit delivery in Sri Lanka

    Biggest challenge in fresh fruit delivery in Sri Lanka is that it needs to be delivered within 10 hours to any location in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has expertise in doing perishable deliveires across including grocery, fresh fruit, flowers, cakes and restaurent food.

  • Colombo, Kandy, Negombo & Jaffna

    These our our most demanded cities for fruit basket delivery in Sri Lanka. Jaffna being the most distant city from our operational center, we still do next day delivery.

  • Baskets used

    All baskets used in Kapruka are locally manufacrued here in Sri Lanka. The once used for custom fruit baskets are imported from world class suppliers.

  • Why Kapruka gift service

    Looking for a perfect gift can be frustrating and exhausting. You aren’t looking for just a gift, but to give that special someone the “wow” experience that they deserve. But where do you look first? Luckily, we have you covered with the perfect gift: Fruit and vegetable gift baskets.Fresh fruit baskets are a splendid way to show your affection and they are fantastic gifts for a multitude of occasions including, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines, and even just to say thank you. And to make the gift giving even better, fruit basket deliveries can be lighter on your wallet, easy to send, and even more special for the recipient when they receive your custom heartfelt note. Kapruka offers fruit basket gifts unlike any other. These baskets come in many different packages to that you can set the tone of your perfect gift. If you are looking to send a romantic gift to a significant other, we have fruit baskets that include oranges, apples, juicy grapes and are topped off with a bottle of red grape wine to dial up the romance. As for a thank you or care package gift, our basket featuring freshly picked fruit and savory snacks works fabulously. Treat that person to a munchable gift that they can enjoy at home or on the go.

  • Vegitable Baskets

    Kapruka’s fruit and vegetable gift baskets are also a great choice for a foodie. If you know someone that like to cook or try new exotic foods, we might have just the gift. Our medium vegetable box gift offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables from top selling farmer’s markets in Sri Lanka. This is a delicious way to offer that foodie of yours the chance to try new foods and recipes. You are guaranteed to find the fruit gift basket of your dreams here at Kapruka. With us, you can leave your worries of imperfection behind as we promise to deliver your special someone with the gift that makes them feel as special as you know they are.
Ladies Handbags and purses in Sri Lanka


Looking for ladies handbags, purses and wallets online? Kapruka carried a huge range of them with islandwide nexy day delivery. Ladies hand bags are one of the top selling categories at Kapruka

  • Are these same handbags as what you get from Ebay into Sri Lanka?

    Kapruka very carefulyl selectes its hand bag exporters from around the world and go direct to those manufacturers. From office hand bags for ladies all the way to high brands such as Prada and michael kors are bought down to Sri Lanka by kapruka and offered to you online .

  • Warrenties on Handbags

    All hand bag / wallet / purse products at Kapruak comes with a no questions asked 3 months warrenty. If you are unhappy with the bag simply call our help lines to arrange a return.

  • Do you carry women's designer hand bags?

    Kapruka does not carry this range at this moment.
Fresh Red Roses Delivery in Sri Lanka


Looking for a flower shop near you to deliver fresh roses to your sweetheart in Sri Lanka? See Kapruka's red rose collection. bouquet of roses, pink, yellow, orange and red roses are popular sub catetogies in Kapruka flower shop

  • Rose Flower

    A symbol of love. Roses are one of the top selling flower types at Kapruka. Select from many colors. Red, yellow, pink and orange as they are best sellers.

  • Flower Delivery

    Kapruka flower delivery is unique as it could do same day delivery to anywhere in the island. Delivery is trackable to the door step. Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Jaffna are popular delivery cities at Kapruka

  • Bouquet of roses

    Rose arrangements at Kapruka come in vases, boxes and as bouquets. All boquets are made fresh daily by Kapruka's well trained in house florists
Smart watches and fitness bands collection at Kapruka


Fitness bands and smart watches are a huge trend globally as well as catching up in Sri Lanka. Brands such as Samsung,huawei and apple are the top demanded brands while fitbit leads fitness bands

  • What are the top selling smart watch brands in Sri Lanka ?

    Samsung and apple are the top sellers in Sri Lanka while fitbit dominates the fitness range. .

  • Do you carry kids smart watches?

    Yes we do carry limited number of kids smart watches. However thier supply is limited. Check back with us if you see them out of stock..

  • Are there specific Ladies smart watches?

    Most smart watches are uni sex at Kapruka. Which means they are wearable by both men and women.

  • What are the non main stream smart watch brands in Sri Lanka?

    MI, sony, ticwatch, and xiaomi are the trending wearable technology brands `.
Toys for Kids at Kapruka


Educations toys, baby dolls, soft toys and wide range of eletronic RC toys are at Kapruka for home delivery. We sell for all age rangs from babies, toddlers, teens and even adults would enjoy the range of toys here.

  • Kids Toys

    We carry thousands of different toys for all age ranges. Most these toys are imported and in high safety standards to be used by children.

  • Educational Toys

    Kids laptops and educational puzzels are popular categories at Kapruka. See our range of educational kids toys for all age ranges. We will also be selling Amzon kindles and advanced kids products in this section.

  • Toy Cars

    Radio control cars and other motion driven toy cars are available at Kapruka for all age ranges. Remote control car and track sets are available in many brands.
Lingerie and Sexy Dresses online in Sri Lanka


Lingerie at Kapruka is not limited to bra and panties. We weekly add collections of nigh dresses, night ware, sexy dresses and high quality womens lingerie

  • Is Lingerie a taboo in Sri Lanka?

    It is no longer a taboo in developing countries such as Sri Lanka. Lingerie and sexy dresses are widely available specially in e-commerce websites..

  • Are there many Lingerie shops in Sri Lanka?

    There are very limited number of Lingerie and sexy dress shops in Colombo. However, most consumers are used to go online to shop in privacy for these categories of products

  • What additional products are listed under Lingerie at Kapruka?

    Kapruka imports very high quality dresses and costumes. In addition of dresses we may also carry garter belts, bra and panty sets, plus size lingerie and night dress.
Sarees and Drapes Online at Kapruka


Browse the best priced online Sarees in Sri Lanka at Kapruka. Select from our higest quality silk, synthetic, cotton, jorget, and desinger sarees

  • Online saree and drapes in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lankan's buying Sarees online is nowadays a norm. There is a high range of sarees and multiple qualities and selection sets. All saree products are deliverable the next day to any address in Sri Lanka.

  • Designer sarees

    Desinger sarees are listed on Kapruka on a weekly basis. We have uniqly selected suppliers for these specific desinger sarees which are sold exclusivly online.

  • Sarees online sale

    Kapruka does publish special discounted sarees as we come close to end of collection cycles. Saree collections are refreshed on a weekly basis.
Teddy Bears For Delivery in Sri Lanka


From small cute teddies to large giant teddies are awaiting at Kapruka to be delivered to your loved once. See our large collection of soft toys here.

  • Online Large Teddies in Sri Lanka

    Large teddy bears are rare in Sri Lankan soft toy shops. Since they are hard to find in walk in shops Sri Lankans are used to shop for them online. See Kapruka's collection of large teddies in above section.

  • Cute Teddy Bears

    Finding the cutest soft toys from all over the world producers and brining them to you in Sri Lanka is what Kapruka is super good at. See our unique collection of soft toys are highly competetive prices

  • Imported Soft Toys

    Kapruka imports very high quality soft toys into Sri Lanka and offers them online to you are lowest possible price. As per all our items these soft toys qualify for home delivery the next day.
Cigarette Brands Online in Sri Lanka


Browse the cigarettes brands in Sri Lanka. Note these products should only be orderd if you a responsible adult over 21 years. Cigarette Smoking is Hazardous to your health. Online delivery of cigarettes offerd only if you are an adult aged 21 and above

  • Online brands cigarettes in Sri Lanka

    Top selling brands include Dunhill, Goldleaf and pallmall in Sri Lanka.

  • Age Limit for cigarettes in Sri Lanka

    You must be 21 or more in age to order or smoke cigarettes in Sri Lanka.

  • Legal age used to be 18

    Sri Lanka's Health Ministry in 2018 received cabinet approval to raise the age limit of cigarette sale to adults from 18 to 21.
Get Sri Lankan Goods in Australia


Get Sri Lankan Products shipped to you in Australia. Fast and cheap from "Kapruka Near By" Services. Most goods come directly from our Melbourne fulfilment center so you enjoy quick delivery and low shipping rates

  • How are shipping rates calculates

    Most products are shipped the same day or next day. Also many of the investory is stored in our Australia / Melbourne warehouse, so you get a fast and lowest shipping experince

  • How do I return products from Australia if there are size mismatches or product issues?

    This depends on the type of products you order. Please call Kapruka customer care center and we will provide you the steps to follow based on your product category.
Unique Gift Sets - Hand Picked


Are you searching for a Unique gift sets in Sri Lanka? Browse through Kapruka's hand selected best selling gift sets for him and her. Either it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we have the widest range of gift sets. Get gift sets handpicked by Kapruka gift specialists. Hundreds of gift categories at Kapruka will help you choose the best gift set for him or her.

  • What gift set categories do you have in Sri Lanka?

    Most of Kapruka gift set categories are under clothing, cosmetics, and electronics sections. However there hundreds of gift categories that fall under this section.

  • How do you select gift sets?

    Kapruka product team in Sri Lanka are expers in gift combining and gift set creation. These specialists hand pick the products on this section.
School Merchandise from Sri Lankan Colleges


Are you looking for merchandise, memorabilia and souvenirs made by your College in Sri Lanka? Find them here on Kapruka's exclusive collection of college merchandise.

  • Are these products officially approved or made by the respective schools ?

    Yes. All college products sold in Kapruka are directly sourced from the college or else produced by Kapruka with approvals from the college. We do not carry or allow the sale of any counterfit merchandise.

  • Does Kapruka have the authority from the colleges to sell these products ?

    Kapruka has signed agreements with respective colleges and thier student bodies to bring these merchandise to you. We do make sure all poducts are approved by the colleges.
Online Gift Vouchers in Sri Lanka


Get Gift Vouchers for grocery, fashion, malls, super markets and many others top brands in Sri Lanka from Kapruka. Bookshops, Spas and Saloons and restaurant vouchers are also top selling gift voucher categories on Kapruka

  • What gift vouchercategories do you have in Sri Lanka?

    Most of Kapruka gift voucher categories are under grocery, clothing, cosmetics, and electronics sections. However there hundreds of gift voucher that fall under this section such as restaurants, spas and fashion brands

  • How do you select gift vouchers?

    Kapruka product team in Sri Lanka are experts in gift combining and gift voucher selection. These specialists hand pick the vouchers on this section.

Toll free customer feed back and buying support line: +1-800-651-5099
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