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Order your favorite beaverages for home delivery in Sri Lanka. All liquor products are 100% original brands and purchased via licenced retailed and producers in Sri Lanka. This service is only availble for Sri Lankans who live overseas to order as gifts for a recipient in Sri Lanka

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Top Sri Lankan Wine and Spirtis online Products on Kapruka

Find the top Sri Lankan Wine and Spirtis online Products on Kapruka while you could also explore the price in Sri Lanka in LKR here

Product NamePrice (LKR)
All Blue Super Premium Vodka 40 ABV 750ml5670
CinZano Vermouth Rossa Sweet 750ml 15% Italy5780
OLD KEG Double Blend Premium Whisky 40% ABV 750ml6550
BRUSA Vino Rosso D`italia Medium Dry ABV 11% 750ml Italy3780
Barefoot Merlot 750ml Red Wine -13.5% - USA6210
Ciroc Coconut Vodka 37.5 ABV France 700ml25600
  • All Blue Super Premium Vodka 40 ABV 750ml - Price : LKR 5670

    All Blue Vodka using the finest grains sourced From the sun kissed cornfields of sri lanka, This super premium grade vodka is distilled Three times to deliver a clean, crisp taste.

  • CinZano Vermouth Rossa Sweet 750ml 15% Italy - Price : LKR 5780

    Cinzano comes about from the perfect union of wine, alcohol, sugar and an infusion of herbs and spices. Still today Cinzano`s recipe is unique in the world and has been kept secret for over 250 years. Created in Torino, Cinzano Rosso is the original of Cinzano`s vermouth portfolio. Its amber colour reflects the product`s rich infusion of herbs and spices, while representing its prestige and quality. It is the perfect ingredient for cocktails thanks to its delicate, yet persistent aftertaste and can be served neat or with a splash of soda.

  • OLD KEG Double Blend Premium Whisky 40% ABV 750ml - Price : LKR 6550

    This whisky has been made by blending two types of whiskies. Possess a gentle floral whisky note with a scotch taste. Serve on the rocks or with your favourite chaser.

  • BRUSA Vino Rosso D`italia Medium Dry ABV 11% 750ml Italy - Price : LKR 3780

    Tasting notes Italian Red wine, the classic red wine that has always animated the tables of the town. Fresh, fruity, enveloping, with tannin suitable for combinations with many Italian dishes.

  • Barefoot Merlot 750ml Red Wine -13.5% - USA - Price : LKR 6210

    Barefoot Merlot is a luscious wine with alluring flavors of boysenberry and split cherries followed by hints of silky chocolate for a decadent finish. Barefoot Merlot wine is a classic red wine with one bold personality. One of the most popular varieties of red grape, Merlot is a smooth, easy drinking beauty of a wine.

  • Ciroc Coconut Vodka 37.5 ABV France 700ml - Price : LKR 25600

    Ciroc is considered to be a high-quality vodka. It is different from other popular vodka brands because it is made from grapes instead of the traditional grains or potatoes. This unique ingredient gives Ciroc a distinct taste that sets it apat from other vodkas on the market. Additionally, Ciroc is filtered with charcoal, which helps to refine its flavor and texture. Ciroc Coconut has an intense sweet and creamy coconut flavor with a light touch of tropical fruit.


No. We will not accept any transactions or orders from customers residing in Sri Lanka


All wine and spirits are purchased from linceced retailers and producers in Sri Lanka.

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Here are advantages of online liquor shopping in Sri Lanka:

Convenience: You can shop for liquor from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to you, rather than having to go to a physical store. Wide selection: Online stores may have a larger selection of liquor than physical stores, so you have a better chance of finding a specific brand or type of alcohol.

Competitive pricing: Online stores may offer competitive prices, especially if they don't have the same overhead costs as physical stores.

Easy to compare: It's easy to compare prices and products from different online stores, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Easy to shop for gifts: If you're looking to buy a bottle of liquor as a gift, shopping online can be a convenient way to find something that meets your recipient's preferences.

It's worth noting that online shopping may not be available for all types of liquor in Sri Lanka, and there may be laws and regulations governing the sale and delivery of alcohol in the country. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these before making an online purchase.