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Order #VBRNC0F98CC9
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. I have made the order little late yesterday, didn’t think of that much and thought the cake would be delivered following day. But a representative from Kapruka called me and explained the situation and arranged a different cake to deliver today. He was very helpful.

Order #VBRN454C05DB
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent shopping experience. Delivered perfectly with any hassle. Convenient and easy was to gift our loved ones ever just before there special day??

Customer Review / Survery: It was really amazing shopping experience .and keep it up thanks from here, love you guys. Im so happy of it ??

Order #VEXTE6C3B97D
Customer Review / Survery: Always really easy to place any order and excellent customer service . Really appreciate. Thanks very much!

Customer Review / Survery: There were some issues on transit. Had to wait near the main road for the bus arrival. But I understand the situation in the country right now. Overall customer service is appreciated ??

Order #VSEPDE816619
Customer Review / Survery: I`m pleased to use kapruka to send gift to my family in SL, and also it is much more easier when you have the food delivery service too. I also like to add something, the flowers needs to be more fresh and also that would be nislce if you choose light colours and more trending decoration bunches.

Order #VLKRD5A91484
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka!! all i need to say is you are the best. please keep up the good work.Your teams are doing a great job.

Order #VLKR1D31E467
Customer Review / Survery: ~I wanted to order pizza to be delivered to bandarawela address but even though there is an outlet in bandarawela that was not visible in kapruka for me to place an order. ~ better call the recipient on the day of the delivery

Order #VLKR5139F7A5
Customer Review / Survery: Absolutely good service. Several times Iordered and on delivery dates, perfectly you deliber on date. Without any errors, and the products are same quality as photos of the website. I`m happy with You.

Order #VBRNB982F63B
Customer Review / Survery: So accurate, quality items and very secure. I will never stop using this beautiful service. Thank you’ll

Order #VBRN5E8251C2

Customer Review / Survery: Amazing. Would be great if there was an option to change the custom message after confirming the order

Order #AM0A4B9BF42B
Customer Review / Survery: I was taken up with customer service, to provide prompt feedback on issues on delivery due to the time frame. And providing options for solutions

Order #VLKR81180EB8
Customer Review / Survery: Hey guys, thank you for the speedy service, the recipient was extremely happy with the product that looked very fresh till the hand over. I`m very satisfied with the service.

Customer Review / Survery: This was the first time I used Kapruka. Excellent work done. ?? on time delivering ??. I really happy about Kapkuka Service. Thank you so much. I`ll order again and agin.

Order #VSEP11D16173
Customer Review / Survery: I wish to place on reccord the appreciation and admiration of your Mr Fazzer who was friendly and cutomer satisfaction oriented officer. He was able to accede to my request of exchanging meals for religious reasons with very short notice. I wish him well.

Order #VLKRD7BF6B64
Customer Review / Survery: It`s very convenient to deliver something to our loved ones anywhere in Sri lanka as well as overseas

Customer Review / Survery: The flower arrangement didn`t look exactly like the picture. also the picture doesn`t give a good idea of the size!!

Order #VLKR6A10626C
Customer Review / Survery: It was very convenient to be honest. It took less time was very quick. I had to do this on behalf of a friend and this is the first time I used Kapruka. I was highly impressed.

Customer Review / Survery: Pls make necessary arrangement to raise a receipt against our payment. This is very useful when we order on behalf of the company subsequently reimburse from the company

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka web site is very easy to access and find what we need. and very user friendly. and some items are still they selling for the old price too. so we can buy 50 off from this site. buand delivery service is one of the best delivery service they have, because I have ordered my stuff and with in 24 hours they called me to confirm the order and fixed a date with me and delivered it. very quick and efficient. and the stuff came in a box and very safely. thank you kapruka

Customer Review / Survery: This is my second order, both times the order was delivered on time. Highly satisfied with their service, cakes are tasty as always. Best place to send gifts because they are reliable.

Order #VLKRDD025A20
Customer Review / Survery: Actually this was my first order.Amazing ....such a amazing service.fast and quick service .i just spend only few minutes to order my gift.thank u .and i wish all very best with ur service .truly happy.thank u.

Order #VBRN24B71A8E
Customer Review / Survery: This is the second time I used Kapruka to sent some gift to my family. Unfortunately first time I couldn`t send as you`re unable to deliver it before the time I expected. However, this time I am really happy with the delivery. If you can give us opportunity to select a time period (2 hour peiod or something convenient) during which you can deliver it would be much better.

Order #VBRN1A53075C
Customer Review / Survery: I’m truly grateful to Kapruka, sending gifts to my children is my only way of hope of happiness.. since I’m thousands of miles away from them.

Order #VLKR040A450A
Customer Review / Survery: My experience with Kapruka was awesome. Ordered a birthday cake the day before and got it delivered on time in perfect condition.

Order #VBRN565485B5
Customer Review / Survery: Even he delivery was scheduled last minutes that too to location far from Colombo Kapruka still did a wonderful job..

Order #AG1A6AB72F12
Customer Review / Survery: Its always great to have this service. however, as i informed previously, being a long time service provider please arrange facilities to send food items (raw food like fish, chicken and prepared food items) to outside of colombo also to serve better service for customers. Because people in abroad also requirements to send such items

Order #VLKR1EB1C8E7
Customer Review / Survery: It would be great if the prices are shown while searching, not only when directly choosing the item. Navigation is a bit difficult, going back from the items returns the user not to the search results but back to start

Order #VLKRB65D8B4B
Customer Review / Survery: It is better if you can make the islandwide quick deliveries(with different delivery prices) to deliver the orders within few hours(less than 24 hours)

Order #VCOD29285ABK
Customer Review / Survery: This is my second time order via kapruka for a cake. I appreciate the high quality of the product and high end service provided by kapruka. Also the island wide delivery available in Sri Lanka provided by kapruka is an immense service. The employees are also very quick and polite in their service.

Order #VLKR115F0811
Customer Review / Survery: It was extremely easy to navigate and managed to get as intended within 24 hours. A small comment would be disable the current day when ordering 24 hour deliveries to avoid confusions and accidental selection of the same day.

Order #VCODAA6F23K6
Customer Review / Survery: Yummy cake,quick and safe delivery for reasonable price.highly appreciated your kind service....and highly recommended .

Order #VBRN698E93A1
Customer Review / Survery: There a good variety of cakes to choose. It’s affordable and reasonable prices and excellent delivery service.

Customer Review / Survery: My shopping experience was excellent and my granddaughter was so happy that her birthday gifts were delivered on her birthday. Thank you!

Order #VBRN19C0AFB8
Customer Review / Survery: Only thing is, I ordered Two products under one name for two different addresses, one for the office and another for the home, I wanted to give a surprise you, but your delivery guy called and told, there are two gifts under your name, shall I deliver both to the office address. I wanted to surprise two time and its gone, Ask your delivery team to deliver the products to mentioned addresses only.

Order #VBRN93AEB6B1
Customer Review / Survery: Service was more than expected. I used Kapruka Service first time and got delivered the gift as scheduled.

Customer Review / Survery: I really appreciate the customer service and the quick responsiveness from Ms Mahesha Jayasena, the person who communicated with me when I rescheduled my order date. Overall, the quality of the service meets my expectations and you have secured another loyal customer. Cheers!

Order #VBRNEF5C6743
Customer Review / Survery: The overall experience is great and very convenient. It would be better if you can give the customer to select the currency of their preference to checkout.

Order #VSEY4BB1E3D4
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka services for the last 9 years continuously. I have noticed your services have improved to outstations like Matara area to which I couldn’t send cakes in 2014. This is admirable indeed. I wish all the success in all your business affairs.

Customer Review / Survery: I never knew about Kapruka , but now I know that it’s a Trustworthy company , as all my orders were Delivered on time the items were well Sealed No Damages

Order #VBRN0054DCF9
Customer Review / Survery: it is a good platform safe to do online purchasing. this is my 7th year since i started to use kapruka for purchasing. good service so far.

Order #VBRNCFD627A9
Customer Review / Survery: I always use Kapruka order cakes,flowers etc have had no issues. They always deliver on time send a notification. They flower any instructions given and have been very courteous. I have recommend them to friends family always will. You could also use points when collected.

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka website is easy to navigate and offers a large variety of items. Only negative issue is when the best items are out of stock, it is best to remove them from the site until they come back in stock.

Order #VEXTB7E882FB
Customer Review / Survery: I’m very pleased to work with your company. I’m an old customer of Kapruka since 2009. Now I’m reside in USA, it’s a huge relief to me for getting a chance to send gifts to my loved ones in Sri Lanka in their special days. I always happy with your selections and we get a good chance to experience of variety of world class accessories.

Order #VSEYEF431F18
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is a great service that helps me to send gifts to my family at home. Thank you for the wonderful experience

Order #VCOMA4FD7972
Customer Review / Survery: They were delivered on time and had friendly staff. However, I hope the quality of fresh vegetables improves because I found one vegetable which was more on the rotten side in my order.

Order #VLKRF89E39CE
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to place orders and quick response with reliable order fulfilment and a good selection of items to select and compare.

Order #VBRN79885A1C
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka service doing a excelent job..i`m living in forean country did few orders to my family from here..it`s deliverd by on time carefully..kapruka doing they are job perfactly..i will keep shopping with kapruka again again

Order #VLKR11E362DA
Customer Review / Survery: It`s a really nice online market to order your needs and wants ???????...I admire your customer valuable service ??

Order #VLKRBB4B4010
Customer Review / Survery: I am using kapruka.com to send birthday gifts and other gifts as well.I am really Happy about your exceptional Service and I here by invite all the customers to use kapruka.com for your any needs wants .It`s easier your life ????????...Keep your good service up Congratulations to your team to win the future Endeavors ?

Order #VLKR9A6342F6
Customer Review / Survery: We have always found the response to any order has been prompt good. In the case of this We wanted it delivered as early as possible which was responded to.

Order #VBRNBC093744
Customer Review / Survery: Customer Service - Excellent Communication within the process - Excellent Product Availability Satisfaction - Average Overall Satisfaction - Highly trustworthy Service

Order #VLKR66E8AF25
Customer Review / Survery: Yes, It`s an amazing service. As a result of some errors in my side the deliver was postponed two days. But the communication with kapruka and me is brilliant. I haven`t words to introduce it. Excellent and thank you soooo much ..... ??

Order #AA0A6A5299A0
Customer Review / Survery: very easy to order very good service If we are order submit we dont want follow up its very good its awsm ????????????

Order #VLKR98819EDF
Customer Review / Survery: I’m really Satisfied with our Customer service. It’s soo fast 2nd I’m really excited with your cake it’s soo delicious.. thank you so much for ontime Delivery service. Highly recommend you KAPRUKA.

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