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Order #AA3A0CC34CCC
Customer Review / Survery: I enjoyed the politeness of the customer service agents and flexibility in accommodating our needs. The delivery was impressively timely. I ordered food for my elderly parents and they take medications thus they need to eat fairly early. So I suggest that you be a bit more flexible with lunch time and dinner time. Instead of 12.30-1.30pm lunch and 7.30-8.30pm dinner times, consider moving it at least 30minutes or an hour ahead lunch 11.30-12.30 and dinner 6.30-7.30.

Order #AK1A55D47877
Customer Review / Survery: Ordering from Kapruka website was quite smooth and had a good experience. The order was delivered on time and exactly the way i had placed the order.

Order #VAUTC405D923
Customer Review / Survery: i have used kapruka service for a long time and haven`t had any issues related to delays or damaged products and i can`t be more happier with the service the kapruka team provides.

Customer Review / Survery: User friendly website. The layout is excellent and you can easily find your way around. Great choice of products to choose from which is great

Order #AI1A73858EF8
Customer Review / Survery: This is my second time using Kapruka. First, I ordered pizza for my father`s birthday on 26th September. Its location was Homagama. Today is my sister in law`s birthday. She is in Gampola. She got the birthday cake on today. She said it was yummy. Thank you so much for your service.

Order #VAUT1E84E866
Customer Review / Survery: It was very useful and nice experience of shopping in kapruka.for more improvement of this lovely shopping experience, i would like to suggest connect with some supermarkets like keels with nice and fresh foods.

Order #AG1A0CAE16E3
Customer Review / Survery: Well each item that is available has a lot of varieties that help you to make your choice. So I was able to find the item that I liked best very easily. Thank you.

Order #AK0A543B8487
Customer Review / Survery: I got the chance to buy the gift which expected through KAPRUKA , and it was delivered at the right time. So, I am satisfied with KAPRUKA services and happy to be a KAPRUKA customer. Thanks.

Order #AQ0AF0BC8BF0
Customer Review / Survery: I have used Kapruka only onece. But I have really satisfied of their on time delivery. I?m looking forward to use kapruka next time

Order #AQ1AF11FA034
Customer Review / Survery: Given the number of emigrated srilankans from Negombo Wennappuwa chilaw areas, I would have expected free delivery. I was almost there to go with your competitor LASSANAFLORA.COM for better price of products and free delivery to Puttalam area. I finally chose you for your better website experience.

Order #AG1A0CA82743
Customer Review / Survery: Really happy with the service. Just an idea, if you?ll have pre made gift bundles for birthdays willhelp with even a faster shopping experience.

Order #AK0A55853F30
Customer Review / Survery: Good. Overall satisfied. Better if you have something like `Express Delivery` to handover a gift on OR before time.

Order #VLKR6A7FEA44
Customer Review / Survery: good collections you have , i suggest if you could add more ` barbie dolls` toys will be good for the business. this is on going trend for the baby girls. can you find me barbie doll hair style toys

Customer Review / Survery: The Service was quite impressive. My Gift arrangement was delivered before 11 am just as intended. Was also delivered in great condition. many Thanks.

Order #AG0A0C8D3BDD
Customer Review / Survery: I am happy 100 with the sketch. I paid around £40 For this sketch. It will be worth if you add a frame Or laminated it. This type of professional sketch you can give the more value if you add with the frame. I was published this sketch on my FB. My friends also happy with the art but they don?t like to purchase it just a paper. I think you will get more customers if you give more value for this sketch Thanks

Order #VEXT925C6727
Customer Review / Survery: Well kapruka is a exllent website for me and I recommend to the people who live in oversea can send any kind of gifts to sri lanka through this website . I live in US it easy for me to send gifts to my friend`s, family members and their are lots of staffs in kapruka that I can send any kind of a gift to them by your website .

Order #AG0A0C656241
Customer Review / Survery: I?m so impressed with your service.i have been using kapruka for over 9 years now and I wouldn?t change it over any other service as you have successfully gained my trust very much.the most recent case proved it as you struggled to deliver the birthday cake to my mother on the 15th nov.2017 as her contact number wasn?t working and you had tried to contact me a few times which was unsuccessful.and when I finally had time to check my mails that?s when I realised the struggle you?d had to go through to deliver the cake.five hours later your first attempt I sent you extra details and within 2hours the cake was successfully delivered.i have no words to thank you for your amazing service as it means a lot to people like us who live away from our loved ones.thank you for uniting us on special occasions..hats off to KAPRUKA!

Order #VLKR1D8E864A
Customer Review / Survery: Well it is much convenient to shop at Kapruka as everything needed is categorized very systematically.

Order #VAUT4EA89357

Order #AA3A0C7DE3F0
Customer Review / Survery: It was a nice experience shopping with Kapuruka. I very much appreciate your customer relation ship manager`s support.

Order #VSEP2E649DDC
Customer Review / Survery: It was good. If you can change order status more frequently rather than waiting for last moment, would be grateful.

Order #AG0A0C7D88F3
Customer Review / Survery: your service is an excellent. I have a concern about your delivery charges. The value of my order is around 137 Canadian dollars and i had to pay 3.90 delivery charges. Most of online shopping sites here in Canada waives delivery charges if the order is above 100 dollars. This is a good marketing strategy as well. My suggestion to waive the delivery charges for orders over 100 dollars.

Order #VLKREB0C4957
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka hasn`t put me down anytime.... always have delivered in time.... and I today I didn`t expect that card to be delivered cuz I ordered today. So thank you for that

Order #AP1AEF64F4B9
Customer Review / Survery: The Ordering process was very easy it doesn?t make you confuse at all and I appreciate doing the same day deliveries But I would like to see more gift varieties. So far I had good shopping experience with Kapruka.

Order #AP0AEF5E031D
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service, reliable delivery. Gifts always delivered on the day chosen. Great to have email updates continuously. Most recent, an email telling me I had purchased a gift the previous year in 2016 and did I need to order again. This was great as I had forgotten a child`s birthday and it still gave me enough time to get the gift there in time.

Order #AI0A733A2574
Customer Review / Survery: I have used kapruka regularly. Its a valuable service for people not in Sri Lanka to show care for our loved ones. I suggest the orders to be delivered on time.

Order #AQ0AF0E60B59
Customer Review / Survery: Its was good and in a shorter period i never taught d order will be accepted...anyway thanks its great !!! and good to know dat within colombo limits in a shoter period of time orders can be placed..

Order #VAUTC02B0D0E
Customer Review / Survery: I placed a fruit basket and flowers on the 16th November and was very impressed that it was delivered on the same day as It was my mum`s 75th Birthday I called the Colombo office and told them that even though I place the order on the same day as my mum`s birthday whether it was possible to deliver it. and I was so impressed that they assured me that they will deliver it and it was done. Thank you and I will continue to use Kapruka I will definitely recommend it to my Australian friends as we have a huge srilankan community in Sydney. Special thanks to Mr Angelo at the SRILANKAN BRANCH for all his help.

Customer Review / Survery: Website easy to navigate. Should have the ability to make an amendment for e.g. an address once an order has been placed.

Order #AL0AF2647EB1
Customer Review / Survery: Great Service,as we are in Overseas, we are thinking how to manage the our requirements in Sri Lanka, while working environment. thank you manage the things properly to deliver

Customer Review / Survery: i had a fear that something would go wrong while purchasing online, specially in food items like cakes. But that fear went off. You did a great job kapruka ! It`s easy and smart. Good luck

Order #VLKR515E8E03
Customer Review / Survery: The experience is superb. Always enjoy my shopping at Kapruka. So convenient and reliable #10084 #65039

Order #VLKR6C543108
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience with Kapruka was awsome. I wanted to get delivered a cake urgently and I was able to do it with kapruka.

Order #VAUT83D602B5
Customer Review / Survery: I?m not quite happy with the service. Have not delivered my item on the time I requested and did not inform me until I contacted the srilankan office. I?ll be very happy if the kapruka can inform the customers that the package gonna be late or cannot be delevered the time we requested. As we are lives in abroad we very much appreciate if you could improve the customer service.

Order #AL3AF267342E
Customer Review / Survery: Been doing business with you`ll for a long period of time and the quality is service is very commendable. Specially the cake is very fresh

Order #AI0A732A55ED
Customer Review / Survery: The service was exelent. I`m sure that net time I will enter in contact with you if I want to ordar any flower, Thank you

Order #AQ0AF0D37045
Customer Review / Survery: Actullay i ordered from india to colombo for my boy friend. really good service. And more over plz do money send option from anywhere to sri lanka

Order #VLKR5C01B743
Customer Review / Survery: It is greately appreciated since the delivery charges seemed to be fair and this time the customer care team has done their jaob very well. Last time i had a very bad experience in calling your customer care center. But this time no any hassle and just a one call then job done. Great and good luck kapruka!

Order #VPAY532AB3E5
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered a cake and a rose as a present to my boyfriend`s birthday. But unfortunately the package has been delivered in the morning due to an error occurred in the process of the delivery. But the Kapruka took necessary arrangements to refund my delivery charges quickly and they were so sorry about the inconvenience caused. The cake was delicious and accurate according to the picture in the Kapruka website. Also the rose was so fresh and exactly as described in the website.

Order #VLKR9562C59D
Customer Review / Survery: It`s and great opportunity for overseas workers to keep there loved ones happy . We are happy thanks to your service. Thank you

Order #AR0AF0C0E8A9
Customer Review / Survery: Thia ia not the first time that I ordered through kapruka, you guys haven`t messed up even a single delivery of mine and I have recommend this service to many of my friends as well...keep up your good work and thank you for your valuable service.

Order #VAUTD176440E
Customer Review / Survery: Overall it is satisfied customer service but my birthday wish was not printed fully not delivered before 10 AM

Order #AL0AF261CBC1
Customer Review / Survery: Overall good good experience. If you have a reminder for reorders for annual gifts would be great. Or an option to do automatic annual re orders

Order #AI0A732A479A
Customer Review / Survery: It was easy to select the item. However you can improve on your call waiting time when customers call you.

Order #VSEP7A77AA81
Customer Review / Survery: User friendly web site makes shopping easy. Having many choices helps in picking the best gift for any occasion.

Order #VEXT44F9442E
Customer Review / Survery: Actually your service is really great. And I`m using kapruka.com for nearly 4 years, but I didn`t have any problem. So I`m really impress. Well done good job.

Order #AQ0AF0B31D55
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy to select what I desired since all of them were nicely categorized.It was a nice experience with no troubles at all.keep up the good work guys #128076 #127996 #9786 #65039

Order #VLKR86DA5A6D
Customer Review / Survery: I`m happy about my first experience with kapruka and it`s very good service. Thank you for delivering my order with very less disturbing to me that`s what we need.

Order #VLKR8469C8BA
Customer Review / Survery: It has been nearly 3 years I am dealing with kapruka, Since to date I had no complains on my orders placed so far. Wish Kapruka a better future and more from them in the future.

Order #AG0A0C280D24
Customer Review / Survery: It was great to see such a variety of options are available to choose from. Price are reasonable too.

Order #VLKR1DF9B13D
Customer Review / Survery: Actually Kapruka service very Fast, Faithfully frindly. This was my 8 order. All items are same as the picture. I wish all kapruka members bottom of my heart. keep it up. See u next order..... (grow up your service worldwide )

Order #AK0A553B50B1
Customer Review / Survery: Usually it is great. but it would be better to food items to cart without going to each individual page for the item.

Order #AL1AF23E88B9
Customer Review / Survery: If you can upgrade product as Amazon it would be crate More type and varieties are required In the site

Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience- In general its ok. Everything I would expect to be there is available. When I was looking to purchase a cake, I was disappointed to find out there are no more Hilton cakes listed. Overall meets expectations and will continue to use Kapruka

Order #AA1A0C03BC2E
Customer Review / Survery: I have used your service several times, everything was fine on all the occasions regarding gift package and the delivery except one bad experience,It was so dissapointing that on one occasion you guys delivered flowers which were dead, that`s also late in the day. I had to call ur Srilanka office to make complaint, thoug yoi guys promised to send some sort of consolidation ( a rose with a note of apology) the next day that too happened after several days. Overall I would give 9 out of 10 for your service.

Order #VLKR0BFB6364
Customer Review / Survery: the rider did not worry asking for locations and the order was delivered without any problem. the only issue was that instructions were given to deliver the order at 2 pm but was delivered at 4 pm.

Order #AQ1AF08CA16C
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is quite reliable and maintains an excellent variety of products with high quality. They evolve well with changing needs

Order #AQ1AF07E23DC
Customer Review / Survery: I find it easy and much more convient to send items surprices to my love one in SriLanka with Kapruka great service,

Order #VCOD48A70438
Customer Review / Survery: I just got the Birthday cake for my Mom. It was very delicious and indeed Tasty. And the delivery was also superb and I thank Kapruka for making his day wonderful.

Customer Review / Survery: Very good collection of cakes. I hope in future Kapruka should provide free delivery to out of Colombo area as well. Kapruka makes us easy to send gifts to Sri Lanka from abroad. All the best and expecting some good products in future.

Order #AR0AF05B6A2B
Customer Review / Survery: There are so many Online gift delivery services in sri lanaka I think kapruka is the best one of them., and this is really uusefull to people who in abroad now they can send there gift and wishes to family and friends very walin, securely with kapruka,thank you kapruka team

Order #VLKR7F4A71C5
Customer Review / Survery: kapruka has a wide range of products and their delivery services are extremely good. However, the refund process for undelivered products is highly unsatisfactory. I have faced 2 such instances and the first instance took more than 3 months to refund the money. The second instance happened on an order placed to be delivered on 14th April 2017 and I have not got the refund as yet even after so many emails and telephone calls.

Order #VSEP0CF77E52
Customer Review / Survery: According to my knowledge kapruka is only one site can sent gifts or foods conveniently to srilanka with in hours.Bottom of my heart really thank you,your service and its connects and sent my love to my parents.All the very best for your service .

Customer Review / Survery: actually very fast. i got my order the day i purchased. it was my first and delight.but not happy with the product quality.what ever it is, good job.

Customer Review / Survery: Web page is well organized it was convenient for me to find my requirement within a short time. Staff also very supportive the delivery too happend on time. I will recommend this service to all my friends. Thank you so much kapruka.....

Order #AR1AF0A3354B
Customer Review / Survery: The service was fine but the delivery time needs to be ensured by Kapruka as we expected the delivery in the morning but delivered in the evening I was obliged to follow up with customer service couple of times, so when they call they need to advise the approximate time of the delivery,

Order #VLKR9E689F05
Customer Review / Survery: Online gift Storage is Not Up to date Because if we selected some items and pay to it after the few days before the delivery they call and inform to the customer that gift not in the store.

Order #AI0A72D4682A
Customer Review / Survery: Great experience. I tried to get a same day delivery but i got a call immediately from someone saying they would not be able to do it and said they were sorry. They guaranteed that it would be sent out the next morning

Order #VSEP1355C1C7
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered last minute but still it was properly delivered on the day which I wanted. Thank you fir a awesome job.

Order #AA0A0BC98751

Order #VLKR418FBFE4
Customer Review / Survery: Satisfy with the shopping experience had with Kapruka. Better to call and inform the customer about the progress of the order.

Order #AQ0AF06B22CF
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka help me to gift my loved one ,i love the service and presentation I wish kapruka to have large branches all around sri lanka cities Delivery charge is more that equals to the product price on location to trincomalee that is not satisfied Other than excellent service from team

Order #AG0A0BC07865
Customer Review / Survery: It,s relay grate, first time i experienced, delivery time was little delayed, agreed, this is very tough.

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