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Order #AE0A3A5007D8
Customer Review / Survery: The only drawback was that the system was down for a while on 18th September. Otherwise the service was excellent.

Order #AM0A2EB674FA
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service form order till delever everything will b updated to you and very very fast service. I always preferred kapuruka and great great

Order #VAUT56BE82D1
Customer Review / Survery: Great customer service. specially when I ordered at the last minute and delivering to an area like Deniyaya, I had no issues and my order has been delivered on time. thanks heaps Kapruka for your excellent service ?? Will recommend for anyone who wants to send gifts for their loved ones.

Order #AH1A2FC46544
Customer Review / Survery: I am using kapruka for a very long time. But you need to add more variety to some of the categories. Like flowers and cakes. I can see it is still the same old things there.. no new stuff. By this way u can fight with your other competitors.

Customer Review / Survery: This is my 1st experience with Kapruka and you`ll fulfilled my requirement on time without any issue. Thanks!!!!!

Order #VEXT2452222K
Customer Review / Survery: Its really nice to have a gift service like this. Appreciate your service. One issue though, i wanted to surprise the recepient and asked to keep the senders name Anonymous but you have called the recepient and mentioned sender`s name. It`s alright to contact and ask the availability but when we request to keep anonymous please do so.

Order #VLKR16D2E3F9
Customer Review / Survery: I suddenly gave the order today for a delivery within today. You guys made it today and it was soo good.

Order #VAUT16A8CB70
Customer Review / Survery: I placed the cake order less 48hrs however initially got cancelled and later got a call from Kapruka that it’s on its way. Which was great. Happy with the service and customer service guy Ruchiranga was polite and friendly. Tracking facility is great to check the status of the order. Great service.

Order #AH0A2FBF1AD1
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is a godsend to all expatriates. Sending a gift to our loved ones has been made such a simple matter and at a fingertip. I am sure the sight will be improved to cover a bigger variety and a bigger delivery area. I can recommend Kapruka to anyone who is in need of sending a gift to Sri Lanka

Order #VAUTAC7F371B
Customer Review / Survery: Mahesha was very fast response to the e-mails trying to fix problems with Delivery as much as she can. thanks again to every one good job. i did not receive screen shots of my gifts . would have been nicer if i got an email with all the 4 custom made gifts I have sent. As it was a wedding, Bride was so happy seen the amazing custom made gifts of Jug,greeting card . and the cake. every one gave a feed back about the cake it was delicious and tasty enough . I wanted to have a look on screen shots of the gifts ....would have been nicer again if i received !!!

Order #AY1A3A3CE4E8
Customer Review / Survery: This platform I used since long time and I have no doubt that you guys are the no 1 online platform for ordering and delivering gifts in srilanka. I never use to browse to find any other platform coz I knew you have great service and specially on time delivery and standard items as same in pictures. My family always happy with gifts as well as it`s always delivered to my house on my requested date and time and we can always celebrate our special occasion on time. Thanks to kapruka and Tema again for the great support

Customer Review / Survery: Sending gifts to your loved ones are now at hand reach Thanks to kapruka for delivering the oder within the timeframe

Order #VLKR89656E61
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is always a good service to order goods on special occasions. Although there were a few issues of delivery during lockdown, Kapruka is always a trusted service and that’s why I always ship with them.

Order #VAUT7BE7D843
Customer Review / Survery: It is a great service you render. The gift that I sent was not reachable as the receiver was not answering phone. They tried their best and delivered it. Thanks a lot!

Order #VAMXADBE6868
Customer Review / Survery: Everything was perfect! Mahesha Jayasena initially handled everything well as this was a special delivery. Nice and friendly coordination. Also the delivery guy Tharindu coordinated and delivered it smoothly without any issues! Overall I am very satisfied!

Order #AC0A3A151BEF
Customer Review / Survery: Got quick reply to my every message and I really appreciate that you guys are did what I actually wanted.

Order #VLKREF2371B4
Customer Review / Survery: Yhhh there is no doubt that Kapruka is leading online shopping platform in Srilanka..They have variety of valuable products and service ..I am so happy to be part of the kapruka`s happy customer..

Order #VAMXB468BD34
Customer Review / Survery: It provides, an opportunity to shop from home. Also the choice is varied and wide. The delivery service is timely. The stafff are courteous and professional.

Order #VLKR774DD06B
Customer Review / Survery: Its good but in the valentines day i had a bad experience. But however this time u made me realize that u guys are still the no 01. Try to hire more people on special occassions like valentines. Other than that ur team is the best. Everything was perfect. Thank u.

Order #VEXT329A3CA5
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. I was asking to deliver on Sep 11 but , with short time. I was informed that the package will be delivered in the Sep 12.th and it was on time . Yes. Who ever handled my order thanks to all.

Order #AH0A2F9CB8D9
Customer Review / Survery: Have always shopped with kapruka. Except for few mishaps, genetally good experience so far. Keep up the good work!

Order #VAUTA26A1CF3
Customer Review / Survery: The service is absolutely fantastic. Extremely efficient, customer service is prompt. Exceeds expectations. Quality pleases all recipients.

Order #VLKRD5012CE0
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the most user friendly website which consisted of variety of products under various product categories And I really really appreciate the customer service you offer with

Order #AF0A3A0C3936
Customer Review / Survery: Exactly what I have seen on your website. Very tasty cake. Thank the person who did the decoration for the cake. Done a fantastic job. Delivered exactly the time I requested. Thank you

Customer Review / Survery: Excellet service. Unbelievably efficient . I ordered a cake and flowers to be delivered out of colombo district yesterday night. Today in the morning it was delivered to Gampaha . The receipient loved tge tasy cake and beautiful flowers. Thank you very much for the excellent service!

Order #VLKR91CAFE62
Customer Review / Survery: Fast delivery and good quality products. However, choices available for selection is less compared to other online sites. Prices of the products are too high.

Order #AF1A2FF2358F
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Delivered on time. There’s no need to check on the delivery again and again, because we can trust on you. Thank you for the service.

Order #VAUT889B2BE7
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experiences are average compare with other on line shopping channels. Your customer services is well BELOW average. I am still waiting for your answer explanation to my previous query which I have made on July re my orders to Weligama and Andugoda. Chanaka has phoned me and said he will pass this query to complaints dept and they will phone me with the solution on the following day, sadly I am still waiting................

Order #VAUT4334FE1D
Customer Review / Survery: There are a good variety of items to choose from. The deliveries have always occurred on the days we have specified. Great customer service! The products, especially the cakes from Kapruka, have consistently been at a high quality.

Order #VAUT07902EA5
Customer Review / Survery: I have been sending food vouchers to a friend over this covid period. These vouchers have been delivered promptly.

Order #VEXT6AKDD222
Customer Review / Survery: The ordering system is great, and I really value the PayPal option. Excellent service and delivery, especially considering the not-so-central address of the recipient. I really appreciate it all, as it made the recipient’s day so very special!

Order #AN1A2F277BC1
Customer Review / Survery: I am very happy with the service. When I made a mistake regarding the date, they promptly changed it to the correct date. Every one including the recipient praised the beautifully arranged flower basket. This is the first time I used the services of Kapruka which I am glad to recommend to anyone. All the best. Shanta Gunasekera

Customer Review / Survery: I’ve been ordering cakes and hampers for my family. It’s been few years now and the service is outstanding. Never had a complain to make! Well done guys!

Order #VLKR9B6F24C1
Customer Review / Survery: Easy, tasty and amazing looking cakes.. Glad we have this promising website In Sri Lanka. Amazing marketing strategies and customer service also the updating everything happening with the order so that we don’t want to worry about it.

Customer Review / Survery: It was really easy to make orders online and also the delivery services were on time. I have been using Kapruka for many years and still the quality of the service is in its optimum

Order #VLKR9AA58D26
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka services are very Good. Kapruka has most of the things necessary for a Household. I recommend Kapruka to everyone.

Order #AM0A2E776BB4
Customer Review / Survery: Very impressed with the service after placing the order- phone call to confirm the time of delivery. Simple and easy to place orders on Kapruka website

Order #VAUT15B7B84A
Customer Review / Survery: I always choose kapruka to send gifts for my loved ones since its really easy for me and I really like when you send reminders too.

Order #VLKR409C1C76
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first time ordering from Kapruka, and I am highly satisfied with your service!! Thank you for the efficient delivery. The birthday cake I ordered was really fresh and tasted fabulous! There was not a single damage to the cake. I highly appreciate the order tracking process. The delivery assistant was very friendly as well. Overall I am 100 satisfied with your service! I will definitely order from Kapruka soon!!

Order #VAUT9B9A7883
Customer Review / Survery: I am truly so happy with the Kapruka`s all the services. I am not scared to spend any amount, with the trust I have in them. I respect all their values, as their respect all the customer`s values too. All my parcels got delivered exactly on time each time and once after I cancelled my order, I received all my money back withing few days. Therefore the trust I have in them is sincerely. I am also very happy with the variety of gifts that are available to shop and the prices are reasonable too. Except just when, after I once ordered a high value items, they asked me to send them a copy of my passport and my credit card, through WhatsApp. That honestly worried me at first, as it may be a fraud fake website. I just wish if they do that procedure more officially, to build customers`trust. Otherwise I`m truly happy with everything. Thank you for offering me trusted, respectable and worthy shopping time.

Order #VLKR5A61F597
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is an one of the best online shopping platform in Sri Lanka. Excellent, dedicated and friendly customer services. I hope that kapruka will deliver island wide all their products and items as soon as possible beyond recommend only for Colombo suburbs delivery. If kapruka could do this so without boundless, definitely it will win many more hearts of the Sri Lankans and worldwide in a short period of time. Thanks

Order #AE0A2FEE2CD9
Customer Review / Survery: Fantastic. One of the trusted online shopping place.. alwsys u have wonderful choises to select. Thanku u

Order #AY0A2FFE502D
Customer Review / Survery: This is an excellent delivery service and quick, good for the price. Probably the best online store in Sri Lanka.

Order #VSEP7CCE1B85
Customer Review / Survery: Good variety of goods n services available and my husband n I have always had a good rapport with Kapruka never had any serious issues to mention.

Order #VAMX60DB9D8E
Customer Review / Survery: It would be nice to for the sender to receive more details, for example a photo of the gift. I was informed that there was some concern about the order but no follow up on whether any items were unavailable, any substitutions were made etc. so I am not sure what was actually delivered.

Customer Review / Survery: Thank You KAPRUKA ???? Love u 3000?? 1)On time delivery 2) Superb customer service 3) They do what you want (1000 guaranteed )????

Order #VAUT29FFD011
Customer Review / Survery: Your customer service is so great , and they handled my problem without any issues as well as kapruka`s delivery service is so fast and safe

Order #VAUT424490F2
Customer Review / Survery: Very friendly Crew. I change some things in my order. They quickly respond to my emails. I`m so happy to get service all the time.

Order #VLKR9B581147
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka mostly when I need to send gift to my family members for their birthdays. I found it good the way serving customers . Wish further success!

Order #VAUT87E455A9
Customer Review / Survery: I had ordered cake several times, most of the time the cakes got damaged, I guess in the delivery process. If you concern about it, you are the best.

Order #VAUT361C36C7
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka to me is Very Reliable....Trust worthy......Quality Service....... As we are miles away...Kspruka always makes sure....the ordered gifts are handled according to the wishes of the clients at all Times.... Kapruka staff is aalways in contact with client who orders the goods to make sure that the order clients needs are met to the highest standard......I have been with Kapruka for very many years.....I have say....Kapruka....you are just Super.....well Done.....very very happy with your service...handled with care.

Order #VAUTBEB0874D
Customer Review / Survery: Very user friendly website. If it’s have online chat system it will be more helpful to your customers. Thanks

Order #VLKR8262FEFB
Customer Review / Survery: your service is very excellent. But I would like to say that the delivery service is needs to be made more efficient. Thank you.

Order #AH0A2F4AD2C0
Customer Review / Survery: Usually I order through Kapruka whenever there is a special occasion in my family and since I am not in the country. And the delivery was very good and ontime.

Order #VLKR4FE10E73
Customer Review / Survery: I had my best online delivery service experiance with kapruka.com. I`ve ordered birthday cake for one of my friend and she was impressed with what she got. thank you kapruka.

Order #VAUT5658CDE2
Customer Review / Survery: I have been with kapruka since 2016or 2017 until now I never have to disappoint with my shopping experience appreciate the service very much just place the order and relax next part will be completed without out a doubt I hope do more shopping forward

Order #AF0A2FE60F19
Customer Review / Survery: It was a last-minute order for my sister`s bd. Thank you for delivering the flowers on time and thank you for giving the option to purchase it before few hours. Really appreciate the service

Order #VLKRDC42632F
Customer Review / Survery: Communication was top notch. When the receiving party was not reachable I was given calls and also emails.

Order #AJ1A2FE01B2A
Customer Review / Survery: We are satisfied with ur quality of the cake and taste too... And also the cake was delivered early in the morning so we could surprise our sister and she said it made her day.... So happy to be a customer of urs..

Order #VCOD9892CB8K
Customer Review / Survery: I have been shopping from Kapruka for a very long time and everytime I have made an order they have always done their job more than what the customers expect. It is truly an amazing service they provide and it’s so efficient, quick and easy. Most of the online websites it’s so hard to contact them but even the customer service of Kapruka is on point. I truly appreciate the service Kapruka provides in times of need.

Order #VLKR74D43F27
Customer Review / Survery: 1.Insanely fast delivery. Can`t believe that I placed the order last night around 11 pm and got the items by today afternoon! Bravo! 2.Shipping charge is bit too much. This might not support impulse buying though. However, ignoring it in my case, due to speedy delivery. 3. PDP (product description page) needs to have a item counter when adding items to cart. I had to go back and forth to the cart and PDP 6 times cos I bought 6 diapers lol. 4. Overall appearance of the site needs to be more polished. Looks a bit like basic HTML-y from early 2000s. Please think about polishing the look and feel of the site.

Order #AC1A2FDA2099
Customer Review / Survery: I`m very satisfied. However, I was charged a delivery charge for the first time for a vcake sent today. 29 8 2020 to Udahamulla.

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