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Order #AM0A1B7EB4C1
Customer Review / Survery: I would like to thanks Kapruka is best service for gift delivery in Srilanka .Thank you very much support .

Order #VLKRE460D2E2
Customer Review / Survery: As we trusted Kapruka for so so long and everytime they satisfied what they said without any excuse and great customer service

Order #AJ0A1BAFE1D1
Customer Review / Survery: Always on time, never let us down, even last minute place order every time they have being delivered. Many Thanks Kapruka and good luck

Customer Review / Survery: Oh my God Excellent service ever #11088 #11088 #11088 #11088 #11088 I love Kapruka #128536 #128536 Thank u so much for your good efforts.

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is very efficient to the customer. The items are at a reasonable price and has a vast variety. The service is excellent. Also the online system is very efficient.

Order #AF3A1BAB744E
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka team does a great job Excellent customer service Well managed and very effective and friendly employees Its my second purchase, im very well satisfied and suprised by the service

Order #VLKR2F0A4D89
Customer Review / Survery: Very user friendly environment only thing lack was an instruction page for deliveries in other countries

Customer Review / Survery: Loved the service and the fact that it was free shipping Colombo and delivers within a day makes life more easier and I thank Kapruka for that. My siblings have also bought food for us while they were in Melbourne, Australia and the team at Kapruka were very hospitable and even called to confirm the time they are bringing the food. They are truly striving for excellence and I admire them for that! A great initiative -)

Order #AQ0AFCD3708F
Customer Review / Survery: Intuitive navigation makes things easier to order food that I like, photos and description represent actual products. Quantity is upto my expectation too.

Order #VLKRACE12250
Customer Review / Survery: It`s a good shopping experince. But there should be a direct contact with the sender who ordered and the person who will deliver the staff.

Order #VLKR648A6D22
Customer Review / Survery: Highly appreciate online platform created for online orders. Also would like to suggest maintain a realtime update tracking system which can easily find the order.

Order #VLKRD53C4228
Customer Review / Survery: Website and Customer service is good. I was a bit agitated when the gift pack had not reached in the evening and called the hotline. They assured me that it will be delivered before 5 p.m and as said it was delivered.

Order #VBAK302188F7
Customer Review / Survery: This is the third time that I placed an order with Kapruka and I felt great about it. The entire process that takes place once I place the order is extremely organized and I`m well informed about every detail.

Order #AQ1AFCB8A32F
Customer Review / Survery: I have used this service countless times now through the years.. And it has never disappointed me... from money to cakes to gifts I have had no complains from the receivers.. well do e and please do continue to keep up the good work.

Order #VLKR11974323
Customer Review / Survery: You are providing us a great customer care service and wide variety of gift selections. I?m very much satisfying with your service.

Order #AY0A1BA646C6
Customer Review / Survery: Today`s experience was very prompt and friendly. We have faced several unpleasant situations in the past despite the many orders we have been placing for the past 8 years!

Order #AF1A1BA01029
Customer Review / Survery: So far I have had excellent service. My last request was to send a wreath for a funeral which was going to take place today Monday. My request was to deliver it yesterday Sunday, to make sure it will be there in time. The request was made on Saturday. However , the wreath was sent only today- fortunately in time for the funeral, but it kept me stressed up, because I was notified only around 11 am (uk) time and Sri Lanka 6 pm. That kept me worried. I had to keep phoning Sri Lanka just to check but as everyone was busy at the funeral, couldn?t contact anyone. I have now been informed that the wreath had arrived in time. Thank you. Can you let me know whether there is no service on a Sunday. If so I should have been informed of that.

Order #VEXTDE483E81
Customer Review / Survery: If the dimensions of the arrangements were given it truly would have helped. Otherwise, everything else was excellent.

Order #VLKR2A1D3A60
Customer Review / Survery: Very excellent customer service. Once I got dissatisfied about the service but kapuka team was able to get me back. I must that Head Operations ms. Praveeni for the good customer care.

Order #AG0A2C29606D
Customer Review / Survery: I am using this site since 2012 and my brother who introduced me, using since 2001. it was amazing, only trusted site can trust deliver on time.

Order #VEXTF48F916E
Customer Review / Survery: I had been sending gifts for my loved ones in sri Lanka. Everytime it was a great experience with maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer Review / Survery: Yh..i would like to convey my very big thank to kapruka for deliver the princess cake on time.. i thought it will take more than one day coz i ordered that on yesterday mrng only... bt they deliver the cake on time..and it looking very good.. thank u for this wonderful service.. would like to purchase more.. keep up the good work.. ( not only this feedback is for winning 50$, bt also its my thank to ur team #128077 )

Order #VEXTAB67EA08
Customer Review / Survery: Quick and easy ordering with a wide variety of vendors to choose from for cakes. Would be great if you can improve your range for flowers as well. I`ve see more affordable and more tastefully arranged flowers in Shirohanas. Just something you could get inspiration from. -) The service was great!

Order #VAUT0F2F273C
Customer Review / Survery: Our shopping experience has been great! We enjoy the wide variety of restaurant options available in Colombo. Also we like the photo center!

Order #AA0A2C5B3D3C
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service, it`s quite amazing to see such kinds of offers and variety of products in your online services. I really admire the prompt delivery system which you all have. I have ordered many times and looking forward to ordering more.

Order #VEXT26E38B17
Customer Review / Survery: I love it.. I am do happy to find kapruka online shopping.. now I am able send stuff to my grandparents by next day.

Order #AA0A2C16FCB5
Customer Review / Survery: Its really good but delivery time is little late .And the Cake is really good and its same as what i ordered from Internet .

Order #AF1A1B939F57
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you that there is finally a good online shop available in Sri Lanka. The customer service was very good, too.

Order #VEXTFF70225B
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you Kapruka.com...youre the best online shopp in Srilanka with delivery service...I?m so far away from there and with your shopp I can send a lot of things from my country. Thank you

Order #AG1A2C4DB7F4
Customer Review / Survery: As far as I remember, Kapruka was able to keep me with them from the beginning and the categorization, occasions and different other labels of arranging gift items make sure comfortable for me to pick the gifts which I want. So, am having super thrilling and exciting shopping experiences with you.

Order #AN0A1B8B3B7E
Customer Review / Survery: you have given the opportunity to select our choices from the well-known organisation. also, I believe the security of payment is on a very higher end. finally, I would like to thanks kapruka team and wishing you to continue this service with further admirable improvements.

Order #VAUT4E3516D1
Customer Review / Survery: I have been a kapruka customer since 2006. Kapruka always kept its promise of delivering quality goods on the day all this time. Kapruka can improve customer satisfaction further if it can keep the customer informed if there is a delay in delivery time and respond to customer queries promptly. Rather than a computer-generated automatic message, customers will value personalized responses. You could also use a two or three stage answer rather than `in process` message all the time until `successfully despatched` message. Kapruka earlier had the receiver`s response now looks like not now.

Order #VAUTD6833C67
Customer Review / Survery: Most of the times you have done a good job, but few times KFC orders which were delivered hadn?t fresh and some items were missing.

Order #AN3A1B950271
Customer Review / Survery: It was delivered on the same day that I wanted to give it. Thank you very much, appreciate your service.

Order #VLKR83F26FA3
Customer Review / Survery: Best online shopping delivery..... this is my first online order and it`s great thank you so much kapruka..... I always with kapruka.....

Order #AC0A1B8603AD
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy to browse around the products and to order the item.. Good selection of products for the Valentine

Order #VLKR3A561611
Customer Review / Survery: It is a quality online shopping complex that i got in my lifetime. Because everything is in same place as we can get.

Order #VLKRE971EBF7
Customer Review / Survery: I really loved your orders and deliverd on time also and I`m realy appreciate that you give a full effort to make it quickly you all are doing great job. This is the first time I ordered to my love. Awesome guys keep it up

Order #VLKRC8223388
Customer Review / Survery: There are very good variety of items to be shopped specially fr special situations.. plus very helpful n great customer friendly staff. Thank you for being so nice..

Order #VSEPB4960E55
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent Service...Only thing is every time we order Pepsi but you they don`t deliver with Food at the same time which you need to rectify...Other than that all good. Keep up the good work.

Order #VCARDDB9E015
Customer Review / Survery: The stuff was supportive, and somehow made my gift get delivered to the right person. Even though it took some time

Order #VAUT2DF27707
Customer Review / Survery: I have sent many gifts to srilanka through kapruka.which is very satisfactory.kapruka specially have a wide selection of flowers and cake.ordering restaurant foods through kapruka is sure a bonus point .kapruka thank you so much for the services you give to tye specially ppl who stay abroad, thousands of miles far away from loved ones. With kapruka it brings our hearts to close #10084 #65039

Order #VLKR58DC3393
Customer Review / Survery: I had ordered several gifts from Kapruka and upto today I didn`t had a single bad experience with Kapruka.

Order #VLKR9021C587
Customer Review / Survery: Acttually greate service. They called me twise but i couldn?t answer. After i saw my missied calls i called them back. Thye passed the location. But they turn back to the location for deliver my gift to my husband. I never thought they were turn back. But they did. I?m so happy about kapruka service. I hope continue get this service. Thank you xoxoxoo much kapruka.

Order #VLKRF218D4C6
Customer Review / Survery: The service is remarkably good. The product delivery was a bit late than expected probably due to a busy day beforehand. I would like to suggest to at least send a message and inform if products are to be delivered late.

Order #AP0AFB156C63
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is doing well.that will help more people to share value event with their lovings. Well, I hope Kapruka will develop this island wide as same. Good luck Kapruka......

Order #VCAR0A8D8E57
Customer Review / Survery: It was really easy to shop at Kapruka because of the user friendly interface. Even though I didn?t have a credit card, I was able to pay through cargills which made my life much easier

Order #VLKR7B079941
Customer Review / Survery: I asked to deliver the gift after 7 P.M because the reciever only arrives home at that time. I speacially mentioned it in the order because i wanted to surprise her with the gift. But the deliverer has called her in the noon and said that he wont be able to give it after 6PM so he will leave it in the house next to it and go. And also has told her whats in the package (Flowers and Chocolates) . All my plans were washed out cause she already knew what i was giving her before receiving. Disappointed.

Customer Review / Survery: Shopping with kapruka is really good. The only concern is dilivering goods without being too late. Otherwise products are in quality and dilivery is reliable.

Order #VLKRA39A223D
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the one of the best service and i gerented it, so otherwise they done there job perfectly. Thak you kapruka team.

Order #VLKR56C5A6C1
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery excellent. On time But my massage wasnt on the cake.(happy birthday Amma) It was very big mistake.

Order #AN0A1B903F20
Customer Review / Survery: I was impressed that Kapruka hadn?t closed off on accepting deliveries for Valentine?s Day even at the last hour. A great testamant to the capabilities of Kapruka! Congratulations.

Order #AF3A1B88715B
Customer Review / Survery: Please negotiate with hotels and have better turn around times for delivery of cake. Sone aske for 48 hours which is too long.

Order #VLKRDE643D49
Customer Review / Survery: Well i was a bit curious since i told Kapruka to deliver before 12noon but this particular day was busy since it was Valentines day Kapruka manage to deliver before 4pm so i was happy with the team Thanks it made my girl surprised,

Customer Review / Survery: I?ve being using this service 2016, and I have no doubt of this kapruka service. I?m really glad Kapruka brings my family and me closer together

Order #VAUT40F1D57C
Customer Review / Survery: My shopping experience has been really great. everything is easy to find and the delivery has been amazing and the service is wonderful. I have used Kapruka many times and will continue to use it.

Order #VCAR8D44A76F
Customer Review / Survery: Withing few minutes , We can buy anything we need, Although site is up to star level prices are attractive and reasonable. This is my very first experience with Kapruka excellent delivery service without any dispute. I am really happy with this sri lankan company and I would like to wish become most valuable and largest company not only sri lanka but also around the world. Although I wish to deal with Kapruka in future.

Order #VLKR2F331BA6
Customer Review / Survery: If you guys can include an approximate delivery time on the form it`ll definitely increase the quality of your service. Other than that had a good experience.

Order #AY0A1B8B9414
Customer Review / Survery: I found it very easy to use and send the gift to my family in Sri Lanka. The website is also mobile friendly.

Order #VLKR60FD30A6
Customer Review / Survery: You have a great shopping experience and always keep it up. Please do a website upgrade to a new look which yout website is looking the same old way i saw couple of years ago. Be different and unique

Order #AM0A1B7F6A35
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for a very good service prompt precise delivery on time. Excellent service. Could do better with the selection of valentine cards. Great job.

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