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Order #AR1AEA1472A4
Customer Review / Survery: Great customer service specially when they sent a snap of the delivered cake the feeling was amazing...

Order #AX1AFAC94A76
Customer Review / Survery: yes I appreciate your service everytime that i`ve written earlier too.really happy about it.and also i have to say this time i asked from you to deliver my gift within some time period in the morning.cause it`s surprise.however they told me they received it in very proper time.thanks to it.and i ask u only if u can deliver these presents at some within time period according to customer`s choice that should be a great value.only if can.thanks

Order #AL1AEB4BE375
Customer Review / Survery: It`s very convenient and easy shopping. Even if you are not member you can do the shopping, As many doesn`t hold credit card it`s should be cash on delivery on the spot,

Order #AS0AF93BA9D7
Customer Review / Survery: It`s really good to have a such a service. Great thinking. Pls give correct products description for customer to know what really they are receiving. And make sure the products quality.

Order #VAUT89DA7910
Customer Review / Survery: Great service! delivered on the requested date. The products delivered are of good quality. Job well done. Keep it up!

Order #VAUT5EF7B0F3
Customer Review / Survery: Timely delivery. The person who delivered had even gone in and put the cake in the fridge because my father has difficulty in walking and he was the only person at home during the time of the delivery. Highly commendable.

Order #VEXT378C1E51
Customer Review / Survery: What a Great service, when we are away from our Family, this is a very Great service, Trustworthy 100 Keep going.

Order #VLKR7D26EA81
Customer Review / Survery: Really really thank you kapruka .iam in qatar then i search many shop to send gift . I after find that . Yhen i order and it going successfully . I very happy for that service . Carry on ..

Order #VLKR0E06F937
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent!! I was extremely happy about the free delivery in Colombo plus the speed at which my order was processed and delivered in excellent condition.

Order #AQ0AE91675BA
Customer Review / Survery: Great design of kaprukas website and its very user friendly. Easy to shop and finally the payment with ontime confirmation

Order #AX0AF9B7E6E7
Customer Review / Survery: always like to shop at Kapruka due to the fact it`s convenience. but it would be great if shopping online at kapruka were little more intuitive. such as like- * quick view window on any items without changing the page ( even at the check out) * adding more categories based on Occasions.

Order #VCODDD9FC494

Order #VLKR3559CB08
Customer Review / Survery: It was very quick and easy to use and the gifts were delivered as expected in a really good condition.

Order #VLKR93D756CE
Customer Review / Survery: Usually Kapruka services are great! I ordered a single red rose for my mothers birthday, it delivered on time but I expected a big fresh rose but it wasnt like that at all. My sister also sent the dozen red roses bouquet some of the flowers were good but some were not. Kind of disappointed.

Customer Review / Survery: I have bought quite a few birthday presents from Kapruka. Some ornaments, flowers and lots of cakes. I had only one bad experience so far and that was on a monthers day when my gift was delivered a whole day later. However this years Father`s Day gift came perfectly.

Order #VAUT1DA47025
Customer Review / Survery: Appreciate your delivery on time, even subsequent to our late orders. More gift varieties would be the request...

Order #AQ0AE9826BEA
Customer Review / Survery: I have used your services on many occasions,and have been very pleased.Good selection of gifts and good delivery service.Keep up the good work.

Order #AX0AFAE97A6C
Customer Review / Survery: This was my first experience. My brother is using the service from a couple of years to send gifts from UK to SL. After placing the order, the order status was not updating (I am using amazon JP where they update frequently). So I sent an email asking for info but I did not get the reply which worried me a bit. However, the service was great. Please try to reply for email enquiries as it will enhance the customer service and will definitely satisfy the customer especially mentally. Great job guys all the best.

Order #AQ0AE9462F9F
Customer Review / Survery: It is a pleasure to be your customer. I would love To see when I select the cakes, if I can see the dimensions (roughly) , then I can have an idea how big it can be Without blindly ordering them

Order #VEXTE2EAA282
Customer Review / Survery: Website is excellent. Finding items easy. But why did you send me an email and said items successfully delivered while upto now you didn`t complete my order. I have highly recommended your service to so many people. I understand some items may be readily not available. But please inform us. We can give you choices. Truly you have let me down this time. Please go into this matter and make sure this will not happen again as it will not a good business method.

Order #VEXT745E148F
Customer Review / Survery: it was so great. but this time i orderd a rice and curry for my mum from home cooked meal , but this week that meal some how was not so freash she said. maybe only this time , lets see how it will go next time. put this comment just to improve it only,

Order #AQ1AE96552F3
Customer Review / Survery: It is excellent seevice.i m away from my loved one and i was able to surprise them with heartfelt tears .I was very afraid to send unknown person to our houses because you know that current situation but i feel your sfaff are trustworthy .

Customer Review / Survery: Thank you So much Kapruka for making impossible to possible.If it wasn`t for kapruka i wont be able to this.Once again thank you so much kapruka!

Order #VLKRA5F9C8F5
Customer Review / Survery: Website is good its get the job. From the look and feel I think website need to be improved. Otherwise no peblem. From the service side Kapruka is excellent. I don`t hasitate to recommend Kapruka to anyone.

Customer Review / Survery: I have been dealing with Kapruka for some time now and I`ve found their service to always be par excellence.

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka service is very speed . Its grate. Its is more help to us if you can inform the sender when you are about to delivered the item.

Order #VLKR178BC752
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Small point - good if we could get an immediate reply for a query. Results in delay in confirming order or seeking an alternative service.

Order #VAUT16913C77
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using this service for the past 4 years...its fabulous...only thing is that sometimes they get too booked and stop taking orders...

Order #VEXT84C7A0F1
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Very happy that item was delivered early and in good condition. Website is user-friendly.

Order #AR0AE985D261
Customer Review / Survery: The cake and the flowers has been delivered except the number 65 candles. I payed for the candles as well.

Order #AR1AE980EE10
Customer Review / Survery: I always had good experience with Kapruka. My most recent order was delayed a day. But overall service is great.

Order #AP0AE789B84F
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Good customer care !! Best online shopping in srilanka. Reliable and easy online ordering. #128077 #128077 #128077 #128077

Order #VLKRD64DEE73
Customer Review / Survery: My items have sent at the perfect time n thank u for that. Good to have more and close images of the products. Right left arrow keys are not working to view images inside more details.

Order #VAUT063BF9D4
Customer Review / Survery: The gift pack was delivered as I expected by time. It was for my brothers b`day. Thank You kapruka..

Customer Review / Survery: kapruka web site is very easy and user friendly for the customers and It`s a good opportunity special for the people who are in abroad , they can send surprise gifts to their loved ones .

Order #VLKR2C092465
Customer Review / Survery: I gave kapeuka very short notice to deliver an item and th team was very effective in delivering and exceeded my expectations

Order #VAUTA06662F3
Customer Review / Survery: Amazing... love u guys. this is a great service, when ever the need comes now i can send at that time anything to my mum or anyone is srilanka. Bless u guys . Theruwangema saranai. this is not only a business the way i see this is a great help for others. honestly love the guys who ever started and running this

Customer Review / Survery: Thank you very much KAPRUKA ..im very happy with ur service ..(did on time..) n cake also very beautiful n delicious ..Thanks .. 3

Order #VAUTE8D2B58D
Customer Review / Survery: Ive been using kapruka for so many years at least 3 to 4 times a year. Yesterday was the worst experience. Ive send a flower stand for my uncles funeral which arrived there after the funeral was completed. Some sort of time line should be send to the cliend rather than 24h online update. I spoke to someone in customer service. He was a bit rude too. He put me on hold for 3 mint at that time i didn`t know if he put me on hold or transfered me to some one else. When he answered the phone he didnt even apologise for the wait time. When i kept the phone he didnt even say thank u. Some sort of greeting or acknowledgement would be nice specially when ur calling from overseas.

Order #VLKRD379DFF0
Customer Review / Survery: easy to do payments. and provide very accurate delivery. no need check the oder, after done the payments. it will ne arrived on time. excellent and trustworthy service..

Order #VAUT1B68E9E2
Customer Review / Survery: Gifts were delivered on time. Also gifts for kids in store were well appreciated by kids. When they received the goods they were surprised and loved it.

Order #AP3AE76B6668
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent customer service. My order was exactly as I expected it to be. I am extremelt satisfied about your service and it was so quick and realiable. I am truely happy about my shopping experience with Kapruka.

Order #VLKR9B8419B6
Customer Review / Survery: I use to buy and order in kapruka for around 7 years or more now. The service really appreciatable.

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