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Order #AF0A2ADDC424
Customer Review / Survery: Our Dearest Kapruka Staff You Guys Are The Best To Do Online Shopping. My comments Come From Botton Of My Heart. So I Hope To Do Bussiness With You.ll In The Comming Year 2020. . All The Best For You Guys - MERRY CHRIST AND A PROSPERUS NEW YEAR 2020.

Order #VLKR5CD7625D
Customer Review / Survery: You had issue with my order but to my surprise you got the same thing delivered. Thank you very much for making my better half happy

Order #AY0A2AF4FF2F
Customer Review / Survery: It was fast check out and a fast delivery that showed me that kapruka would be always a reliable source for sending gifts to loved ones with few clicks!

Customer Review / Survery: It is super easy to order whatever you want on the website and everything is easily accessible. I would recommend adding a price high to low low to high filter option when searching through items.

Order #VLKR957B6037
Customer Review / Survery: Highly satisfied with the service you rendered in every delivery i had done. Goods are also in good quality yummy cakes chocolates. Thank u for ur great service make happy my loved ones

Customer Review / Survery: Despite the limitations in preparing the flower arrangement they managed to deliver to expectations! ?

Customer Review / Survery: Pls make sure you have everything in your store which are displayed in the web site. Because today i couldnt send flowers with my wishes since you didnt have fresh flowers in your store .

Order #AE1A2ADEE94B
Customer Review / Survery: Really happy to see the way of Kapuruka is handling it`s customers and I had great shopping experience in every time. I`m not a frequent buyer, but I have a trust on the service level always because of my past experience with Kapruka. Thank you Kapruka for the commitment and dedication focus towards the customer service.

Order #VPAYF817E7FC
Customer Review / Survery: i am enjoying Kapruka for the last so many years and i am so satisfied about your service. especially the help and the support giving by the miss Ayiesha who is at Kapruka office in Nugegoda. She is a very helpful and very nice girl and i think asset to the organization ...

Order #VEXT86093513
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. I forgot to write the delivery address. Kapruka called me to get the address which shows their dedicated service. Thank you.

Order #AH0A2AD34BCB
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, i would i like to see more detailed updates on delivering process, other than that Kapruka is a great service

Order #AY0A2ABF17F7
Customer Review / Survery: I told to delivered the gift evening 3 pm. But you delivered the gift to him early morning 3. i think you disturbed his valuable own sleep.ing time, so don`t do like this again.

Order #VLKR427C8D65
Customer Review / Survery: Customer service is very good. They communicate very well about your matters which is a quality we don’t find with other local e-commerce sites often. And most important thing is delivered goods are not damaged. Thanks for that

Customer Review / Survery: this is best way to online shopping. really happy about you.. and best customer care delivery, contact and through the email. thank you all team and best of luck guys ??????????

Order #AJ3A2AD19052
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to shop. But one thing I have noticed once you make purchase the items remains in the cart making it appear the transaction is incomplete.

Order #VLKR6451DEE8
Customer Review / Survery: This is one of the best services I ever ca,e through. I highly appreciate the service. Thank you and will love to order more.

Order #AH1A2AD04A7C
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered cakes mostly and got a feedback that Kapruka cakes are very good in quality and taste. So I keep ordering Kapruka cakes instead from other suppliers.

Order #AN1A2ABAAA89
Customer Review / Survery: It’s very easy to shop with you. I have been using kapruka for sometime and never had a problem with any of my orders. I recieve updates and excellent service.

Order #AC0A2AA792E5
Customer Review / Survery: This time I didn’t have any issues with Kapruka. ( compared to last ones)Being a regular customer, i am happy to stay with you more if the service is gonna be like this

Customer Review / Survery: I ordered for the Parker pen. The pen’s specification weren’t mentioned in the website. Would be great if the product has a description

Order #VLKR3A4E51C6
Customer Review / Survery: The service is great I usually shop a lot and all cakes I have requested from Kapruka. The quality of service is very high

Customer Review / Survery: You have done a good job!! I wanted to get it delivered on 2nd Monday and it was delivered on acuurate date!! Thanks for the great service!!

Order #AJ0A2AA4A262
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka over the past few years, and I`m consistently satisfied with the level of service and quality of products made available through them. As we live abroad, Kapruka allows a pleasant means for us to gift something to our family back in Sri Lanka with the added element of surprise.

Order #VLKR464FF9A1
Customer Review / Survery: It has been is easy and great to order stuff and get it at my door step it`s been a wonderful experience-)

Customer Review / Survery: It was a pleasure shopping with Kapruka. I didn`t know it could be so easy. I was amazed at the speed of delivery. I was late to order a gift for my wife`s birthday. It was about 12.00 noon when I ordered and I got it at about 4.00pm same day. Wonderful job.

Order #AN0A2AA4CD6B
Customer Review / Survery: Very good but if the delivery can be organized even for breakfast time or early delivery it will be awesome

Order #VLKRE99BA944
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has always been the pioneer in introducing ecommerce and Gift delivery services to Sri Lanka. It is commendable to see the innovative products and services included in the Kapruka website in a on going basis. I have been using Kapruka delivery service for many years now. Recently I have observed the gifts being delivered very late in the afternoon evening. Hence unlike earlier days I have had to call and actually follow-up with Kapruka agents to identify if the delivery is actually being completed. Appreciate if you could identify the bottlenecks in the delivery schedules and ensure adequate capacity is available to deliver the gifts in the morning hours. Thank you.

Order #AE0A2AB1B2ED
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for the timely delivery of the item ordered. I am greatly appreciative of your efforts to contact the person I was sending this gift to. Thank you.

Order #AM1A2AB236A6
Customer Review / Survery: When I want to help someone at home and don`t know what to do, I always contact you as you never let me down. I have complete trust in you and your excellent services.

Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience i had with kapruka is excellent. There is lot of gifts to choose. It get few minute to order anything. Kapruka has very good customer service. I really enjoy that. Kapruka is very reliable because they deliver my order at current time. I actually enjoyed your service.

Order #AY1A2AA92DA3
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you so much! I was a bit worried because of the colours differences between the product photo and snapshoot service you sent. But i get the photo from my friend and the bouquet is really beautiful. Love it. And you delivered it in a good time too as i tried to explain in the special instruction. Satisfied customer. Great 1st time experience using your service. Will use it again in the future. Ps- The only thing that you miss is the greeting message. My friend told me she didnt find any wishing card message in the bouquet. Did you forget I def wrote something for the message card.

Order #VEXT91A25C38
Customer Review / Survery: Even though we had a very few ups n downs with my experience with Kapruka I can honestly say I am extremely happy with the services and their response to solve an issue that occurred, as a overseas citizen I’m really glad to count on a service like Kapruka to be close to my loved ones while I’m thousands of miles away

Order #AN1A2A9728A2
Customer Review / Survery: This is the wonderful shopping centre for online services.really this is very important to who living behind of your own country because of the they have got opportunity to send some items, gifts for her his lover, parents and everyone.so I respect your service Kaprruka team.all the best for your team and keep it up.

Order #AH3A2AAB55C2
Customer Review / Survery: shopping online is good specially for the people who are living aboard and we can easily send gift and stuff to our families, relatives and friends, and within 10min we can complete the orders, while delivery can be arranged the same day or next day much more useful

Order #AF0A2A972710
Customer Review / Survery: Appriciate the service first of all. Specially when live in overseas you cannot visit your family often, but with the seivice of kapruka giving oppertunity to show love n care for your loved ones. If could starts pizza delivery till 20 km from main the cities would be highly recommend. We can send cakes, gifts but food to my area.

Order #VEXT7F2FB122
Customer Review / Survery: I have used for many times and its a great service. And quite valuable to people who live overseas. I ordered a cake for a special occasion which I wanted to deliver that afternoon. But later I had an email received asking to contact them. When rand I was informed, on the day delivery of cakes can be only FAB cakes. So I had to make few calls during working hours to work this around, whereas it would have been good to mention that on the website so I would have known that on time of booking and paying. Just not a complain but something you could improve on.

Order #VLKREB741D00
Customer Review / Survery: It is really convenient to order online through your site. I have done couple of online orders previously through Kapruka, because of the positive and reliable customer service I ordered a cake for my Amma’s birthday.

Order #VLKR0BC2514E
Customer Review / Survery: As an early member of you, I am very happy with your service even though I don`t place any orders very often. The order got delivered yesterday around 7pm and I was surprised to find out that one item was missing in the package which was a number candle. I hope you will be more careful when packaging in future.

Order #VLKR127AB5BD
Customer Review / Survery: I would like to thank the person who delivered the gift. Even though the address was changed it was not been comminicated to him But he delivered the flowers.

Order #AF0A2A9DDC0F
Customer Review / Survery: Overall, I love this service. I use it a lot for my parents who are in Sri Lanka and I am grateful this option is there. Just wondering why so many items say sold out with food Perhaps best to dynamically not display those if sold out.

Order #VSEP04F37849
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, very efficient customer service team and very reliable. I would like to place all my orders through Kapruka, every time possible.

Order #AC1A2A940F94
Customer Review / Survery: Experience was great! I have been using Kapruka for more than five years now. They have not once failed me. Keep it up!

Order #AJ0A2A7973F6
Customer Review / Survery: very Good exellent service. my wife received cake and Chocolates today morning arround 9.45 a.m. it`s very good Fast Service.

Order #VLKR399AAD81
Customer Review / Survery: Great service ! Would prefer if it took less time to deliver after the first call is received asking for the location . It took 6 hours deliver after the first call . However , loved the service and status of the item !

Order #VLKR5D242AF1
Customer Review / Survery: All good. if there is an option to change colors of flowers when necessary I think it`s better. But I don`t know how practical it is...

Order #VEXT454543C5
Customer Review / Survery: Honestly I’m so happy for the quick delivery and the services provided. It has greatly improved since the last time I have ordered a cake. Thanks team and keep up the good work! If I win $50, kindly donate it to your cause for goodness initiative. Thanks

Order #VSEP129CA15D
Customer Review / Survery: I have been shopping since 2009 in Kapruka and never find any issues with my deliveries or the products which shows in the website

Order #VSEP129CD3B8
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service My mom happy with the delivered items and we are so happy with the service provided on time Thanks again

Order #VSEP129EAF30
Customer Review / Survery: I love your services however the food was delivered today at 1.45 pm for lunch which is not acceptable. I order your services regularly over 10 years. My mother in law is 86 and awaited for a long time.

Order #VCODC373519D
Customer Review / Survery: Hey according to my experience it is very helpful and easy to purchase with kapruka . As i wish i wanted to order more every time .. Kapruka makes my time cosuming less . Thank u for making it easy for me . I mostly order the day before i need and yah kapruka is always on time to be deliver

Order #VLKR2EF2E312
Customer Review / Survery: I got a fruit basket delivered to my friend. I think it’s really worth for the money I paid. Very courteous and helpful staff, fast delivery and easy tracking. Excellent service. One suggestion I would like to add- all the other fruit baskets had a pineapple and a papaw. I felt it’s a bit too bulky. I would suggest that you use one of those fruits to make it lighter and simpler. Just a suggestion.

Order #VEXTE00DE89F
Customer Review / Survery: Good and quick service. The only issue is that the flower arrangements don’t match the pictures in your website. Eg the colours of the flowers and the way it’s arranged.

Order #AY0A2A897787
Customer Review / Survery: I have been shopping on Kapruka for the past 5 years and have placed over 20 orders. Each time, the items were delivered right on time exceeding expectations. Shout out to Kapruka’s world-class service!

Order #VLKR8E3178EF
Customer Review / Survery: It`s an great experience to shop with kapruka.. but it would be much better if u can do delivery with the customer requested time

Customer Review / Survery: Such a great service and the delivery was quick more than I thought. I did order the gift pack last night and it was delivered today’s morning.

Order #VLKR2BC17BA5
Customer Review / Survery: Superb service and delivered ontime. I ordered a cake and it was delicious. Highly recomended their service. Thank you so much kapruka.

Order #VSEPEC9148E6
Customer Review / Survery: We appreciate your business because it is very much convenient to us send gifts to Sri Lanka through kapruka

Order #VLKRB521BC09
Customer Review / Survery: It was so easy and everything clear through the shopping process. Wait periods and availability for certain products were clearly stipulated throughout. The variety of vendors is welcomed as it provides a more diverse way of gifting.

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