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Order #AH0A2C3CE26E
Customer Review / Survery: My gift was dispatched as per the time and the correct location, but the cake was fully melted. Please try to deliver the gift as it’s or form.

Order #VAUT283F8EED
Customer Review / Survery: My husband and I are very appreciative with your customer service and prompt delivery extended to us. We are delighted to hear that the wreath we requested, was delivered to Matale on time and we thank you for the service you have provided. Keep up the good work and thank you once again.

Order #VLKR9BD79656
Customer Review / Survery: It was an amazing experience 1. Updates me about the status of my order through my email 2. Secure payment gateway. 3. User-friendly website 4. Quality of the product as described in the website. 5. Amazing delivery service 6. Affordable price ranges

Order #VCOD93580468
Customer Review / Survery: kapruka.com tha first online shop i like.everything i oder is on time.best it has good cutomer service.i love kapruka.lk

Order #AH1A2C39CD4D
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy to complete. I`ve used the website multiple times, and it has been mainly a good experience.

Customer Review / Survery: There are a lot of delivery services available in Sri Lanka. But kapruka is trustworthy and best service in Sri Lanka.

Order #VLKR3F8E5284
Customer Review / Survery: Very good Shopping Experience. If the shopping cart value is higher, great if you could include a discount for the delivery.

Order #VAUT873E1C63
Customer Review / Survery: Good service till now and i am very satisfied of your service, sspecially when we are in out of the country.

Order #AM0A2BF9B83C
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka enabled me to keep in touch with friends and relatives in Sri Lanka. My orders had been delivered on time. It is great to have this connection at all times. Thank you

Order #AJ0A2C10936B
Customer Review / Survery: Very good. Excellent choices. I entered the recipient`s phone number wrong and I got a call from your offices to verify the phone number. Great customer service.

Order #AJ1A2C2BC061
Customer Review / Survery: Order was placed with no difficulty or complication. The delivery was done on time as asked for. They followed all instructions.

Order #AY2A2BDD92D1
Customer Review / Survery: I am a long time customer at Kapruka and have sent many gifts to Sri Lanka through your website. Your over all service is good. I want to thank your service and willing to remain as a customer with Kapruka in future too. Your service is a great help for us, since we live in countries far away from our own relatives and friends. May your business be more successful! Thank you.

Order #AE1A2C0A311F
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent experience. Also, delivery service was terrific. The person doing the drop off was very polite.

Order #VSEP39C15B09
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka for very long time . I am very grateful for the service . The staff is very helpful and professional.

Order #VAUT058C503B
Customer Review / Survery: Great variety of goods selection. Great service. The website allowed me to deliver order within the same day it ordered. But the staff contacted me saying it cannot be done within the same day. Appreciate if you could reflect it on the website as well so that we know of can`t be delivered on the same day when we make the order. Just the a suggestion to improve your service.

Order #AN0A2BE17D59
Customer Review / Survery: It`s pleasure to shopping with Kapruka. It`s suggested to respond to customer by a call and an email whenever fail to deliver due to different reasons.

Order #VLKR94A15EDA
Customer Review / Survery: The cake was extremely delicious and perfectly decorated...Thank you all so more for your efficient and friendly service??

Order #VLKR11A97EF5
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you very much kapruka . I don`t have any doubt with kapruka service . It was a happy time . Thank you again kapruka .

Order #AY0A2C1FAD71
Customer Review / Survery: The service is too fast! I’m really amazed! I ordered the day before our monthsary and it was delivered on my desired date. Simply wow!

Order #AM1A2BE589AE
Customer Review / Survery: Nice arrangement and everything is neat Everytime i got information about the delivery its nice and its useful

Order #AE0A2C050DCC
Customer Review / Survery: Overall I was satisfied with the level of service,Although I asked to call the recipient before the delivery,but did not call the recipient before delivering the item.

Order #VLKRD326D316
Customer Review / Survery: Great.You are doing well and maintaining a really good communication with customers and also seems to be giving much priority on customer satisfaction.

Order #VLKR7DDE349B
Customer Review / Survery: Ordering was very fast. Because of trust witin few seconds i ordered online. Even it was 700 odd rupees higher with takas, my deal and other ikman places, i ordered because of your fast dilivery.

Order #VAUT3E5B99E5
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve been using Kapruka for while now to send gifts to my family in SL. Most of the time the service was great and items also in good quality.

Order #AF0A2C202D17
Customer Review / Survery: You should make adjustments to your order form on line as follows- Once you place the order and before going to the check out page there should be provision to go back and make changes. When you go back your order disappears and have to start from the beginning.

Order #AH1A2C0E622C
Customer Review / Survery: I’m so glad that we have such a wonderful service to get along with our dear ones who live little far away from us . And this is really a good service and I’m glad that I have for excellent services from Kapruka since the day I start to use it. Thank you so much for a great service and keep it up .

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has been a great place to shop. i have my items delivered. however when you are packed with order`s the items get delivered late which is understood. however, not delivering an item on said date is a minus point. my item on valentines day was not delivered which was very disappointing. phone lines were down on that day 14th feb. only when i called the hotline the next day i was informed that the item was not delivered. no mail or call was given until i followed up. - Call center needs improvements. agents needs to be aware on undelivered items and inform the customer. this will avoid any future dissatisfaction. - Item that take more than 24 hours to prepare should not be allowed order a day prior, this would avoid any conflicts.

Order #VLKR212C77E2
Customer Review / Survery: It is very user friendly and the exceptional delivery on time. Handling of customer complains are very good.

Order #VLKR4876F371
Customer Review / Survery: It`s was good experience even though I had to cancel my order due to reason but still you guys gave me a quik response ND attended to the matter urgently

Order #VSEP6558F085
Customer Review / Survery: You are doing great .I ordered pizzas for same order .you guys cancelled. I didn`t get my refund still.

Order #VAUT1F9E1A84
Customer Review / Survery: Very good and fast service. 15mins after I places the order, someone from Kapruka called me to confirm some details that I had forgotten, which I though I was very good and helpful.

Order #AE0A2BE83E65
Customer Review / Survery: I used Kapruka since 8yerad but this onder make me disappointed becosuse received wrong gift to my Girl friend of valentine day.

Order #VSEP69447B39
Customer Review / Survery: Hi paprika. Again your job is done. Really appreciate your service and quality of product. Superb really thank you management and your team.

Order #VSEP447C555F
Customer Review / Survery: Very good reliable and prompt service. Only one negative point. The handbag purchased as a gift had been just put inside a Kapruka bag without even a polythene cover over it. Although the bag was not cheap, this had given the receiver the impression that it was not a very fancy bag! That was disappointment as this order comprised birthday gifts.

Order #VLKR9CCCE123
Customer Review / Survery: Wonderful experience and was spoiled for choice in the range of products on offer. I was able to order a beautiful bunch of flowers and a cake for my mothers birthday.

Order #VLKRD2402714
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first ever experience. Shopping at kapruka can bring a happiness and a smile to a person`s life.

Order #AY1A2BFC358F
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent customer service, they called n inform regards my delivery which I feel so happy n satisfied

Order #VLKRC166A4AB
Customer Review / Survery: Past six years I have a experience in kapruka they have been amazing service I am very Glade for that

Order #VAUT3F19052A
Customer Review / Survery: Website was user friendly I’ve used it for so many years and I’ve had no issues finding what I want to send

Order #VBAK6695CC62
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is had done a great job today. Hope to stay tuned with you all. Thank you all. Also kapruka has a wonderful customer care service . Thank you again .

Order #AM0A2C00982B
Customer Review / Survery: first i want say tnk u. my first experience with kapruka. i din`t expect that on the same day. but no matter how busy you are,you have done your duty ?? Tnk u once again. THE BEST Online shopping service in sri lanka. all the best????

Order #VAUTE58AFB45
Customer Review / Survery: I use kapruks quite often and they have never failed me up until this Valentine’s Day 2020. The chocolates were all over the box and the rose was almost dead. But that was the only time if not great service.

Customer Review / Survery: It’s an amazing platform for anyone to suprize your loved ones. It’s just some fingertips away and the service offered by Kapruka staff is highly appreciated.

Order #AY0A2C000585
Customer Review / Survery: Im deeply impressed by the kapruka mobile app. Its really well developed, only downside i see is that it needs better search `refine` options. Hope you can see into that. - Love from Wales.

Order #VLKRB5F44FE9
Customer Review / Survery: It`s really easy shopping with kapruka and I should say your service is greatly valued. The responsibility in giving us a good shopping experience is immensely appreciated. Thank you.

Order #AN0A2C11AA84
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience is great just add some videos of the gift items so we can choose and see the quality add more gifts pls. If not everything is excellent

Order #HSB4066B3BF
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service with timely delivery, and product was in good shape as it was a special day. Keep up the good work.

Order #AC3A2BD8FCB9
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you so much. I have ordered few times with u. Every gift was in good condition and the service was excellent. Hope to order more in future.

Order #VLKR0DD9B446
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time have sent flowers through Kapruka. There was no issues. Therefore very happy.

Order #VLKR270A7597
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to make purchases using the interface. Better if more items are there in the given categories. Excellent delivery service.

Order #AY0A2C0758D3
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping is very simple and easy on kapruka. My experience is amazing so far. I love that i get varieties of gifts and for every occasion

Order #VAUT247B1942
Customer Review / Survery: This is a really good service for people who are in abroad to connect with their loved ones in their family members` special days.

Order #VLKRB461CF89
Customer Review / Survery: Extremely good customer service and good things on the site to select My orders are timely delivered and I’m happy about it

Order #VLKR2686B454
Customer Review / Survery: Quite efficient and reliable! Made a last minute order rush order and needed to send flowers and chocolates to the hospital early morning. This was accommodated and carried out with no hassle!

Order #VLKR79BA6152
Customer Review / Survery: It was amazing. Kapruka has got thousand of varieties to choose. I really enjoyed shopping with you.

Order #VLKRCA322F0A
Customer Review / Survery: It was great . I wanted to give a small surprise to my wife.kapruka crew did it very well and the gift was in very good condition. This is my first time use of kapruka. Well done kapruka

Order #AM0A2BFD8C7E

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