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Order #VLKR54FAEB54
Customer Review / Survery: I was using this service for many years , specially when I was in overseas , Now I use even I use even in Sri Lanka , very much satisfied with the service , thank you and keep up the good work.

Order #VEXTB5274CE8
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service to date and I am very happy and grateful. Keep up the good work you do. Best wishes

Order #VBRNA3F99CD5
Customer Review / Survery: Its actually a great service for us who is in abroad to send something to our families back in srilanka. However i found that some of the items are bit overpriced

Order #VWSA7EA534A2
Customer Review / Survery: It was a timely delivery and really appreciate as they were able to send it to rural areas like Monaragala

Order #VBRN6FA07CA3
Customer Review / Survery: Easy navigation and happy with the user experience. Would prefer to see the ingredient list of a grocery products if possible.

Order #VBRN4E8BAF42
Customer Review / Survery: Everything is fine. If you can make the website more attractive will be great. Also if you can add more items, will attract more customers.

Customer Review / Survery: I`ve been using Kapruka cake delivery service quite some time now and I`m happy about the service I receive every time. The cakes get delivered on time.

Customer Review / Survery: I was searching to deliver something to someone special .. then I found Kapruka.. this was fantastic I was able to track my order too Great and quick service

Order #VEXT2C9AK76D
Customer Review / Survery: The kids were excited thank you for taking them on time my niece loves them too thank you very much appreciate Marie

Order #VBRND057C9A9
Customer Review / Survery: It is my very first experience using Kapruka. My friends informed me that the prices are too high and gave links to other web sites, but I realized the prices are much cheaper in Kapruka and quality vise good brands are there for selection. Also easy to place the order and the receiver is very happy with the gifts. Thank you Team Kapruka!

Customer Review / Survery: Thanks a lot for all your genuine supports and I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all.........

Order #VLKRFDB69205
Customer Review / Survery: There is a huge variety of goods now than in the old days which is a really good addon. Good customer service and happy with it. One thing i would like to suggest is that, if the wishing Note can be printed on some sort of a card or long-lasting material, that will be good.

Order #VBRN9F5E08C1
Customer Review / Survery: What she has said is right. All predictions are accurate. Price is bit expensive. Reduce the price try to sell it in large quantities.

Order #VLKRB7207D74
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered a birthday cake and I spoke with Kapruka CS agent before the delivery date and specially requested to deliver the cake before at least 10am, and the next day cake was delivered around 9am in the morning ? I am really glad that I picked Kapruka to deliver my gift. Excellent customer service!!

Order #VBRNE593719D
Customer Review / Survery: Good delivery- on time The cake had couple of decoration leaf on it cracked. But didnt mind it. Made dad happy- thats all that counts

Order #VBRN0930F392
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka always delivers gifts on time. Its a great service for people who live abroad to send gifts to their loved ones in Sri Lanka.

Order #VLKRA3726FF5
Customer Review / Survery: I was particularly impressed with the timely updates and notifications regarding the status of my order. The proactive communication, including confirmation emails, tracking information, and delivery alerts, provided me with a sense of assurance and convenience throughout the process. Furthermore, the delivery personnel demonstrated the utmost professionalism and courtesy. They arrived within the designated time slot and handled the package with care. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to answer any questions I had made the overall experience even more pleasant. Lastly, the packaging of the items was secure and well-protected, ensuring that my purchases arrived in excellent condition. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your company and delivery team. It is evident that customer satisfaction is a priority for your organization.

Order #VBRN20AD9DC4
Customer Review / Survery: Thank for your interest in my feedback!. I have had great experience with Kapruka, i am impressed with the honesty, quality and the professional standards maintained with shopping and delivery of the product. This one of the most reliable service provider i have experienced so far, and i have been the customer of kapruka for more than 2 years now and i enjoy shopping using kapruka.

Order #VEXT9D628458
Customer Review / Survery: The gift variety is good. But the prices are a little bit high compared to other gift delivering services

Order #VBRN967215BD
Customer Review / Survery: I sent a flower bunch to my mother on this Saturday. The flowers are fresh and special thank to delivery guy.He is really supportive and Good service. Only weak point was you guys aren`t delivering liquor to Matara district. Anyway Thank you very much

Order #VISPC06AE717
Customer Review / Survery: The best online shopping experience I ever had. They were able to deliver less than 24hrs. Kapruka has so many selection options. Superb experience. Thank u Kapruka Team.

Order #VLKR6E85D658
Customer Review / Survery: No options was there to add name that need to print with customize chocolate. Better add option for that.

Order #VBRNB0FA3B31
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is very reliable and excellent service. My last delivery address changed because the address i gave was my girlfriends’. But she wasn’t home. And when the delivery guy called we told the situation. He kindly asked the new location and delivered. Best service.

Order #VBRNC048047D
Customer Review / Survery: Very good customer service… really Happy about the service they offer… And the delivery was very safe and on time….

Order #VSEP66DC2B66
Customer Review / Survery: I.love Kapruka never had a problem Can I suggest for my orders to go at the same time pls.esp if it`s to one address this time my order went at 2 different times (2 items) that was a combination for a bd gift. This was the first time that happened..thank you Kapruka is the best.

Order #VCOD2FC7F935
Customer Review / Survery: I`m very satisfied with a quick timely delivery. Easy to order Friendly service. Also the product are also with high quality. I`m not hesitate to recommend the Kapruka service to anyone. Definitely I will make more orders through Kapruka in the Future.

Order #VBRN8681BAE6
Customer Review / Survery: Thats awesome experience ... actually i am out of srilanka and i sent the gift for my brothers` house warming. It was less than 12 hours for my request to delivery and i didnt sure that will be able to deliver on that time.. but i was suprised that Kapruka has send it before 2 hours than my requested time.. it was amazing ..

Order #VBRN3202000C
Customer Review / Survery: Super service and my family got surprise with it. Thank u kapruka and will continue with ordering with you

Order #VLKR78134DDC
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping on this website was a breeze! The user-friendly interface made it easy to find what I was looking for. The website`s load time was impressive. I didn`t experience any delays or lag while browsing. I love how organized the categories and search function are. It saved me so much time while browsing through the products. Whoever new delivary services comes, my first preference goes to Kapruka

Order #VBRN5621B88E
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you Damitha for demonstrating your utmost expertise professionalism to deliver this order on time. Indeed you have understand customers request coincides with that you have listened to the customer with 100 attention. People like you are a ASSET for the company. Once again thank you.

Order #VLKRAB60AD07
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve experienced twice that they miss items to deliver also sometimes for example I ordered fruit basket they fail to add some fruits they have mentioned in Description, which is actually misleading.

Order #VLKR59B3D5DD
Customer Review / Survery: Best quality and delivery. Good site but need few modifications. Best thing is that cakes are delicious, fare and gives what is shown

Order #VLKRB5077F77
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to order. Customer service is very supportive and well mannered. Diliverd on time. Hope to order more in future.

Order #VBRNF754C09A
Customer Review / Survery: I love the cake varieties you have I always use Kapruka products to make my loved once happy in their special days

Order #VLKR1240EA46
Customer Review / Survery: Need to complain about the product, taste not good as previously received in colombo and appearance also dull. Delivered via bus and got melted too

Order #VLKREFD3A441
Customer Review / Survery: Actually my home is 4 km away from Divulapitiya town and they delivered it as I expected. I did this as a trial this time. But I hope to do this every month for my parents with more goods. Thanks.

Order #VCODE2D4A952
Customer Review / Survery: Your service is excellent.You did a great job.Easy to order anything and should not be afraid about anything

Order #VLKR631C9105
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great experience to shop with Kapruka, and there are wide range of collections to shop at Kapruka.

Order #VLKR9F04A74C
Customer Review / Survery: I have had a good shopping experience with Kapruka. The website is easy to use and the selection of products is large. The customer service is also excellent.

Order #VLKR221F2022
Customer Review / Survery: One of the best examples of online Gift ordering experience is without a doubt Kapruka.com. Quick and Excellent Service.

Order #VBRNF20F2759
Customer Review / Survery: Really very good service.., kapuruka always work so passionately to make sure their customers get the best experience.

Order #VLKRC017CF2D
Customer Review / Survery: I could buy my choices very easily through Kapruka. Specially I need to tell receiving product is much superb than I saw on Kapruka site. Thank you very much.

Order #VCOD82KEE822
Customer Review / Survery: We were expected a quality Item, but sadly the item we ordered for our little girl as a surprised gift didn`t work at the second time she used it. She is a smart girl and we assure that she didn`t harm the equipment in anyway. So, we are expecting a positive reply from you to get repaired the item or replace it for a new one as we have already spent 4050 LKR for a one day learning and playing experience to buy the equipment from your reputed company and that`ll ensure the credibility that we have on your company in future too. Please contact following numbers for any query- Kithma - 0719626951 Dhanushka (Husband) - 0718363087, 0770700053

Order #VBRN2F754725
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered consistantly from Kapruka for the pure reason of its great customer service. Kapruka provides an invaluable service for Sri Lankan living overseas. Prompt service order inception to delivery. Variety and good quality products. I would like to recommend that you also add the bank transfer pay feature. Keep up the great work. I will be ordering for Kapruka consistantly.

Order #VBRN95878FF8
Customer Review / Survery: You have provided very excellent service. I’m very satisfied with your products. I have mentioned to deliver in the morning hours but you have delivered around 1pm. Others-wise all are okay. Thank you ?

Order #VBRN70760007
Customer Review / Survery: I always wanted to deliver fast and with less follow up, this is my first time and kapruka made it very clear that they are the best

Order #VBRNF24E93D3
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience is generally good. please ask your colleagues to respond whatsApp messages promptly. I have waited more than four hours to get a reply and that was meaningless.

Order #VLKR1E3B3EF1
Customer Review / Survery: The experience overall was good, as I found the particular cake I was looking for. And especially appreciate that it was delivered to my location.

Order #VLKRF98DB4C9
Customer Review / Survery: I appreciate your service at this moment and no other delivery services deliver designed cakes and bouquets out from Colombo these days.

Order #VLKR54520DB4
Customer Review / Survery: I find shopping from Kapruka to be extremely convenient as they cover islandwide delivery throughout the country. Definetely my go to option for shopping as they are reliable, customer friendly and have a range of options to choose from. Overall fantastic!

Order #VLKRC52905CB
Customer Review / Survery: Availability of products and the ease to order through the website is unmatchable. The delivery was very quick and the delivery partner was very friendly. This is my first experience at Kapruka and is also the best online service I`ve had so far.

Order #VBRN9094066C
Customer Review / Survery: Great timely service and and the quality appreciated very much by the recipient. Thank you Kapruka and Welldone

Order #VSEP971B2F61
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the best online Store in Sri Lanka , I feel very proud to Tell the Australians that all my orders are Received on Time , Thank you

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