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Order #AM0A1EAE393E
Customer Review / Survery: I am Kapruka member for years. Few times every year we use the kapruka service and everytime we experince in good service. Up To now never had anything wrong or bad with your service. We are very happy to have this type of great service and wishing you all a good luck with everyday improvements.

Order #AH0A1EAC3607
Customer Review / Survery: Friendly customer service, fresh quality products and on time delivery with genuine staffs. Appreciated. My best CHOICE forever only `KAPRUKA`.

Order #AY3A1E93887B
Customer Review / Survery: I like kapruka has huge selection items and specialy big birthday cakes ( over 8 pounds) Because some family?s has huge crowds

Order #AQ1A64A50B6D
Customer Review / Survery: I am really happy with Kapruka as it has been so good for so many years since 2006. Kapruka gives the best service ever and even the customer service staff is very supportive . I am so proud of ur services as a Sri Lankan as comparing with other global service providers you are the best.

Order #VAUT737DDF52
Customer Review / Survery: My experience was surprisingly hassle-free! Very easy transactions and navigation through your website. Very excited to see more stores in Sri Lanka become digitalised.

Order #AI1A8D135A07
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. This is the first time I sent a gift using Kapruka. I will surely send more gifts using Your Service in the future.

Order #AQ1A64A066DE
Customer Review / Survery: It was very pleasing to note that the Quality and taste of the Kapuruka cake is very delicious. The delivery outside Colombo was done on time. Overall an excellent service, bringing one step closer to home.

Order #AJ1A1EAB324E
Customer Review / Survery: There`s a lot of variety to choose from. Having previously used shipping information saved makes it easy to progress. Good shopping experience overall

Order #AH1A1EA70DF3
Customer Review / Survery: great to see same day orders are taken and delivered. It was difficult to choose though as we are not sure the ingredients are halal or not.

Order #VAUT0CA49D8B
Customer Review / Survery: I always use kapruka for send gifts to srilanka..Service is good quality.Cakes are real as picture..

Order #VSEPB4AC97C1
Customer Review / Survery: Hi there... first of all I want tell you that Kapruka team has done there Job more then what I expected. Great job. On time. Thanks

Order #VLKR800D7D5C
Customer Review / Survery: Very good customer service, I Am appreciating your it. Keep it up #128522 , I will give 10 out of 10 #128522 #128522

Order #AY3A1E9E0A25
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using kapruka for a long time. I?m so happy how far they have come and now I see there are lots of variety in the site.

Order #VLKRD017B4CF
Customer Review / Survery: Actually this was my first time of placing an order . But your service and followups encouraged a lot to order more from you. Earlier I had many choices of delivery services . But from today onwards KAPRUKA will be my only choice option with regards to delivery of gifts.Thanks for the best service #128077

Order #VLKR39DE2F15
Customer Review / Survery: Personally, I would say great online service in the country. I would definitely recommend Kapruka to anyone. Good Luck!!!

Order #VPAY1D84DAC9
Customer Review / Survery: There is a wide variety of gift items to choose from, which is great. Delivery was in the morning as requested, and I`m grateful for that.

Order #VLKRB185864A
Customer Review / Survery: excellent service done by kapruka team.i have place order in future through kapruka. thanks kapruka for your great job.

Order #VAUTD815C65D
Customer Review / Survery: So very pleased that both the orders of the wreaths were delivered yesterday, early. Also the excellent service with the lady I spoke to on the phone about the one wreath who called me back straightway and checked and assured me that it would be delivered yesterday as I requested, as this was of concern to me.

Order #VAUTD81131D2
Customer Review / Survery: I rang to make an enquiry about a wreath which I wanted specially, I was so glad that the lady who I spoke to said she will check and rang me back and i was furthered assured that it would be delivered yesterday. Just checked and your email informs me that it has been delivered. So pleased with the time of delivery.

Order #AH1A1E9B8AE9
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first time experience with the Kapruka shopping. I am very happy about the whole process. Thank you.

Order #VBAK69928C5D
Customer Review / Survery: You are doing a great service. You have a variety of gifts but I prefer you add more things without limiting, as we can customize gift packs. And also asking for a delivery time is preferable as we can make our special day memorable.

Order #VCAR88B4C855
Customer Review / Survery: I just got my first order ever delivered. It was a birthday gift and received it in the exact time i requested eventhough it was not within your delivery period. The customer care Representatives were so friendly and helpful. I`m so excited and really appreciate you guys

Order #VLKRA5E37BD9
Customer Review / Survery: The website is helpful. Maybe improve the mobile web version a bit as the icons and buttons are a bit difficult.

Order #VAUT96E16AC4
Customer Review / Survery: Been using kapruka for 3 years now to send give to love ones in Sri lanka. Easy to use, reliable, and very efficient. Completed the transaction and same day delivered.

Order #AM3A1E98BE06
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruk is the best place to order gifts to loved once on special occasions . the delivery is the best place. We don`t want any reminders to them

Order #AF1A1E969127
Customer Review / Survery: This is a great website for Srilankans Who lives out side of Sri Lanka to say thank you to relatives in Sri Lanka. Sending even a small gift to them .

Order #AC1A1E889ED2
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. It`s better if you can let us pay in any currency, especially SL Rupees. Also, you can reduce the price of some items to be more competitive on the market.

Order #VLKRE68812BC
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you very much for making my babies birthday party absolutely amazing.So many comments on how fantastic the cake I ordered from Kapruka as well as the birthday themed pack.I recently ordered a gift for my cousins newborn and delivered the order on time and they were surprised with the gift.Very good online shopping experience and I highly recommend this web site.

Order #VAUTEC04A113
Customer Review / Survery: This delivery was urgent and I am fully satisfied with the service, ease of use with your website secured payment it?s overall excellent However I find the price is almost double the actual cost which is a bit concerning and makes me reluctant to shop again

Order #AE1A1E94907A
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service . I?m really satisfied with the service I received . Big thank you to your staff ..!

Order #VCODF84A0F58
Customer Review / Survery: Call center people should be more responsible. I ordered this because I wanted urgently and they said they can`t make the delivery before 3.00pm But when I called again to cancel the order if they can`t send before 3.00pm. That lady who answered was good and helped me to solve the problem.

Order #AJ3A1E8DD5CC
Customer Review / Survery: We have been shopping with kapruka for years. We are so happy to say that always we only had a positive comments about your service. Also can recommend anyone about this service for sure. Hope to join with you

Order #AM1A1E871D6F
Customer Review / Survery: Would like to be able to specify a time window for delivery for example 7am-12pm, 12pm to 5pm etc. I had to specify the cake delivery on the previous day because the cake had to be delivered before noon on the day it was needed.

Order #VCOD21E16737
Customer Review / Survery: This is the second order so far, the first order delivery was Soo quick and today it was my second experience so I am truly satisfied with the service that kapruka offered me and can recomond for anyone

Order #VAUTC45D6408
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. We have been sending kapruka gifts for many years and I would recommend it to anyone.

Order #VAUT7BF5007D
Customer Review / Survery: I found it way more easy to order pizza from kapruka than the pizza hut website. #128514 And what a great service #128079 #127995

Order #VSEP23BFB1D9
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first time using your service and it was nice experience. But I couldn`t open the snapshot link for some reason. Hope to deal with you in future. Thanks

Order #AH1A1E8F2BFD
Customer Review / Survery: The flower arrangements and the flowers themselves were always good quality. The one complaint is why is there no card with the sender`s name and message to the recipient attached to the flowers or flower arrangement In my last order I made a point to mention it on the order (Yesterday). But though the flowers were delivered today there was no card with the message !! A big, successful organisation like yours should be able to produce a decent card with the message and sender`s name on it which should be attached to the flowers. Not a receipt on a place piece paper stuck to your advertising card. I have had this experience 3 4 times now and if not rectified I will find alternate sources for my gifts.

Order #VLKRDB321CB8
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time I placed the order with kapruka. I really appreciate your service. Keep it up.

Order #AJ1A1E799C7E
Customer Review / Survery: Its really good delivered on time and correct location that delivery boy approach and way of taking its good. overall Kapurka its best supporter for gift order

Order #AC0A1E88B603
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great pleasure to find kapruka online service as we a thousands of miles away from srilanka. It?s a excellent service. Really appreciated the online service to send things to anyone in Sri Lanka. #128591 #127995 #128591 #127995 #128591 #127995

Order #AJ0A1E8B5DC4
Customer Review / Survery: Very fast, professional and efficient. Customer service is great with responding to enquiries, thank you.

Order #VLKR8DB24563
Customer Review / Survery: It was good but it will be better if u guys can make a text message immediatly after delivering the package! #128077

Order #AH1A1E82000A
Customer Review / Survery: I have been ordering from Kapruka for, I believe, over 20 years, and have always been very satisfied with your service. But have been a little disappointed in your selection of a florist who does not keep to the advertised images of the flowers. Just yesterday I ordered roses for my 90 year-old cousin, but I received a photograph of other flowers, which, by the way, were not bad, but not pink roses. I have to order more flowers from you for family and friends for the next 2 months, and would appreciate if you let your florist know that they should let me know if the flowers I order are not available. If you are on WhatsApp, I can send you a photograph of the flowers that were delivered. 2- roses, and one was a little faded.

Customer Review / Survery: It was great and this was my very first order placed with Kapruka. superb job guys keep up the good work. and thank you

Order #AH1A1E7E5A2F
Customer Review / Survery: Well, Kapruka has been doing a great service. At a time few years back Kapruka failed to deliver my order on time. Of course they accepted the delay and an officer has visited to my residence with his courier team and has apologize for the delay and extended their wishes on behalf of kapruka team. thats something we don`t expect from any others. what if i tell you, when ever an special occasion comes i still remember the incident how kind they were.

Order #VLKRF274D773
Customer Review / Survery: Great delivery on time. Additionally please put customer`s satisfied time to deliver when the order make.

Customer Review / Survery: Very happy and would highly recommend..I?ve been sending gifts from Kapila for the last five years, and you guys have been doing a great job, excellent .. keep it up

Customer Review / Survery: Hi Kapruka Team, This is my very first shopping experience with you. You delivered my gift delivery ontime. I`m really very happy with your service. Also I contacted you talk about this delivery on yesterday. Then I want to say your customer care is also really good. I really appreciate your service. Also I have to say, I appreciate you have all payment methods. It`s very easy to us. I hope to shopping with you again. Good Luck Kapruka. Thank you ! I`m Wathsala Ruchirani

Order #VLKR3D97BDA7
Customer Review / Survery: Its very valuable thing that you arrange everything we need. Becoz of our busy life cant get our loved once closer. You?re job is great

Order #AR1A645241D4
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time i send a gift to australia .i am fully satisfay with your services .but i wish if we could have more chooses Thank you for your good service

Order #VEXT1E2D534C
Customer Review / Survery: I purchased this cake as a surprise birthday gift. Therefore I was hoping that the cake would be delivered in the morning as the recipient lives in Colombo. But it hasn`t been delivered till midday which was a bit disappointing. Customer care people did a good job. When I emailed about the delivery they replied within minutes and made arrangements to deliver the cake as soon as possible. I have used kapruka several times before to send gifts outside Colombo and they delivered them on time. This was the first time the delivery got delayed. I feel that the service around Colombo needs to be improved.

Order #AE1A1E7D7B3F
Customer Review / Survery: I started to send more gift from KAPRUKA more than 2 years ago. i believed only your service because of quality of your delivery and good product. im always with kapruka. because of kapruk i feel i`m with my family. best of luck -*

Order #VLKR28C19638
Customer Review / Survery: This is not the first time i used kapruka, for gift delivery. Kapruka is a trustworthy gift delivery service that i have met and they have never break that. Thanks for all the good work. Keep being good

Order #VLKR0D565091
Customer Review / Survery: It was exceptional service. As I wanted her to have the gift before 3pm and kapruka made it possible. Thank you so much

Order #VSEP55B10D17
Customer Review / Survery: I made this booking at the very last moment but kapruka managed to deliver it on time. Thank you I?m very happy with your best service. I would recommend kapruka for my other friends too. I was impressed. Good luck!

Order #VSEPD55C7F9E
Customer Review / Survery: The service was too good to be true!! And thanks for making my friend?s 21st a memorable day #128175

Order #VLKR77262692
Customer Review / Survery: It mentioned as it takes up to 7-8 days and in my case it took more than that. Close to 2 weeks. Deadline has been exceeded. Need to be rectified ASAP.

Order #AP1AFE094361
Customer Review / Survery: not bad, but last time my order was not delivered and i was informed very late. information on website was not correct

Order #VLKR8D0A76AF
Customer Review / Survery: Sometimes it?s great. One time I had ordered they failed to deliver on time and promised to deliver the next day and the food ended up being bad too.

Order #AG0A2FFA2972
Customer Review / Survery: Very efficient and reliable for my first experience in getting a delivery in Srilanka I was very impressed. Thank you very much Kapruka team xx

Order #AH0A1E321CB6
Customer Review / Survery: Customer service called to say delivery on date specified was difficult but could deliver the next day. He was polite, well spoken and friendly. Very happy with your customer service.

Order #VLKR4D70A800
Customer Review / Survery: Very easy to choose what I want. Website is very customer friendly. And specially the free delivery within Colombo is very helpful.

Customer Review / Survery: Felt like shopping in a supermarket, since there are many options. Please include more local products specially from village rural areas, such as coconut water drinks, ornaments made with coconut shell, bamboo etc. Also please try to use environmental friendly, biodegradable material to prevent environmental pollution and clutter.

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