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Customer Review / Survery: Delivery was quick .thank you very much for that. Before this order I did order pizzas for the same place and they said it didn’t came with sauces which is normally provide with every Pizza Hut pizzas. Not a big deal but my little niece was eager to eat with that sauce ??. Thank you very much for quick delivery. Good luck Kapruka!!!!

Order #VLKR8935E9F9
Customer Review / Survery: Even though I was bit scared about delivering on time since its my first order, it was delivered on time. The only concern was the exact plant as per the picture was not delivered.

Customer Review / Survery: My experience with Kapruka is fabulous. I have placed several orders with Kapruka and all of them went well. I really appreciate the timely deliveries and customer care provided by the delivery staff

Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience was overall good. As requested for an early delivery I did receive it. Will be looking forward to order more in future.

Order #VBRN3A3390AF
Customer Review / Survery: Appreciate can you pls keep live chat online service. Since it will be very helpful whoes contacting outside the countries .

Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka since last 7 years, but unfortunately today delivered Cake was damaged. This is the first time I faced an issue with delivery.

Order #VBRN0785C1E6
Customer Review / Survery: Greatly appreciate the speedy delivery. Just a thought to look into-the gift had small Teddy bears that were glued with a stick. And it gets damaged when trying to remove the stick off the soft toy. Best to come up with a better way to have the soft toy in tact without gluing it firm to a stick.

Order #VBRN612000D6
Customer Review / Survery: It was an amazing experience, I`ve always trusted Kapruka when it comes to ordering gifts and it has never failed me. Will continue to do so.

Order #VBRNE57BF157
Customer Review / Survery: The phone # i provided was incorrect. Arosh from Kapruka called me to rectify my error. he was very patient, kind, and professional. He contacted me at a time that was convenient for me [considering the time difference] and It must have been very late in sri lanka. this is the reason i prefer Kapruka over other services. commendable and reliable service provider. thank you

Order #VBRN541F23C8
Customer Review / Survery: For groceries, i would like to see more options of each category. A lot of the products are sold out.

Customer Review / Survery: Thank you so much Kapruka Team! You made my niece’s birthday very special by delivering a beautiful cake on time. I appreciate your timely response and excellent customer service! Again, thank you !

Order #VBRN81907EBD
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks so much and greatly appreciate your service and products. Such good products and a great service to the door. Thank you so much I am happy and my Mother and relatives also were so happy. Regardless your phone charges your colleague called me in uk and confirmed.thanks so much for that.

Order #VBRN6C756DDE
Customer Review / Survery: You always have had exactly what I want.For ex yesterday I was looking out for a Buddha statue of my choice and a pirith book and you had it! It was amazing.

Order #VBRNA4B43037
Customer Review / Survery: Highly recommend for everyone those who are looking for online shopping. Kapruka is the best one in Sri Lanka ??

Customer Review / Survery: I`m very happy about their service. I could send my gift within few hours. I recommend this service for everyone who wants to send gifts for your loved ones.

Order #VBRN05B21CC0
Customer Review / Survery: I finally know your whats app number much better give more publish for it as a outside of country it`s very valuable for us

Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service.. keep up the good work.. my only trusted service for more than 2 decades.. love u Kapruka.

Order #VEXTCB638A62
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. I have been sending gifts to srilanka for few years now and never had a issue with kapruka.

Order #VBRN5B1241AA
Customer Review / Survery: Service is excellent. I ordered shoes that were not on stock and vendor had closed shop. Therefore, would appreciate if u indicate if the products are not available or remove on the web site itself so that I could have ordered something available. Hope I can check with you prior to ordering going forward items like shoes etc

Order #VLKR3B45EA71
Customer Review / Survery: The experience is amazing, this is my first purchase from Kapruka. It`s very simple via online site, process was quick. I truly appreciate Kapruka for having product range notification after sending once again Thank you so much for making my day special

Order #VLKRCAF23D13
Customer Review / Survery: One of the best online shopping centre..... Highly recommended. again n again I have osm n great experience.Delivery service is excellent.You all keep it up ??????

Order #VLKR5B317932
Customer Review / Survery: Service is great, had some few orders on kapruka ,trustworthy and userfriendly app with quality products,

Order #VBRN1494CCA4
Customer Review / Survery: Its very easy to navigate the website and almost good gift collections are avilable and service is aweasome

Order #AC1A4FFA96F0
Customer Review / Survery: It’s providing a wonder service, Super delicious cake with varieties of flavor. Highly appreciated. Thank you for delivering it on time.

Order #VLKR0E518B7C
Customer Review / Survery: The experience is amazing, this is my first purchase from Kapruka. It`s very simple via online site, process was quick. I truly appreciate Kapruka for having product range notification after sending.

Order #VLKR1CFAC643
Customer Review / Survery: Comparing other companies, kapruka have big variations of things and reasonable costs ( reasonable delivery charges also)

Order #VBRN8779649D
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered a soft toy and a chocolate pack from kapruka to be delivered today. The goods were delivered early morning n the packing was great. Keep it up

Order #VBRNCF90D798
Customer Review / Survery: They deliver on time and if they cannot make it, they will call and inform you. Once they forgot to deliver one item but they redelivered it on the same day.

Order #VBRNE92E02B4
Customer Review / Survery: I really appreciate your good service during such though time for all. Thank you Kapruka team. I`m really great full with your service. Good luck earn more money.

Order #VWSAKC439F2K
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience is ok for me because I am in with kapruka more then 5 years, but the delivery guys are not professional. I had very bad experience with the last order(VWSAKC439F2K) delivery.

Order #VBRND1017649
Customer Review / Survery: Used Kapruka for over 14 years, my orders have been deliver as I have expected. Quality of products and delivery was excellent.

Order #VSEP715B3F76
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to Order Quick prompt delivery Good Customerservice agent polite when he spoke Overall fabulous Will order again

Customer Review / Survery: On-time delivery Easy to check delivery status. high-quality products Safe delivery for all items

Order #VBRNE682DCF7
Customer Review / Survery: The process of ordering was very easy. The gift was delivered to my parents in Sri Lanka on time as well.

Order #VBRN42B95620
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve enjoyed using Kapruka. Thanks for the services. Delivery timing is great. Pricing is ok. Some items are not delivered to Dehiwala and not sure why.

Order #VBRN266A2056
Customer Review / Survery: I Like Your Service. Because It`s Make Them Happy, Everyone Birthday I Will Give Them Cake. Thanks You All God Bless You All Stay Safe. Gnei Lehner

Order #VLKR39E415AD
Customer Review / Survery: Low cost and delivery within 24 hours is great . wide product range to chose from and categorized accordingly to find easier the most preferred product faster.

Customer Review / Survery: I’m really, really happy with the service you provided. Early replies and flexible responses are admirable. The products are also in very good quality.

Order #AG3A6CFD0B3F
Customer Review / Survery: I like your service. Very efficient on-time delivery. But recently I ordered flash lite (touch) it is not good. I propose you deliver quality products. Price doesn`t matter. When we order online we don`t see the article we only trust the name of the company we rely on that name. Pls, deliver quality products.other than that service is perfect. Thank you.

Order #VBRNA2A27E58
Customer Review / Survery: You should enhance the feedback via mobile. You can do it via text messages. This should include your reference and call back hotline no. You may use the same platform for promotions if you could track a pattern. Eg- If you notice some one is sending a birthday cake or anniversary cake, you can reach them and offer suitable products prior to the event. Do target marketing. You can offer a special discount as well. Also include whatsapp for communication. I received a email from no-reply email to contact you. It is a meaning less email. I can reply it, there is no contact number.

Order #VBRN5C4816C0
Customer Review / Survery: Generally the shopping experience is good, except for the fact that some items that I am looking for are marked `out of stock

Order #VBRN42AF2C46
Customer Review / Survery: Website is good. However the Kapruka app didn’t work and I had to call Kapruka who told me to do through web access which is not very happy about. Previously also Kapruka app didn’t work. SonI had to use other provider.

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