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Order #VLKR69E1E2CD
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered from kapruka many times...always best...they deliver on time..and customer handling is best..all the stuff I have ordered has turned out perfect

Order #VLKRC1832743
Customer Review / Survery: Nothing to say about your service. That much your service is good. And Its very useful with our busy life..

Order #VLKR9A00619C
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks to your best Cake designs my Son got exited and was sooo Happy. Cake was exactly same as the picture on web and delicious. Prompt and on time. I highly recommend Kapruka to all my friends in Sri Lanka and around the world. Best Gift delivering service ever.

Order #AH0A1A59AD9F
Customer Review / Survery: Service is good and reliable. On time delivery. I would suggest it would be great if you reduce the price of delivering outside of colombo. --)

Order #VSEPC70F654F
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is always reliable and very good customer service. I`ve been shopping from more than 10 years very satisficed.

Order #VLKR48094874
Customer Review / Survery: This was my first experience with thekapruka family I`m a musician even I was busy with my concert they were so quick to contact my mom and got her the flowers it was her birthday today I was really worried that you won`t be able to send the flowers in time but that changed thank you so much and I look forward to more gifts from you guys coz you didn`t give me any reason to be disappointed thanks kapruka team! xx

Order #AG0A2B30EBA6
Customer Review / Survery: Such a great service. I?ve never had any issues with delivery, even to difficult addresses. Also so efficient, even when I have made an order last minute. So difficult to find a service like this in Sri Lanka.

Order #VPAY703E26F5
Customer Review / Survery: The customer service was great, wish there was a price filter and floral filter to select based on the flowers in the selection. Also I would like to add if it was clear what is included like the vase and the flowers or just wrapping would be beneficial for my decision of purchase.

Customer Review / Survery: It was really appreciating service and timely deliverd to the destination without any hazzels.This is my consecutively 5 the time as i guess.And happy to continue shopping experience with u in future too.

Order #VLKR17D01452
Customer Review / Survery: I made plenty of purchase on kapruka for me as well as on behalf of my friends too. Most of all went smoothly.

Order #AK0A6A31F64E

Order #AY0A1A3100E2
Customer Review / Survery: Hi. I ordered birthday cakes three times .that items was very good delicious. Delivery on time. I ordered watch for my mom that is really beautiful. Thanks a lot for your grate service. That is very helpful to us for make happy every one .

Order #AF1A1A41FEAE
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka site is a user-friendly interface. Very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. I am happy with my shopping and also with the excellent and professional service. However it would be easier if there was an option to filter the search according to price, recommendations or new arrivals or so.

Order #VAUTAAD6432B
Customer Review / Survery: I did many times shopping with kapruka.That was amazing services.specaily rush orders.and the prices are the good rates.Good luck your future.

Order #AL1AFCF800A2
Customer Review / Survery: Iam really happy to do online shopping in kapruka. My family feels iam with them because of kapruka. Thanks a lot

Order #AJ1A1A3C0DCD
Customer Review / Survery: It`s good that we don`t have much time to shop around in this busy life. I would recommend requir more verity of gifts than limited stuff . Shipping time is fantastic. Thanks guys.

Order #VLKR54897CEB
Customer Review / Survery: I think you have to improve the stability of your web site. I have one more comment. For the 1st time I tried your mobile application and it suck. I can`t find my saved addresses in it. So I had to come to web and place the order.

Order #VLKRD5404BF6
Customer Review / Survery: I was satisfied with my experience. But when placing the order and giving the address that it has to be sent to it would be great if you`ll let us know if you`ll can deliver it to the address beforehand without waiting until the last moment to inform other than that everything else was good.

Order #AF0A1A310D63
Customer Review / Survery: Would eb great if can magnify into the product and there is no size comparision to see how big the product is.Sometimes the product on delivery looks small.

Order #AP0AF9D9FF6F
Customer Review / Survery: This time it was very satisfying, I had some adjustments made to my order after placing it and didn?t expect to get a respond that soon saying the adjustment has been taken care of... very impressed by the quick response.

Order #AM0A1A3679A7
Customer Review / Survery: The online shopping is easy and efficient. What is not known is what your offices in the US do i.e. do you deliver in the US as well

Order #VEXTAF68091D
Customer Review / Survery: I am dealing with Kapruka more than 4 years. It is absolutely excellent honest service. Customer service is highly appreciated. I don`t have any issue still so far. Thank you!

Order #AE0A1A35EDC6
Customer Review / Survery: Very efficient and reliable. I like when you`ll take and send images of the delivery for us to see the results, if possible of the delivery.

Order #AC1A1A2133B5
Customer Review / Survery: Wow I didn`t expect such a service and would like to suggest something I know its little hard to manage but still try to deliver within the given timing but the services wise superb good luck

Order #AY0A1A295654
Customer Review / Survery: It?s very easy to find what you want and where to find . Speed delivery service and very reliable service. I have been using this service for years and years !

Order #AM0A1A2C905C
Customer Review / Survery: I would like to see more stuff in every category but Other than that you guys are the best. Fast shipping and great service.hope to do more business with you in future.

Order #VLKRDF520574
Customer Review / Survery: I am a regular customer of kapuruka.i started from 2014 May until today. As I know I highly appreciate kapuruka customer service reliable and good quality. Keep it up. I will always with kapuruka.

Order #AY1A1A2E0E1A
Customer Review / Survery: The website is very easy to access and to complete the order. The prices are very reasonable. The delivery lead time is excellent. Well done. Many thanks.

Order #AP1AF93D45E4
Customer Review / Survery: Customer service from the delivery end is always amazing and on time. However, I think the website user experience can be much better. Filter, sort features, look into Amazon or other online platforms

Order #VAUT2FBCF174
Customer Review / Survery: Add more gift vouchers to the list Let us know if there?s adjustments or replaces the gifts Overall good service People the employees or the drivers visiting houses seems really nice to the gift takers. Excellent service on that.

Order #AC1A1A299E95
Customer Review / Survery: More details needed regarding flower arrangements. How many flowers etc. Also a picture of the exact arrangement sent will be helpful.

Order #AY1A1A25B405
Customer Review / Survery: I know kapura have been around for years.but today was the first and not the last time I am using this excellent service.every thing super fast and prompt . #128077 #127998

Order #VAUTD4022F95
Customer Review / Survery: Super fast shipping. Really happy with the service. However, I prefer Kapruka upgrading the usability of their website and bring a more modern theme instead of this very old version. Also it needs to be more mobile friendly.

Order #AJ0A0F4BCD60
Customer Review / Survery: You?re just amazing and giving the shape of my feelings towards loved one through the gifts and cakes.

Order #VLKR7A1306AB
Customer Review / Survery: This is a large great experience in online sales. And I was really happy to deal with you as a customer and I am really satisfied with your service and the team. Keep it up the good work Thank you and best of luck.

Order #VSEP5296480A
Customer Review / Survery: Wish more of the products are delivered to where my mum lives- Boralasgamuwa. Some products are too expensive

Order #VAUTA6E31DE3
Customer Review / Survery: It was excellent experience from the begging. I know it was bit of a challenging address to find but delivery team able to find the place without giving any burden.

Order #VLKR89A67C0C
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience which I had with Kapruka was great. The service was done efficiently. Thanks for the service

Order #AH0A1A0CF455
Customer Review / Survery: Actually kapruka has unique stuff,people who receive your gifts are happy,and specially kapruka cakes are reasonable and tasty.keep it up kapruka..

Order #AF0A1A04AF36
Customer Review / Survery: If you can increase the pool of collection (for example, various types of birthday cards instead of one common bday card for a category (Ex- father)), then customers can have a large pool to select.

Order #VCODC75C682D
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. Try to make the deliver lacation through online. It will be more easier to both. Thank you very much.

Order #AR0AFB93B9C4
Customer Review / Survery: I?m live in abroad and using many apps which could easy the shopping and sending gift, your service is absolutely perfect. I wish you could interduce an app which help us to shop more comfortable. Honestly when I saw the website I didn?t believe you could give a such great job ! Make your website more close to customer.

Order #VLKRFF490723
Customer Review / Survery: Actually I am engaged with Kapruka service few years back. And I am not hesitating to introduce this to any of my friend who`s asking for any kind of gift arrangement. What I can brief is, Kapruka is excellent with their service!! Keep going!! All the best of Luck Kapruka!!

Order #VEXT8ECA519A
Customer Review / Survery: Good communication. Received call a day before. No damage in the delivery products. Good customer service. 1st time order has been made with kapruka. I love it. Thank you

Order #VAUTCC143151
Customer Review / Survery: I was highly thrilled to delight my family with Kapruka shopping.... Thank you so much Kapruka team for your great service.

Order #AH0A0FFD9265
Customer Review / Survery: It?s really great experience and I live in overseas and your team doing really a great job to deliver goods on time without any delays , Thank you

Order #VAUTD9C57F3A
Customer Review / Survery: Had a great customer service, a priceless support and a valuable corporation. Thank you all for everything and they are highly appreciated. I wish to be more successfull and best luck.

Customer Review / Survery: Experience is great Its great if you could allow customers to add their feedback under each product they purchased

Order #VCOD0996C447
Customer Review / Survery: It`s customized, fast, reliable and overall quality from the ordering to receiving process is quite smooth. Further, the level of trust I have in the Kapruka business model is high.

Order #AJ0A1A02F562
Customer Review / Survery: Its easy to choose items.. it you could add more pictures of items it would be more helpful to us..

Order #VLKR616594B3
Customer Review / Survery: This site is perfect to order gifts for your loved ones. The gifts are definitely value for money. It is a bit inconvenient that the delivery slots get booked out on some days and the delivery has to be made the following day. Other than that this site is perfect

Order #AF3A1A08091F
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy for me to choose the correct item. Because of you?ll I was able to send a Birthday cake on time. Thanks to Kapruka for providing this service.

Order #AG1A2AD88ECC
Customer Review / Survery: The call center Calling abroad to confirm order should change to English language. As we sometimes ask our secretary friends to make order who is from different nationality. English would be ideal for international customers.

Customer Review / Survery: You guys have done a great job. I really like how you guys called me up to tell me you can`t get the galadari cake but then went on to help me get a fab cake and arrange for a refund of the difference (waiting on it to appear on my credit card but im sure it will take some time). Kapruka Customer Care Ticket 37693. I really appreciate your proactive approach on this. Your customer service rocks!

Order #VLKR8DF9546B
Customer Review / Survery: Glad to have such an efficient service. Order i placed was delivered at time and i didn`t need to bother a bit to check what`s happenening with it, since your team regularly updated me about the progress via emails and text messages. I`m so impressed

Order #VSEP0B51E895
Customer Review / Survery: excellent service and quality products.... Highly appreciate Delivery service .. No damage very secure .. I`m satisfied about deal #128513 #128519 #128513

Order #AP0AF97120AF
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka team has delivered my gift to the exact location i requested even it was heavily raining. Appreciate your dedication. even though the destination location is not easily reachable, you guys managed to do it. Thanks.

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