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Order #VCAR876F480A
Customer Review / Survery: It`s Happy to get it delivered as promised. If you can extend your food delivery service outside of the Colombo, it is much appreciated.

Order #AM0A0F6320A4
Customer Review / Survery: Good service. Would prefer if there?s an online service center through which people living abroad can communicate with your staff.

Order #VAUTD077CF3A
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for your prompt delivery. Later on maybe you can introduce a device that allows senders to be notified as soon as the delivery has been made.

Order #AA0A1C365ADA
Customer Review / Survery: You guys are doing a great job just a small request to have a delivery in 2-3 hours after placing the order instead of a day before!

Order #VSEPCF64AF06
Customer Review / Survery: I`m experiencing the kapruka service since 2010, 90 service was very precise and excellent. But unfortunately few occasions I gt some miss deliver unacceptable delays on orders, thosec were mostly on busy days.! I wish continue with kapruka.!

Order #VLKR2A1F5E3A
Customer Review / Survery: The person who responded to my phone very carefully listened to my needs and worked very fast on my needs. I highly appreciate it.They also rushed to give me quick service.

Order #VAUT0157B4D4
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, wish you could communicate about special instructions requested by the customer. Whether it`s deliverable or not.

Order #VSEP97916CF0
Customer Review / Survery: I have been a kapruka customer for over 10 years. I have always been impressed at their level of commitment and customer service. Keep up the good work!

Order #VLKRAC7B5645
Customer Review / Survery: Very fast , easy and Hassel free. Selection is pretty good , but appreciate of you could add a little more variety of flowers. Overall , excellent service.

Order #VLKR80469671
Customer Review / Survery: It was good. Product was more than I expected. Really happy with it. The issue was only with time. Delivery was way too late than thought. As the product I ordered was flowers, I appreciate it if it was delivered in the morning. Instead it was delivered after 6pm which is not okay at all. Still the service was overall good and clean.

Customer Review / Survery: We have almost always received a good service from you. The quality of the flowers etc is always of a very good standard.

Order #VLKR5531486A
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has been close to me and been like part of my family as every celebration in my family had started with a delivery from Kapruka, which had brought us closer to each other. Best online gifts service ever, prompt and just perfect #128522 #128522 thank you Kapruka!

Order #AL0AFC2FA8B0
Customer Review / Survery: Quick online process #128076 #127996 #128076 #127996 #128076 #127996 Very easy to understand ... keep it up #128591 #127997 #128591 #127997

Order #VLKR17A23F8A
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experiance was good... and the customer service is so friendly...but i told them to handover the gifts before 11 a.m. and they have delivered at 3 p.m. Overall the service at kapruka is excellent as it delivered at the correct manner.

Order #AY0A0F3E688D
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery is really prepared and managed. But you may adhere to the time frame, specially in occasions like Birthdays.

Customer Review / Survery: Hi Kapruka, Thanking you so much for your service. One thing to comment. That is once we called you to find delivery status I had to stay long time on your hold. Please try to get this rectified. Good luck. Mahendra.

Order #VLKR86ECC41A
Customer Review / Survery: Great service , improved in delivering on time, was pleasantly surprised that the flowers ordered were delivered on time. Delivery person was also patient to wait until my mum got home to deliver the flowers today ? very grateful for that.

Order #VAUTFF240A7F
Customer Review / Survery: I order a pizza with garlic bread and when they delivered it, my parents got only the pizza with out the garlic break, very disappointing.

Order #AI0A7CF7F4DC
Customer Review / Survery: I just want to say big Thank you for your great service and for arranging delivery. ...You`re service has been very efficient and quick delivery times too ...

Order #VSEPFA0C1200
Customer Review / Survery: Goods had been delivered on the same day in two tranches which is not commendable for birthday gift.

Customer Review / Survery: Because of this online service it is very convenient to send a gift to ur loved ones at expected date. Thanks alot.

Customer Review / Survery: If possible provide the visual appearance of the cake after text added in virtually. Make the online ordering platform more graphical user-friendly.

Order #AA0A2A0BFCB3
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka, you the best online business provider, as a customer of you I`m so happy. Good team, good support on time work. Well done best of luck. #128077

Order #VCOD57F81BB4
Customer Review / Survery: It?s the best place to buy gifts to anyone as any product is available and it delivers quickly also the products are high quality with perfect pricing to them.

Order #VLKR5DFA1D38
Customer Review / Survery: Its very easy to find anything whatever i want and its clearly showing all the categories. I recommend for everyone. One touch in one website and we will get many different kinds of items with valuable service. I really satisfied of my delivery. Its very fast. And safe.

Order #AH0A0F358AA0
Customer Review / Survery: Please identify all restaurants and hotels as to whether they serve halal or not. I had to do a separate web search to find out that Amrith Indian Restaurant served halal food for me to place an order.

Order #VLKR13FA9A3E
Customer Review / Survery: Great experience since 2009! I was sending a lot gifts from London Sri Lanka for loved ones earlier and the extended service to send gifts from Sri Lanka to Australia is priceless! One stop solutions to keep our loved ones close

Customer Review / Survery: 1. If you can provide the time clusters to chose for delivery that would be great. ex - 9.00am - 12.00pm Mid night delivery 2. Better if you can add delivery chargers clusters visible rather than giving at the final. Other than that good shopping experience

Order #VLKR1FC78B60
Customer Review / Survery: Even though my delivery was delayed (due to recipient not being at home) when i called, the customer service agent spoke very well and ensured that the item will be delivered.

Order #VLKRD77A36BB
Customer Review / Survery: It was a good selection and delivery service was good. There should be a back option of your checkout, delivery details and final confirmation tabs, so if user finds some information is incorrect, can go back and correct before the final confirmation without entering all the forms from the beginning. Also a way of tracking(Contacting directly) the delivery person when an item is dispatched is also will be more user friendly.

Order #VPAY0BAC9200
Customer Review / Survery: I`m really satisfied about your services. My order has been delivered to batticoala in very good condition specially without any damage to the cake. Credit must go the person who took it there and delivering it with extreme care. Well done.

Order #AC1A0F157238
Customer Review / Survery: Client service is rapid, and have had good experience with them both in us and sl. Also happy with the delivery services. Will continue yo use Kapruka.

Order #AE1A0F264D80
Customer Review / Survery: It was always a pleasure to select you guys from 7 8years back to now and forever to send gifts to my loved ones

Customer Review / Survery: Very reliable and prompt service. Never had bad experience. You could negotiate with your suppliers and bring down the prices will get you more customers

Order #VAUT48C436DB
Customer Review / Survery: This is my second time of on-line order with Kapruka, and it is really fantastic service, on-time delivery with good handling. Fast, efficient and reliable service. Can guarantee the good service experience.

Order #VAUTAA7A7E62
Customer Review / Survery: Indeed, one must say ones shopping experiences coincides with your customer services are improving slowly. You have managed to deliver my orders in Colombo suburbs on agreed time. The others were in the history.

Order #VLKR2EDD6667
Customer Review / Survery: you are the best shopping site in sri lanka. this is my first order and I am so happy about your service. I would like to get your service in future.

Order #VEXTB462EB31
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has very good service and very fast delivery service. I plan to continue using this site to send items to my family and friends

Order #VEXT3F097A27
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping with kapruka is one of the easiest things compared to other options available in the same industry. In addition to that the given product criterias and variations are more than enough to match my needs. Even though sometimes i didnt have a clear picure of what i need, it was very helpful to decide after going through your product line. In addition to that i have to insist that customer service assistance was very kind and helpful to reach their customer and fullfill their need by adjusting The demand as much as they can.

Order #AH0A0F15D9E8
Customer Review / Survery: I highly admire of your on time delivery, perfection , quality and the taste of the cake as well. Every time I and my family were fulfilled with our expectations. Thank you

Order #VAUT897D4B3D
Customer Review / Survery: I have used kapruka several times in the last few years and they have never disappointed me. Wonderful service

Order #VLKR568C5564
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is a great place to shop also always we have the confidence that the service will do their best

Order #VSEPCA2E7C62
Customer Review / Survery: Good service for kapruka in sri lanka and good customer service for kappruka. thanks for yours good service.

Order #AM0A0EFF92BE
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, so impressive... this was my first order and it was a special one cs I requested a specific time cs the recipient came to SL TODAY around 3, pm so as my request they delivered it after 3.00 pm which was really really appreciated.thank you so much.... highly recommended...

Order #VLKR04353E59
Customer Review / Survery: Very excellent service. I have used this Kapruka service 3 times. Actually this not only me, my family members also using this service.. Good customer care service... All the very best...

Order #AF0A0F1B0DFC
Customer Review / Survery: I would suggest if you can take a photo of the gift ( actual gift before you deliver ) and send it to sender then it will be a good service. because sender wants to know how the gift has delivered and how it looks like. as per my knowledge no one is doing that in sri lanka. just think and start then many people will like this and also people will use KAPRUKA more than before.

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