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Order #VLKR463BDB82
Customer Review / Survery: I had a very happy , satisfied service from Kapruka. The Birthday gifts i sent were delivered on time they were just as they were described. Thank you

Order #VLKRF720CC7E
Customer Review / Survery: Best service. Product quality Delivery and tracking are also very good. Thank you very much for your support.

Order #VLKR280E0A5B
Customer Review / Survery: Only your website agreed to make a customised cake within a few days and even deliver to Beruwala during this pandemic. Appreciate a lot

Order #VCODE8299F86
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service. Order was on time Thank you soo much kapruka team you guys are the best. Delivery person was very caring and very pleasant. Thank you again. You guys are the best in srilanka. And my order was a cake at it was as usual super delicious. Thanks alot for your service. Heading to order more cakes and other stuff from kapruka. And also that is very good that you have the option go send orders for cash on delivery not like other pages kapruka has that option too which is very incredible thank you once again??

Order #VLKRCE84D458
Customer Review / Survery: It was really a perfect experiance, thank you very much for helping me to surprise my mother even at this pandemic period, thank you soo much, and i am really looking forward to shop with ull again.superb??

Order #VCOM587CD607
Customer Review / Survery: “The dessert was hopeless!” This Buriyani luncheon from Mango Tree was my gift to my relative on his Birthday. Regret the Carrot Halwa was like “pol kudu”!

Order #AC0A3B6F30E4
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is an awesome online service. You have a very nice staff and the services are perfect. ?? . We are happy to keep you as a customer

Order #VEXT4AD4D285
Customer Review / Survery: It was great there was many quantity and categories in the website. Also the delivery was great. It was clean and user friendly. Website need to have a filter where user can filter or sort options. Such as prices of products from most expensive to less

Order #VLKRA1F371D5
Customer Review / Survery: It will great when the order deliver in the day customer ask your call centre person dont have much knowledge about the time period wich has taken to delivered an order. I have called three persons to know when they can deliver my order get difference answer from each . Service is good because we all are in a pandemic situation. I think they did their best for me.

Customer Review / Survery: very smooth. delivered on the day as I mentioned in the form. I ordered a cake, so there was no external damage on cake exterior while delivering it to the destination. Two thumbs up to the Kapruka Team.

Order #VLKRC0509198
Customer Review / Survery: Reliable website to send cakes and flowers to loved ones especially when you are working far away from them but you are still able to make their day special.

Order #VBAK4922EKD4
Customer Review / Survery: I am a new customer . Its my first order . Thank you very much for the great service you have done. During this dufficult situation . The recipient of the gift felt happy for the gift . That credit gies to you . I appreciate your service very much . Hope to keep in touch . Thank you again for breaking my all doughts of sending gift to my friend .

Order #VLKRC75F6A12
Customer Review / Survery: thank you for prompt delivery. Just a short note to tell you that my order arrived safely and also to thank you for all your help, It really is much appreciated. I`d have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. Look forward to working with you in the future, thanks again.

Order #VLKRD536A8DC
Customer Review / Survery: The choice of products were pretty much ample. I personally found the customized greeting card plug-in to be not very user friendly at the outset of designing. Hence, would appreciate if you could improve on that.

Order #VAUTAE84B658
Customer Review / Survery: The customer service was so good and even delivered in a regional area earliest during this pandemic

Order #VSEY6008F748
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered for first time , the experience was very good , the customer query feedback was immediate and helpful

Order #VLKR94127D34
Customer Review / Survery: It`s the best place to shop...its my second time I purchased in kapruka and I`m very much satisfied with it...

Order #VAUT507EE5B0
Customer Review / Survery: The cake was amazing. But I think need to improve the delivery timing. The destination of my ordered cake was Nikawaratiya, Hulugalla. It was around 6pm when it get delivered as well they called like they could not find place when they were in Wariyapola which around 20km far. So I think needed to improve timing and communication on delivery. Other than all good for me. Good luck guys.

Order #VSEP4B9B8227
Customer Review / Survery: Hi yea this is my very first time online shopping with kapruka and im really happy and glad about your service i got for my moms birthday food and gifts delivery great service and on-time thank you so much again and keep forwarding to do many in future thank you so much.!

Customer Review / Survery: The reason why I chose Kapruka for gift delivery is because Kapruka provides an excellent shopping experience being an extravagant shopping window, to a multiple range of products and services. It was hassle free and convenient.

Order #VLKR8275F808
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka called to inform they didn`t have the agreed flower colour. However they kindly accommodated our request to mix and match two other colours. The recipient was happy with the product.

Order #VCOD232K68E2
Customer Review / Survery: superb experience which I got!! This was my first time of shopping with Kapruka and it was very simple and easy for me. Superb customer service and product is 100 the thing what I have expected. Im so delighted to invite my friends too to shop with kapruka. Thanks alot again for ur best service.

Order #VLKR8CAC0210
Customer Review / Survery: Perfect and on time delivery, delicious cakes, fresh goods, many more varieties to select and excellent service with friendly staff. Satisfied with all the facilities and recommended for the all.

Order #VLKRA4B5FA67
Customer Review / Survery: If you recall your history of the customers I was one of the old members of your customer chain, started some where in 2006 when I was in Japan. Your service is highly appreciated, specially considering the present situation in the country with the movement restrictions due to Covid pandemic. I suggest that your web site needs to be bit improved with some user friendly options like- 1. shopping item list to be appeared with saving options so that the customer knows what he already ordered or added to the cart (see Keels website) 2. If the item list can be saved for future reference, it save the time for the next order (eg. Card creation shopping cart items)

Order #AJ0A3B6E1AEA
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping in Kapruka is pretty straightforward and easy. The customer service replies fast and that`s really good in giving confident. Delivery was as per schedule.

Order #VLKRAA159A31
Customer Review / Survery: The cake was extremely tasty and fresh. It looks beautiful as well. It is worth the price. Loved it so much. The gardening gift pack is a bit expensive and not worth the price.

Customer Review / Survery: Had a good communication with us from the time of placing the order up to delivery. Friendly approach and timely delivery of full order is very much appreciated.

Order #VLKR5A76F513
Customer Review / Survery: It was my first time ordered something with kapruka. I have something to point out. I ordered a birthday cake for one of my closest friend.his birthday was on 17th hence i placed the order three or two days back .i want cake to be deliver to his office.we all know most ofthe sri lankan offices are closed by 4.30 max 5 pm.but on 17th i was waiting untill evening thinking item might have received.unfortunately it did not.my friend finished his duty by 4.30 and went home.so i made two calls to kapruka to get a confirmation that item atleast ddelivering 17th itself .finally after 5 pm they managed to deliver the cake to my friend at his home.not very disapointed.but appriciate if would have been deliver to his office during office time.i cleary mentioned item is delivering to an office.. The guy answer my calls are very police and very helpful.but im not making a big fuzz abt that cuz its understandable slight delays due to current situation in the country.and the climate condition in kandy area.

Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. quick service. we are using this service from 2010. when we were in England, we used this service to send gifts to our family and friends. My sister in law uses sending cakes to us more regularly since the service is excellent. we used this in this Covid season.

Order #VAUTEE0D4F27
Customer Review / Survery: I would say Kapruka is always being my gift partner since I started live in Australia.Really appriciate you guys genuin effort to make someones day a better one.cheers

Order #VSEY81DE0846
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent shopping and service! As customers from many years we are very satisfied for the service, the large selection and on time delivery. We could do a great suprise to my mother today because the cake came just in time. Thank you!

Customer Review / Survery: Keyword search is fast and product appearance is good, compare to other sites. Please promote Kapuruka cake compare to Breadtalk and other cake its best and cheap.

Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for you all the stuff arrived at my house on time without problem, but thanks with hearts, we always hope well.

Order #VCOMBDE94D83
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for you it arrived I arrived well fine at home without problem or very good stuff. Thanks anyway with heart.

Order #VLKR5224D91C
Customer Review / Survery: it is a good experience, website has variety item, that is much appreciate. products also much satisfied. people services also on time perfect.

Order #VAUTBE6145F5
Customer Review / Survery: It’s been great opportunity to send gifts for our loved once’s through this platform and it is very convenient.

Order #VLKR6490F4D1
Customer Review / Survery: I wanted to send the cake for my Dads birthday and due to the pandemic I was unable to visit him personally. After the order was placed I wanted to change the delivery and Kapruka team responded to it fast. Good service and keep up the good work.

Order #VLKR12CE0C71
Customer Review / Survery: Hi ! I am glad that it got delivered on time ! I am happy about your service even with this situation in the country! Coz last time it didn’t deliver on time ! Anyway thanks

Order #VCODBE2882EC
Customer Review / Survery: It was great and the gift arrived sooner than I ever expected and they even told me they would arrive at about 5 but it came 2 hours prior it was totally a happy shopping with kapruka. Thank you kapruka ????

Order #VAMX42C3C25A
Customer Review / Survery: Happy with the service provided by Kapruka. Especially with this COVID-19 period, it is much helpful to share our greetings among others. Thank you Kapruka.

Order #AY0A3B642242
Customer Review / Survery: I’m so glad that there is an online shopping platform like Kapurka in sri-lanka. I can easily send gifts to my sister who is studying in sri-lanka while in another country.

Order #VLKR56402FFA
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service. I had some questions about the item, which were answered satisfactorily. Delivery was fast and on time. Item is even better than described.

Order #VLKR621D1D9C
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka giving a unique service to the customer Fast service. Good products. But the diliverys content should not marked on the parsal.

Order #VLKR519B32D0
Customer Review / Survery: It’s excellent.i have send more than 5 gifts through Kapruka... Honestly thy r doing in perfectly.I sent some jewelry. Thy have sent in the moment.. I’m really appreciated kapruka’

Order #VLKR656B0AA9
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered homemade cupcakes as a gift and within less than 24 hours it was delivered. It was with good quality and my friend was happy. Thank you Kapruka for awesome service during the current situation in Sri Lanka.

Order #VSEY377DFCD4
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery has been quick and efficient,Always prompt and friendly service. it`s easy to order and fast delivery and we love to shopping with Kapruka. Never any problems with deliveries or orders.

Order #VLKRBB0C151B
Customer Review / Survery: Great platform to shop electronics in Sri Lanka. They not only stock the latest models but also sells at a price better than other options available. 24Hour delivery is also a great plus.

Order #VLKR3127D6FA
Customer Review / Survery: Delighted with the Kapruka Service! The cake was very yummy. And it looked so beautiful! Everyone loved it. I would recommend this cake and the service for anyone! It`s really worth the price!

Order #VLKRB6F76FB7
Customer Review / Survery: I had a good experience and even though I have used Kapruka for many gift deliveries before this was the first time I ordered for a gift delivery to Kandy. And I`m very satisfied with the service and all 4 items were delivered together on time.

Order #VLKR884FC33C
Customer Review / Survery: it was easy and quick. I have been patronizing with Kapruka for years now and every time Kapruka handled with care and efficiency.

Order #VSEYC127BB13
Customer Review / Survery: As my daughter lives so far away, you make it possible for us to spoil her with the fantastic items you have to offer. Many thanks

Order #VEXTB97B9292
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve been shopping for years with Kapruka it wasn’t ever a bad one other than a delightful experience.

Order #VLKR57EF9638
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent customer service provided when I was contacted the call center. Thank you and keep it up.

Order #VCOD4B9EF3A8
Customer Review / Survery: More than a service kapruka like a family to us. Most valuable service you guys providing even this curfew Situvation I got my order on time all are happy in my family special thanks to kapruka

Order #VSEY0B397A42
Customer Review / Survery: After placing order the service team contacted me with the out of stock item. Faster service is appreciated.

Order #VLKRC261E923
Customer Review / Survery: I used to send my birthday greeting through Kapruka for 3 years And I never had any issues regarding gift quality or time.Thank you Kapruka

Order #AF0A3B492AEE
Customer Review / Survery: This was my first and wouldn`t be my last. Pretty straightforward, hassle free and delivery was spot on. I do recommend this ?? site . Many choices on line for your daily needs. THANK YOU TEAM KAPRUKA. Great??job. Stay safe ??

Customer Review / Survery: Have always received excellent service by the Kapruka team. Very professional and efficient handling of orders I have placed as they go above and beyond to keep me informed of the status of my order.

Order #VSEYC1D7C59F
Customer Review / Survery: I think the kapruka service is very good. Very convenient for sending souvenirs to us in foreign countries

Order #VAUT6AA6D4A5
Customer Review / Survery: Usually on time and dependable. In many years of use, one order was not delivered. Things look better now.

Order #VLKR1DF55252
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery was not done based on the instructions given at the time of the order Several calls were made to the hotline and no solution was given. Very poor service experience with kapruka after over 10 years with you.

Order #VLKR18E98794
Customer Review / Survery: I`m really happy the order got delivered at the right time even when there is an ongoing pandemic situation in the country.

Order #VAUT4C85830F
Customer Review / Survery: Online shopping is easy with your website. And appreciate the efforts when you try to deliver on time during these trying times.

Order #VEXT7C5D2299
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve ordered 6 cakes in the last two months and have had only exceptional service with Kapruka. There was one incident where they were unable to find the address but they made sure to call me in Canada to obtain an alternative phone number, to ensure the delivery could be made on time. With my most recent order, I forgot to add the icing greeting and the customer care rep was kind enough to fix it for me very quickly. Also, all cakes tasted great! I was told each and every cake was fabulous in design and of great quality taste.

Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Delivering in the morning specially on a birthday is very good. Because its a blessing to get flowers or surprise gift at the start of a day rather than evening when half of the day is gone. Kapruka does it at its best and im very happy with the service. Also the cake was superb!

Order #VLKR1298C22A
Customer Review / Survery: I appreciated your service on time and this is my 1st experience with you so Im so satisfied and I`ll hope do more shopping with kapruka .Thanks Kapruka team.

Customer Review / Survery: Very good experience. Lots of products of great variety at a good fair price. Also all products are of high quality and trustworthy brands.

Order #VLKR70A78E61
Customer Review / Survery: I feel it`s great. I`m really pleased with the services and my friend was really surprised too. Thank you kapruka, well appreciated.

Order #AY1A3B491404
Customer Review / Survery: I am extremely happy about the quality of the products and efficiency of the service. Specially the areas where I’ve commented before ( example - to get a wider variety of greeting cards) and it was done ... I believe that the kapruka team takes our commitments seriously and tries their best to get the best service for the customer. I also admire the delivery options specially with the ongoing pandemic- and kapruka’s upfront approach in giving realistic delivery dates and time .. really appreciate it ??

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