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Order #AH0A0E30A74F
Customer Review / Survery: It was amazing. My last order i was add just one day before my mother in lows birthday and your meam is on time

Order #VAUTA5F7D51A
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered gifts many times with kapruka and it?s a great service to people who are staying in overseas so they can send gifts easily and reliably.

Order #AM1A0E2CFB29
Customer Review / Survery: Its all ways deliver the gift on nominated dates . It is a trusted service we use for sending money and gifts to our parents and friends in Sri Lanka.

Order #VSEP00EFB0E3
Customer Review / Survery: I noticed that when shopping with Kapruka, I could easily order items and know that they will be safely handled. The people I send items to from Kapruka, have said that the cakes are very tasty and the flowers are beautiful and much more!

Order #VLKR9F575EC9
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for doing Excellent service especially when we live abroad. It would be great to have an option to change the currency. When converting currency, for example, USD to LKR we get different amount than it shows on the website. As I understood correctly, when we use the site within Sri Lanka, we can see a slightly cheaper price than we access the same website in the USA.

Order #VAUT66E4057B
Customer Review / Survery: I have been a customer of Kapruka for many years now and to this day today Kapruka service has been nothing but the best! So happy with the shopping experience. Even the recipients and my family members to whom I have sent gifts have commended Kapruka for its top quality products and timely and professional services.

Order #AI1A7BB01BDE
Customer Review / Survery: what we selected so far received in good condition at all the times. you have delivered them at requested time. I trust your excellent service.

Order #VCOD06449B5E
Customer Review / Survery: I love shopping at kapruka. The customer care agents of kapruka are very friendly. We can adjust anything as we needed with them. The quality of the products are at a very high level.

Order #AA0A1EB998A5
Customer Review / Survery: As a regular customer I am higly satisfied with the relaible and efficient service provided by Kapruka.

Order #VEXTF8D64C02
Customer Review / Survery: It was a very good experience. Hassle free. And also very quick response. Also, in my order, i wanted to deliver the cake on specified time period as it was for a birthday and a surprise. However, that facility was found not available as deliveries are done two time per day.

Order #AJ0A0E21FA97
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, delivery was on time and this was the first time I experienced on time delivery on sri lanka.Thanks

Order #VCOD7B0B91A1
Customer Review / Survery: I really appreciate Kapruka?s service. I had placed an order for cash on delivery and realized that the delivery would be made anytime between 8 to 5 on that day. I needed the item delivered by 11-30am and was told that the delivery would have to go through VIP service, which was only for card payments. but Kapruka somehow made a way to ensure my item was delivered on time for my moms surprise birthday party! It made her day -) thank you so much!

Order #VLKRCC100543
Customer Review / Survery: Punctual service. I`ve no doubt when shopping with kapruka, because Im sure that it will turn out well especially when surprising loved ones.

Order #VLKR25E84990
Customer Review / Survery: great job done by team Kapruka Tried for the first time and highly impressed with service . I know it is all online but better if some one calls and confirm the delivery of products.

Order #VLKRFC887C23
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience was great also very convenient unlike other websites. Honestly why i prefer Kapruka for my future gifts sending is it was very quick and easy for me. Previous website has asked so many questions and at the purchase point it hugely disappointed me from asking OTP passwords of a bank account which is for my Srilankan telephone number and it is not possible for someone in another country to access( since these gifts are always tend to be surprise gifts we cannot ask Srilankan members to give the OTP to us either). But Kapruka has considered that factor and am so satisfied with that. also the receiver mentioned me that the product was in a very high quality and its totally worth the price. thank you .

Order #AF0A0E22D131
Customer Review / Survery: Good customer service and also happy about the variety of things available to do shopping and also about the delivery service

Order #VLKR43E53E91
Customer Review / Survery: If its better to be given more informations about some of the products and clear images of the gift.

Order #AM0A0E108DDD
Customer Review / Survery: Great experience, I am purchasing from Kapruka for years now. So far I never been disappointed. Thank you for the great service.

Order #VEXTC551D51B
Customer Review / Survery: Your service brought my relationship more dearly and strong between me and my relatives and my friends. Even though im residing far from my mother country ur service helps me to keep the bonds tight with amazing surprises. Thank you Kapruka. Keep going n growing better and steady. Wish u all the very best!!

Order #VLKR212A0AF0
Customer Review / Survery: Great customer service. As always the orders are delivered on time and they are quality. Will shop in the future too.

Order #AJ0A0E1D4435
Customer Review / Survery: The wide variety of services you provide with the ease of ordering and quick delivery is exceptional! I can put my trust on quality and quick service when it comes to Kapruka! Well done.

Customer Review / Survery: I have complements for kapruka. That was a pretty simple to operate service on their web. And really nice to do business with. Thank you kapruka. Cheers!!

Order #AJ0A0E1616E9
Customer Review / Survery: The website is great and easy to navigate. One comment, however- it is not very easy to reset passwords because the password reset `tab` is not where you sign in, like in the case of most websites. Perhaps include `Forgot Password Forgot Username` just below the sign in fields. Thanks.

Order #VCAR11BD7A3F
Customer Review / Survery: I haveonly done a very few transactions with kapruka.. but each and every time.. I received the best service one could expect from a company of this sort. Thanks kapruka.... Your great service helped me making my loved ones really happy. You always take one step further to make uour service truly wonderful

Order #VLKR4B06FA2C
Customer Review / Survery: First time using Kapruka but we have received a lot of gifts through kapruka before so tried it out simple website, easy to choose ,products well classified and best thing service provided on mentioned time. Great shopping experience keep it up -D.

Order #VLKRCDA008B1
Customer Review / Survery: Sometimes i was afraid when parcels got late to be delivered but it somehow did on the day kapruka promised...! Thats a great job and shows how punctual kapruka is! Cheers

Order #AG0A1EB1AA42
Customer Review / Survery: The wonderfully service in the world .. i proud to be a kapruka customer.. Your service are very good service.. I love your job.

Order #VCODE37AC47F
Customer Review / Survery: Please develop a system so that we can sent you a proper location from google maps or any other app so that you can deliver the items with more efficient.

Order #VCODCC076664
Customer Review / Survery: The item was not as expected. Some flowers were a bit rotten. It can be seen in the order photograph as well.

Order #VLKR6D844D85
Customer Review / Survery: It would be great if y`all could collaborate with more startup businesses and sell their products on Paprika

Order #VAUTF856C90E
Customer Review / Survery: Simply loved the tinkerbell cake and the fairy dolls. Perfectly matched with the image on the website. Couldn?t be more happier

Order #VLKR32B176AC
Customer Review / Survery: Your service was good But I sent a surprise gift for my friend. If they call and asked where is the place then they know I sent something to him. If you give any other easy way to search those places to your delivery riders. Aroundly it`s good.

Order #AY1A0E10CDC1
Customer Review / Survery: The best in SL - prompt service and does a good job with packing and handling. Only area to improve, please use fresh flowers, in one arrangement the flowers died the next day. But the arrangement was beautiful. So still happy about it. (Previous order)

Order #AH0A0E110ADF
Customer Review / Survery: I think the kapruka website could be better and let us know which ones are available at the time of order rather than letting us know later that the ordered flowers or cake isn?t available, which can be disappointing.

Order #AJ0A0E0A99AC
Customer Review / Survery: I wish if you had more choices for a birthday gifts. For ex. healthy food choices which does not promote obesity. Low sugar low carb foods. etc.

Order #VSEPFD173712
Customer Review / Survery: Have been a Kapruka member since I think 2007. All orders including this have been executed perfectly and on time. I have never been disappointed and so thank you. The only complaint I have is that for the past 2 years I have been trying to get my email address, home address and telephone number updated but have been unable to. I wish, like other sites, I could make changes myself. I have to rely on you guys to do this but am giving up on ever getting my information updated. Every 3 months I write with this request but to no avail I am disappointed. Hope someone will help me update my information - a simple request.

Order #AE3A0E12EAC6
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka provide amazing services in every kind for expatriates live in overseas . I use their services for loved ones birthdays gifts , sending cakes. Their most important service I appreciate is sending flowers for friends and relatives funerals.

Order #AF1A0DFB781C
Customer Review / Survery: It would be great if we could see an allriximste date of delivery so that we can anticipate the delivery of item. For example when i place an order, I am not sure if it will be delivered the next day or the day after

Order #AE0A0E04C1AF
Customer Review / Survery: I am a long time customer of yours and I appreciate your service because you deliver any rural area through out in Srilanka. Delivery charge is moderate. Thank you.

Customer Review / Survery: I am very pleased with the prompt personal delivery to my sister in Jaffna. I appreciate this very much. Kapruka.com is the most trusted service in Colombo to send gifts and or money to relatives in Sri Lanka. and Kapruka is my automatic choice and pleased to recommend to all expatriate Sri Lankans !

Order #AC0A0DEC011F
Customer Review / Survery: It is a pleasure to shop with Kapruka.com So, far I have visited Kapruka.com website and bought gifts for my family in Sri Lanka, Every time, Kapruka.com delivered on time and the goods were in the best possible conditions ! I am happy to recommend Kapruka.com services for all Sri Lankan expatriates living aboard.

Order #AY0A0E0FA62E
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service for people who stays overseas to send gifts to their loved once. You guys have always delivered when asked too. Top job guys keep it up #128077 #127998

Order #AJ0A0DFC1F01
Customer Review / Survery: Very good service ...nice arrangement as mention by me and accurate delivery dates and timing . Great work Kapruka

Order #AY1A0E00AC04
Customer Review / Survery: Have been using Kapruka services for 13 years now and they have never disappointed us!! I have many memories with Kapruka when I sent fruit baskets to my late grand father sent lunch to my late grand Mother cakes for family when I received 100 roses from my fiancÚ and many more!

Order #AK0A5D7EF314
Customer Review / Survery: First of all Thanks you so much for Delivering the parcel Correct date and Early in the Morning. It was so Surprisable and on time Delivery. It was so easy to purchase Gifts from Kapruka and the best thing was what ever our thoughts can be written and send it to specific person. Over all it was an easy and good experience. Once again Thanks to Kapruka and I will keep on purchasing in my future #10084 #65039

Order #VLKR4D7989A3
Customer Review / Survery: It?s wonderful service from kapruka. I shopping with many online services bt never seen like kapruka to shopping very easily n comfortably

Customer Review / Survery: I ordered red velvet cake from GMC for a birthday.. the recipient got the cake on time and was in good quality.

Order #VLKR1531056E
Customer Review / Survery: It?s a great experience my package was delivered expected time timeline to the delivery location. Small suggestion if customer can select a delivery time that He or she expected deliver that will be great

Order #VLKRC1346783
Customer Review / Survery: Fist time I had bad experiences because it was not delivered on time.. then I had doubt to use kapruka.. but after that I had heard paprika services is now good . Then I decided to use this again.. yes .today they received package with out any delay with good condition.. thanks for the servise.. but rambutan bucket is more expensive.. Please think about that.. thanks

Order #AH0A0DDFD139
Customer Review / Survery: Based on my exeperience,Kapruka always gives us the satisfaction when its comes to quality and delivery..Thank you Kapruka for making it possible to surprised are loved ones #127881 #10084 #65039

Order #AJ0A0DE511D0
Customer Review / Survery: It was awesome with precious orders. Great customer service and delivery. And calling before the delivery makes convenient.

Order #VCAR2FDB9320
Customer Review / Survery: you guys are really doing a great job. i ordered a cake and a rose for my boyfriend`s birthday. everything went fine as i hoped. he loved the cake and said it was delicious. he is not a big cake fan. so, if he says something like that to a cake, then that comment is really genuine. thank u soooo much for the lovely and tasty cake and the beautiful rose. the customer service too was really good. they answer the phone calls and give us the right directions. here`s a small suggestion from me. i tried to pay from my card. but i couldn`t proceed as my name is not printed in the card. i had to go to the food city and pay. i could do it cz i was free enough to go and pay. but sometimes, you know we may not have time to go and pay. so, it would be great if you can allow the cards without the name print too. i have seen some services in sri lanka like that. so, if that is possible i think it is better to do it. thanks again kapruka team. this was my first time with u. i will be ordering more and more in the future... best of luck!

Order #VLKRB928AC4C
Customer Review / Survery: Even though I ordered a cake in the morning, Kapruka team was able to deliver it to me in the evening. I really appreciate that effort and also the customer support when I called them to ask about my order, they were so pleasant. Hoping to order more from you. Keep it up and thank you so much for your great care and support.

Order #AP3AF7658986
Customer Review / Survery: Wonderfull, my first experience from Kapruka. I feel much more compatable having your global service. Thanks for your team.

Order #AN1A0DFCE4C3
Customer Review / Survery: Web-site is great,but Pizza Hut, should give the sizes for small or large pizzas.(whether 8`,10` or 12`)I called the party concerned, they said pizzas were good came for dinner time.Thank you for the delivery.

Order #AM0A0DFEE42B
Customer Review / Survery: First of all THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHHHH FOR MAKING MY BABY HAPPY actually the delivery was so fast honestly I didn`t expected this... I am soooo happy because he was surprised by those gifts I have sent... Thanks to Kapruka we can send gift to our relations without any problems... I am so happy about this service that you are doing... Again thanks a loooooottt...

Order #AG0A1E97948B
Customer Review / Survery: Very easy and convenient experience. Really helpful for last minute gifts! Thank you for your service!

Order #AH1A0DFB85A6
Customer Review / Survery: I am happy on the quality of cake. However, small suggestion to make. It will be better to give a call before departing to deliver to ensure the person is available at the delivery address. Or on your ordering list to have a field on delivery time option along with the address.

Order #VAUT20425D5E
Customer Review / Survery: Amazing servuce. This is my first experience using Kapruka. I ordered a gift for my mother`s birthday. She was so happy with the present and the service. Thanks Kapruka -)

Order #VCOD6CF1A533
Customer Review / Survery: I recieved the ordered product quite efficiently. Best customer service recieved yet. Definitely recommend for the online shoppers.

Customer Review / Survery: Thank You Kapruka, My surprise Gift Delivered on time. And Recipient Say `That Cake Is Awesome`. I like your Service. Thank you Again..!

Customer Review / Survery: Actually Kapruka team has provide excellent service and much appreciate it. wish you all the best and keep it up. #128077 #127995 #128519

Order #AQ3AF8FD94C4
Customer Review / Survery: If been with u guys for sometime and hsve really enjouyed your services.but it was disappointing to see an empty card being delivered along with the gift (specially when you`ll have asked what`s to be written on card) I`m mostly DISSAPOINTED because it was sent for a kid...

Order #VSEPE1D99E17
Customer Review / Survery: Very good customer service. On time delivery. If you consider the quality of the food items would be much appreciated.

Order #VSEPC340E3BF
Customer Review / Survery: So far I experienced dedicated service and I feel wishing successes in the future ,Well organised team work and should maintain the quality of gift items as always to hold the trust of valued customer.

Order #AI0A7B68F82C
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka regularly since it first started and I don`t know what I`d do without it. Service is very good and they are flexible. Thank you.

Order #AE0A0DCFE419
Customer Review / Survery: The order was delivered on time and we had no difficulty with the order. We were told that the cake was very nice, and also the flowers sent were very beautiful. Thank you very much for delivering the orders on time and making my parents happy on the day of their anniversary. We will promote your company to as many friends as we can. Thank you very much, we are very happy with your service.

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