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Order #AF0A0D5F4A00
Customer Review / Survery: It?s is wonderful. So friendly. If we have app it would help assess effectiveness and determine best onscreen practice.

Order #AH1A0D4F9392
Customer Review / Survery: This is the 2nd time I ordered a gift within a month and just as the first time I?m highly satisfied with your service. Hoping to continue shopping with you more often.

Order #AC0A0D2EEEE7
Customer Review / Survery: I m satisfied about your services , i several time delivered gift items through kapruka. I`m requesting you please try to deliver gift to recipient requested time(if requested) .

Order #AM0A0D5A2F5A
Customer Review / Survery: It was great to shop online after a busy day. It gives me peace of mind to know that the delivery will be done on time.

Order #VLKR10CA1060
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the easiest and the fastest way to get gifts delivered. Since I live abroad I appreciate your service much since it makes things very easier for me to celebrate my lived once birthdays n all.. keep up the good work. Good luck

Order #VLKR5B261788
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered more times birthday cakes from Kapruka. You always do your service level best. Thank you very much #128522

Order #VLKRB0782709
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy as I had any options to choose from and I was able select the ones which suited my budget as well.

Order #VCODDC045DE3
Customer Review / Survery: That was great. But i would suggest you to put in the box our order insteed of getting just the product.but i satisfied with the product and service.

Order #AH1A0D4E75B6
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping experience is very well satisfied. Last minute I made some changes and they kindly accepted and cooperated really well. There are more varieties of products. I would most likely recommend to others. Good job. Special thanks for the changes.

Order #AH1A0D5A2931
Customer Review / Survery: I have been sending gifts through kapruka for more than eight years and all my experiences have been great and have been delivered on the same day without any problems. Thank you really appreciate the great support specially when parents get sick these small gifts make them happy and they feel we are near them.

Order #AJ0A0D315D6A
Customer Review / Survery: As always kapruka is very trustworthy n dependable. I wanted to send some cash along with the gift, but the option u had was the cash separate n not together . Hence I had to look for another mode for that matter. Why couldn`t I send the cash n gift in one package , to the same address on same date as one delivery Just wondering . It would have been more satisfying

Order #AF0A0D56029E
Customer Review / Survery: I was frequent users , Last time I used Kapruka , 5 years ago was really disappointed with the service due to the fact ,delivering some low Grade quality food from a unrecognized Resturant than in the Kapruka website on my Fathers Bday, the whole occasion was in Choas. So I?m. Not sure about Kapruka Food delivery system specailly the Transportation .( food was deliverd through a high street TUK TUK Driver )

Order #VLKR0B5912AA
Customer Review / Survery: It has a been a great experience. It?s so easy and has a wide variety of products from yummy goodies to branded gifts.

Order #VCODB7278F07
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first online shopping experience with KAPRUKA.COM.your service was great.I hope to do more shopping with KAPRUKA. #128536 #128515

Order #VLKR2CE6E612
Customer Review / Survery: It was such a short period from the time of ordering to the time of delivery. However Kapruka has always being in the excellent side in terms of products and service. Keep the standards at its best.

Order #VLKR567A32FF
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered so many times with kapruka for my loved ones in Sri Lanka as well as USA. Kapruka has always been able keep up its good work and never let me down. Their trustworthiness and the quick service let me choose kapruka over and over again.

Order #VLKR7846AD67
Customer Review / Survery: I love your emails confirming the order and then confirming delivery. This is a great service! It`s my 2nd time to use you and you are excellent! Thanks

Order #AH0A0D4E94A9
Customer Review / Survery: One of the previous transactions was delayed. It expected to be delivered on 06.06.2018 has still not been delivered due to non-availability of the item (though the same has been communicated with alternatives offered). Kapruka should ensure that correct data are shared in the website to avoid such delays related to procurements and distributions.

Order #AF1A0D4EA801
Customer Review / Survery: Website was featured with a good range of products, and the expected functionality was perfect. Sending the last item was a quick decision and wasn`t sure whether same day delivery would happen, but Kapruka was able to make it a success. Thanks

Order #VLKR1F3235F8
Customer Review / Survery: I believe there should be more gift Flower options in rs.1,000 - rs.2,0000 range whuch will attract more mid segment clients.

Order #VLKR5C6593BB
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. They deliver my gift on time. There weren`t any delay or quality issues. Thank You so much KAPRUKA

Order #AP1AF5FC77A8
Customer Review / Survery: It was an awesome experience. I was able to make my mom the happiest mom on her 75th birthday just because of Kapruka. She was so happy and proud to receive Kapruka birthday cake with my special wishes and `AMMA` mug and her favorite fruits to her hands on that special day. Thank you Kapruka.

Order #VAUT5053B4EB
Customer Review / Survery: It?s great that you are dedicated trying your best to provide good customer service, but would like you to deliver the gifts before late evening. It?s good to expand delivery system when you grow.

Order #VEXT03FA3079
Customer Review / Survery: You service is great. I didn?t expect that kind of service. Giving me a notification on every status change of my order is highly appreciated. And you guys had sent me a snapshop of my order before delivering that?s an awsome idea. I?m more than satisfied with the service.

Order #VLKRCC114874
Customer Review / Survery: Pretty simple and straightforward... none other platform provides such quick and guaranteed service.. Value for money...

Order #VEXT462C0D57
Customer Review / Survery: I am a customer of Kapruka for more than 5 years. It?s a great experience. I ordered ?Kapruka? cake and few stuffs from your website. So happy about Kapruka delivery without any delay. Products was really GOOD.

Order #VLKR606FDF39
Customer Review / Survery: I tried Kapruka for the first time. Truly satisfied with the user experience and the service. It was faster and punctual than I expected! Kudos!

Order #AC0A0D31DEA1
Customer Review / Survery: Compared to the limited number of customer base, it is obvious Kapruka has to price high to make it break-even or to have profits. Service wise I`m more than happy to see excellent flow of service arrangements. But price wise, I`d say still the price is still in little high side. But of course Kapruka is the leader in the market to ask higher price.

Order #AQ1AF77CFE1C
Customer Review / Survery: They will deliver it by the day. Bt that is not suprise because they already call to reciver day before.

Order #AJ0A0D39D82C
Customer Review / Survery: They delivered on time without any problems. Sometimes the website doesn`t have some functionalities shown. As an example, there is an option to input a name to be engraved on a pen in Sinhalese. Apparently, it seems to be broken and it shows some gibberish.

Order #VPAY34B87953
Customer Review / Survery: Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt handling of my recent order. Fantastic service. I was more than impressed with the way processed my order. I thank you so all that crew also know about the excellent service that you guys provide. Again, thanks for the quick delivery. Thanks guys Kind regards Viranga

Order #VAUT2D8565BD
Customer Review / Survery: I am a customer of Kapruka for many years and am happy to say it provides a excellent service by delivering gifts on time. But am sorry to say sometimes when we select gifts to kids ,we have only few choices to select and some of them are sold out. I think nowadays there is big competition in online shopping sites and some of them have lot of selections. But still nobody do same day delivery.It is great you do sameday delivery. I would be appreciate if you could add lot of varieties , then we can have better shopping experience with Kapruka.

Order #AC0A0D3F8875
Customer Review / Survery: This experience is awesome and your service makes the distance small among our loving people and us.your service making lovely moments more beautiful.thank you so much.nice work.

Order #VLKR407CC0AD
Customer Review / Survery: Very good. Using Kapruka for a long time. There have been hiccups but the customer recovery was fantastic

Order #VLKRC0B08A16
Customer Review / Survery: Quickly delivered without Saying any other reasons , like when we order things with other similar service providers, they come up with so many reasons to delay the delivery. You guys done it so quickly.

Order #AE0A0D32ABE1
Customer Review / Survery: Fabulous service. I got the address wrong on this order and panicked but got a prompt response to my email asking to change, and the order was delivered correctly. Thank you! I hope to stay a loyal customer always!

Order #AM0A0D32CCA7
Customer Review / Survery: Loved how convenient and reliable your service is, especially the option to call the recipient beforehand. The only thing I would suggest is having a sort by price option on the pages.

Order #VCOD9E42BC8D
Customer Review / Survery: It`s a great experience. Its very easy way to shopping and it`s give wonderful surprise for recipients. I wish you to successful your business.

Order #AN0A0D3EC65D
Customer Review / Survery: It was good. To have an option to specify a time to deliver (roughly), would improve the service, I think.

Order #AE0A0D2F7A19
Customer Review / Survery: The service is good. However, it would be great if there was a larger variety of soft toys - ex dolphins, penguins etc.

Order #VAUT3BEB6411
Customer Review / Survery: it feels me so comfortable to shop with kapruka and excellent service done by kapruka is highly appreciated. As we are far away from our loved ones in Sri Lanka we will be shop frequently with kapruka. Thank you kapruka for sending our love to our dear ones..

Order #VLKR0E93B586
Customer Review / Survery: Such a wonderful service provided.Within 24 hours you guys deliver my order more than 100kms distance.one of the Best sales item provider in Sri Lanka no doubt about.Highly recommended for everyone.

Order #AM1A0D368785
Customer Review / Survery: I have always received a brilliant service from Kapruka. There have been no delays or any issues with orders. Like the way we kept informed every step of the way until order is delivered. Keep up the good work!

Customer Review / Survery: Most of the time I used to order `Kapruka` cakes from your website and every time I ordered or I recieved from my loved ones, the cake seemed to be perfect and tasty. Yesterday was my husband`s birthday and he really loved the cake I ordered for him. I see your pricing to be resonable for the job you do. I would suggestif you could start doing custom made cakes too. eg- If we provide a sample image of a cake, an estimate kind of thing.

Order #AE1A0D2E034F
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka to deliver birthday cakes for my family members in Sri Lanka for the past couple of years and the experience has been quite satisfactory. Cakes were in good quality, delivery process was smooth and the deliveries were on time.

Order #AA0A1D2DA347
Customer Review / Survery: Team thank you so much for the support. Really happy about your service without any delay mess product has been delivered on time. That was great

Order #VLKR2B22E8CD
Customer Review / Survery: It was really awesome having a service like this. When sending a gift to someone we can be confident that the recipient will receive a good quality product in good condition.

Order #VCOD522935C5
Customer Review / Survery: Really appreciate fast delivery within 24 hrs. Product was really good. Excellent. Keep it up. Thanks

Order #VAUT1946DA2B
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is giving good service to the customers. Kapruka has lot of choices to choose and prices also can affordable.

Order #AN0A0D27FA31
Customer Review / Survery: Regret to write like this as this time I was informed by KAPRUKA that my order did not process through AMEX . Same queried form my end but no issues as per them . I Did not get any feed back KAPRUKA for my query . Later I was informed that 02 orders placed by me . Yes , I had to do so another order bocs I was afraid that my first order was not succeeded and no feed back form KAPRUKA. Its highly appreciated that someone from KAPRUKA to be In contact with customers when they face any issues . Thank you and best wishes for a professional service .

Order #VSEPDE8315DA
Customer Review / Survery: it was quite easy, took less time to register order. pics are helpful the staff contacted me, due to some reason, which was appreciatable.

Order #AA0A1D2CC785
Customer Review / Survery: It is very convenient for us who are living overseas and Kapruka staff isn`t hesitant to go an extra mile to make sure they deliver on time and keep the sender informed ( I was once called all the way from Sri Lanka to inform that the delivery is getting delayed due to heavy rains. It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with Kapruka)

Order #VEXT8E056E15
Customer Review / Survery: There was a large variety of products and the customer service was very helpful and excellent, appreciate the hard work of the staff and looking forward on more orders in the future.

Order #AM0A0D29C81E
Customer Review / Survery: Good service i had got from kapruka 3 times out of 4 times i had done shopping in kapruka. Only 1 time without my knowlegde somebody has cancelled my order.but overall good service .

Order #VLKR834E9A08
Customer Review / Survery: really Good customer service and delicious bd cake thanks kapruka i decide join with kapruka every time at future

Order #AM0A0D2B4817

Order #VAUT05C4A97E
Customer Review / Survery: My order has always arrived on the day that I asked for.. and the goods have always arrived in pristine condition. Also I appreciate the messages from Kapruka keeping me informed of the delivery process..

Customer Review / Survery: It would be better if you can include a little more details in gifts, specially cakes such as how it`s made- layerings,type of icing and also pictures of interior cut section of the cake. Some of the cakes carry this information to a certain extent but some come with just a picture with the minimum information but more on the description of the hotel.

Order #AE1A0D25B8F4
Customer Review / Survery: Had a wonderful experience doing shopping at Kapruka. Impeccable service. Safe and always on time deliveries.

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