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Order #AE0A1C929C6F
Customer Review / Survery: Really very amazing shopping and shipping was super . cake taste was omg good communication and thank you so much

Order #AQ3AFE20D208
Customer Review / Survery: It provides excellent services. I used this more than 5 to 6 times per year to send some gifts to my family

Order #VLKRB3640E5B
Customer Review / Survery: Even though I placed the order at the last moment it was delivered on time. As a first time customer i`m very happy with the service.

Order #AY2A1C9C6B78
Customer Review / Survery: Please refer to the email I sent to [email protected], explaining a serious complaint about this order.

Order #VLKR7BD59D5A
Customer Review / Survery: Happy about the range, service and the price. But appreciate if you can introduce a time range for the delivery. ( similar to Woolworths Australia)

Order #VLKR06F83726
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. Above order Delivered in time though the delivery point is far from Colombo. Thanks. Best regards.

Order #VLKRE0F66550
Customer Review / Survery: Please be noted that I got Very good comments for the above order from my recipient. I sent the order to a religious place and the ven. Theros were very happy about the freshness and good quality of the item, curd with treacle

Order #VEXTB1A380E6
Customer Review / Survery: The experience was really good and the delivery was on time and the goods were in its best condition. I would recommend kapruka to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Order #VAUT6495B060
Customer Review / Survery: I often use Kapruka and great service specially when you want to send something to loved ones. Thnaks for your prompt service

Order #AM0A1C7EB7B6
Customer Review / Survery: Limited for main cities. Sometimes we have to change our list depending on the availability of that product in that particular place.

Order #VEXTBC5D581D
Customer Review / Survery: we would like to say very big thank you for all the staff for great service we have received for many years. we believe one of the strengths of the business is that Kapruka base with very dependable staff. They have taken care of all our orders efficiently and effectively with no worries. If there was a grading schedule on your delivery service we would give your company (kapruka) A !!!. Many thanks again for the wonderful service and would like to wish everyone very happy new year.

Order #VAUTA0647064
Customer Review / Survery: I love Kapruka I never feel I miss my family because of Kapruka. The service is so excellent and the prices are reasonable. I am over happy and very pleased with the services. Thanks

Order #VEXT33DAA61B
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is always great. My dad has been sending gifts, lunch, cake, flowers through Kapruka since then. So I followed my fathers steps and started ordering through Kapruka. Excellent service and really accurate.

Order #AE1A1C8AD6C2
Customer Review / Survery: It was good. The web platform is easy to use. However, a more variety for Avurudhu gifts would have been great with a better pricing. Sri Lankans abroad can only pay in USD in the platform than in Sri Lankan rupees.

Order #AY1A1C721FD2
Customer Review / Survery: Website is easy to navigate through and it?s great. Only concern is prices are a little too expensive

Order #AC3A1C6B680A
Customer Review / Survery: Good.but get bit late to update the status of delivery.this should be improved.however my order was delivered succesfully and I am satisfied.

Order #VAUT2346C7A6
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka services for many years. You have always provided services in a timely manner and has been very reliable.

Order #AL0AFFA6FD62
Customer Review / Survery: Very flexible when asked to change the delivery date and a prompt email response was received Great customer service!!!

Order #VEXTE6F20C9C
Customer Review / Survery: Would be great if all the items are shipped at once. kapruka taking the initiative to bring all items ordered together and shipping it. Halal dietary specifications with the food cake items would be greatly appreciated.

Order #VEXT206EBF6F
Customer Review / Survery: Try to sell some low rate electronic items, it`s easy to fine nowadays. People are looking for cheap items these days.

Order #VLKR75A7656A
Customer Review / Survery: Almost good. But recently I ordered a cake to celebrate my Mom`s birthday and it delivered to me around 6.45 pm. I was truly disappointed about it. I called the customer care number twice to check the status. Because I received the dispatched message around 10 am and thus I expected it to be delivered by at least by 4 pm. Appreciate if you could add a field to put the expected delivery time when purchasing at least for Colombo locations.

Order #VAUT91A348C4
Customer Review / Survery: There are many options to select from and it is nice to see some local products as well. Love the flower arrangements

Order #VAUT1C0CB2D6
Customer Review / Survery: Awesome Very simple ordering and delivery on time No unnecessary hastle and no unwanted call made

Order #VAUT1E639DC3
Customer Review / Survery: I have used this site to send gifts to Sri Lanka, since this site started. Never had a problem with delivering any gift on time and to the right place.

Order #VAUT1330BCE7
Customer Review / Survery: On the whole my experience with you has been positive However when I phone to check something the operators cannot understand as well When I write something it seems easier to communicate

Order #AQ0AFE0AE378
Customer Review / Survery: Your service is good, I have previously ordered many times from Gerad Mendis cakes but the cakes have been stale and almost gone bad. So I no longer order GM cakes from you. Maybe you can inform them...

Order #VAUTF7AC8499
Customer Review / Survery: The flowers were exactly what I needed to be sent this time, was worries as the last time they had sent a completely different one.

Order #AA0A2D584D84
Customer Review / Survery: this i did 03rd time for my wife bdy party and small small Surprises i did with kapuruka most i like is on time delivery and packing and variety of cakes

Order #VLKR772AF807
Customer Review / Survery: As agreed delivery has arranged to receiver on time..Quick uapdating serivice was very usefull. Sending a sms to cutomer and delivery confirmed method was excellent.Kapruka is the best surprise gift selling and delivery provider.

Customer Review / Survery: It?s great that some restaurants how many servings per meal, but not all restaurants do, so I have to guess when placing an order. I would like to see meal serves how many description for all restaurants in the future please

Order #VLKRFE553018
Customer Review / Survery: I usually order birthday gifts through kapruka.And I specially love kapruka cakes than others.Also I always reccomand kapruka and kapruka cakes.Thank you for your valuable service

Order #VLKR760D8F2C
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time I ordered in kapruka. The service you provide is appreciable. Happy to be your customer.

Order #VLKR8AEF5772
Customer Review / Survery: Im really really happy with kapruka .no bz of win.good quality and excellent service even customer care when we call.

Customer Review / Survery: Have been using Kapruka for some time now. And delivery had been very pleasing and mostly on time. Thanks for the great service. -)

Order #VCAR23AAA271
Customer Review / Survery: It was soo easy to make the order and do the payment. The gift was delivered on time as expected without any obligations. Right on time on right given address and I?m really happy about my order. This is my first experience with kapruka and will do more here on #128519

Order #VSEP285A0E33
Customer Review / Survery: 1-Service is very good, need improvement in the following - Customer service- should be able to get intouch- Sri Lanka 2- I would like to suggest that the biriyani to be served in a Cooper pot or polished Clay pot with engraved, to be kept as a suvinior 3- if you could include Sugar Beach restaurant Thank you Kind regards Neluka

Order #AY1A1C69475E

Order #VLKR65EE153B
Customer Review / Survery: Actually this was my first order with kapruka.I got to know about you from a friend and actually you guys are really cool. It was really easy to pick one just pay via online. Deliveries were on time and actually perfect service.BUT you guys have less choices to make. I wanted a buy a headset but it wasn`t on the store. I suggest you to put some items more attractive under certain categories.. Make people lost in your store by giving more and more choices. Main problem i see is that. Less choices to make under your catogeries.

Order #VAUTE1105F0B
Customer Review / Survery: As the delivery could not be made a first attempt, your office contacted me to get assistance to identify the address. The guy at Colombo office Nishantha or Shantha (sorry I could not catch his name well) was courteous and provided the best customer service. I am happy to do business with Kapruka again and commend your staff who attended my call in English. Thanks Kapruka and your staff in Colombo.

Order #AQ0AFDE79819
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent arrangement on flowers. Need to improve on cakes as most of the cakes are chocolate and ribbon.

Order #AF0A1C6E53F8
Customer Review / Survery: Even I had few issues with previously with Kapruka, now I?m very happy with the service . Specially the recent ones. And my loved one area the receiving end are really praising delivery team as they are very pleased. Well done Kapruka delivery team. Thanks you all. #10084 #65039

Order #VAUTA293E735
Customer Review / Survery: Pretty good except once, which in the end was a successful delivery. May be have a number that works to contact.

Order #VEXT74733AD9
Customer Review / Survery: You guys are the best, even with last minute orders. You have kept me in touch with my family and friends in the most unique way with wonderful gift ideas. Thank you so much!

Order #AE0A1C6BE939
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. I have never had this experience in Sri Lankan delivery sector. It was amazing. This shows guys how you expand your service through out the Sri Lanka. Well done and keep it up.

Order #VLKRBA404BE8
Customer Review / Survery: I had an awesome experience with you yesterday.We very much appreciate your good service and I would love to deal with you again.Thank you -)

Order #VAUT07166303
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the best website which I would say, I have ordered few gifts before and got some were delivered to me. The quality and the delivery time was always perfect. #128077

Order #VAUT4DBFB284
Customer Review / Survery: If I could know the estimated time for my delivery it would be great. Not the exact time but a 2 hour time frame such as 2-4pm.

Order #AM1A1C659E0A
Customer Review / Survery: I have been purchasing cakes food items for several years now always find Kapruka to be very reliable and trustworthy. The range of products is great the prices affordable. Keep up the fine work. Regards Blair, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Order #AF1A1C6409CC
Customer Review / Survery: I tried kapruka service for the first time. I?m so happy to say that this is one of the best online services I?ve ever had so far. I?m looking forward to order more stuff from kapruka.

Order #AE1A1C658882
Customer Review / Survery: Some result filtration criteria such as budget, customer ratings, availability etc.. will be good. Also a map for pin pointing the delivery location will be good. I had a tough time finding out the nearest city of my delivery location.

Order #VCAR51A9D0EC
Customer Review / Survery: I have been ordering gifts for my friends for so long now. Um disappointed with the last delivery cz he is a moron. Customer care is excellent

Order #VAUTCE1D20D8
Customer Review / Survery: Always a great experience. Great product range and reliable and efficient service. Keep up the good work!

Customer Review / Survery: I`ve been ordering via Kapurka for last 6 years and order an SERVICE DELIVERY HAS BEEN EXCELLENT. PROUD TO SAY ITS SRI LANKAN SERVICE

Customer Review / Survery: It was really easier me to keep in touch with Kapruka, from the point of making the order to the delivery point, as I received several mails, by mentioning the current status of my order. And was able reached to the destination point, without any issue. Thanks for your valuable service.

Order #VAUT3A59E554
Customer Review / Survery: Great service and quick responses from the customer service team. Very happy with the service!! Keep up the great work!

Customer Review / Survery: You people had that extream great customer service and the way you people deal with customers are really appreciable. It was a great pleasure shopping with you all.

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