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Order #VLKRD9D93510
Customer Review / Survery: It was before the date I was expected. I Feel like if you could call and confirm before dispatching would be great. And delivery team needs to be trained on customer call handling in a professional manner.

Customer Review / Survery: was very friendly when i inquire about the delivery. That is really appreciated. You guys have improved TBH

Order #VEXT7566DK4D
Customer Review / Survery: I appreciate your services. It is very convenient to use and very supportive service to send gifts to loved ones in Sri Lanka.

Order #VLKR9D86C68A
Customer Review / Survery: Deliver was successfully and the thing seems like very quality. The Recipient’s reply is happy to me. Thank you! I hope to buy many things from Kapruka??

Order #VAMD664F0315
Customer Review / Survery: I’m from USA and kapruka gave me a great service to deliver some birthday cakes and gifts to my parents. I really appreciate your service because it’s more than money for me. Thank you.

Order #VLKR67799D66
Customer Review / Survery: Great and valuable service ,because I was ordered before 3 days to bday and I was terrified that on date wouldn’t arrived my cake but it’s done perfectly how I expected Also reasonable , when I asked to deliver my Cake from the cake shop that they have informed me delivery charges as rs.1000 but you guys just took rs.200 only Hoping to hanging with you from now and I am spreading my experience with my friends, family and office staffs too Thanks

Customer Review / Survery: Very good costumers service, and excellent delivery service also the good products. Thank you for your great job then I order to your site regularly.

Order #VAUTC09B404A
Customer Review / Survery: Recently I send a birthday cake to my niece. She was so happy with her gift and she said it`s the most beautiful cake that she has ever seen.. nothing can beat that

Order #VSEYD08FB21E
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka.com you are an excellent service provider in Sri Lanka, really we are proud of you been a Sri Lankan company. God bless you all. Excellent service in time. all the best !!!

Customer Review / Survery: Actually the service provided by Kapruka crew was excellent at that moment.Because the receiver didn’t answer the phone and the crew handled it smoothly and made arrangement to deliver my order perfectly.It was more helpful for me and the way crew handled was thoughtful ??

Order #VSEY13FEEA08
Customer Review / Survery: I am a frequent shopper from Kapruka and I love the service. Super quality and on time delivery. Appreciate your service!

Order #AE0A3D3F119E
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has the only option to gift a valued gift to your loved ones. I`d suggest to have more options especially in the jwellary section as the items seemed a bit limited. However, the overall expereince was perfect and aftersales support team is really up to the task.

Order #VSEYA0744819
Customer Review / Survery: Even though I placed the order In the last minute, you have delivered on time for my sister’s birthday celebration. It really cheered her up. Thank you very much for your great service.

Order #VAUT7AF1A6C6
Customer Review / Survery: Some of my orders (cakes) were getting mashed during the delivery. If you more concern about the items during delivery would be great!

Order #VLKR3302CC94
Customer Review / Survery: Better if you can give the option to deliver the gifts within a specific time slot ( morning or evening)

Order #AM2A3BB17635
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka experience was excellent. Only thing we didn`t like of the shopping was that the receiver knowing the price of the food since they got a receipt. I don`t think the receiver should know the price for it or there should be a space that we can tick to say to deliver the receipt to the receiver or Do not deliver the receipt.

Order #VSEY9003D372
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent costomer service, staff is very polite and great communication. Gifts were amazing and delivered on time.very happy with kapruka service. Thank you??

Order #VLKR9E4C0B0F
Customer Review / Survery: This is not my first time I always choose kapruka when I want to send anything to srilanka I love ur service.keep rocking.

Order #VWSA6C28E8EB
Customer Review / Survery: kapruka team didn`t take a call before come to the address. some delivery guy call to us front of gate.

Order #VLKR9021E7C5
Customer Review / Survery: why always sold out your grocery items. that not a one day, I checked few days that item select to my cart. But every time see same massage SOLD OUT. Can you sort that .

Order #VLKR78C7E9B4
Customer Review / Survery: your service is good. But i couldn`t surprise my boyfriend. Because your delivery service has called to him before due date. But your service is excellent.

Order #VLKR464C50CD
Customer Review / Survery: I am happy to get delivered my order on time and highly appreciate the service. If you can print the personal message we are entering in a bold colour, it will be very valuable and easy for the recipient to read. Anyhow, highly appreciate your service and hope to place more orders with you in future.

Customer Review / Survery: I would like to thanks all kapruka crew And specially thanks for That person however delivered my mom`s birthday cake Thank you so much !

Order #VLKRD0923721
Customer Review / Survery: Feel that made right decision by ordering kapruka cakes. It was delicious ?? not only the cake also your service was brilliant.Quick response, helpful and friendly service. Thanks kapruka. Keep it up!!!

Order #VLKR775F5EB0
Customer Review / Survery: To have a filter to see all cakes instwad of tabs and to have an option to view by lowest price from all of them. Also an option to view by weight Kg wise.

Order #AY0A3D4D4360
Customer Review / Survery: Service is good and on time. It would Be better if you could send a cash receipt email with the amount and all after customer making the payment.

Order #VSEY8B9906AE
Customer Review / Survery: Customer support and the service is good, but would be good if you have have bit more flexibility around specific delivery times. Eg- Weddings etc.

Order #AF2A3D5208F3
Customer Review / Survery: Liked the variety of items and their display. Clear item descriptions. Easy transaction and processing.

Order #AF1A3D534F89
Customer Review / Survery: It was a good experience and also easy to do everything at once. It was my first order from Sweden and was surprised how easy and efficient it was to order the items to be delivered in Sri-Lanka.

Order #VEXTE99BD7C2
Customer Review / Survery: Ordering from Kapruka is a breeze. I never get disappointed. I always find what I am looking for. I am very satisfied.

Order #VAUTF2FD2772
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka sending gift to SL is easy. I m a first time user, it was good. I still not checked with the receiver but so think your confirmation is good enough. Thanks

Order #AH0A3CA8A41B
Customer Review / Survery: I always sent gifts by Kapruka .No trouble. Your service is very good. Kapruka is the best way to send gifts from other countries. I do not send gift by any other way.. A lots of thank for kapruka.

Order #AF1A3D4FDFF0
Customer Review / Survery: Your service is fast and good. I have not heard how this delivery went yet but it must have been ok because it was not good. In the past the products delivered have been low grade. Like over ripe fruit etc.

Order #VAMX2C4EF204
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time I have dealt with Kapruka. Really thank you for providing your service as I expected.

Order #VLKR7B0C065F
Customer Review / Survery: Hotline service ekata special thank krnn one, gift collection eka wadi nisa apita kamathi widihata arrange kra gnn puluwn. thank u kapruka. real kapruka can we see.

Customer Review / Survery: It was good. They try to be on time. Haven`t occured any major problems with the deliveries. Good service overall

Order #VSEYB4C2D30E
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka have good e-commerce system. I believe user interface should be more simplified and there is no 2 factor verification for credit cards such when we do online purchase through credit cards we usually received SMS pin number to complete the transaction.

Order #VSEY234AD695
Customer Review / Survery: Always please arrange the delivery to together. One of my Order Delivered VSEPE45B313C not happen and I was trying to surprise the receiver and later receiver itself phone called Kapruka local office and ask for the balance items. this should be improved The last one, order reference number is- VSEY234AD695 – I requested to write and msg to a receiver and not happen, so the receiver call me to ask for what you have sent me this gift so I`m embarrassed.

Order #VLKRD61872AA
Customer Review / Survery: Really happy by my first experience with Kapruka. Several times, I have gone to the end of making payments to purchase things through Kapruka. But never completed my purchasing due to the reason of insecure transactions I went through from other online stores. I value my hard-earned money a lot. Finally, I made a decision to purchase through Kapruka on my mother`s bday. Kapruka made me happy by me making my mom happy. Within a hour I made orders, the member from Kapruka called me and confirmed his receipt of order and ensure timely delivery. It was amazing from the customer point of view. Cake is with full quality taste.I shared my experiences with all my colleagues and they were too impressed. Delivery man also good and re-confirmed the delivery. Thanks Kapruka!!

Order #VLKRF1CC1C65
Customer Review / Survery: Very convenient, especially considering current pandemic situation. Kapruka always delivers on-time, with care. Looking forward to more shopping with Kapruka in future as well.

Customer Review / Survery: THE BEST .. at first i had my doubts about delivery timings and the cake itself . But beautifully delivered in a cool van to my house . Superb . Very very satisfied . Definitely ordering again.

Order #VAUT627F0DD6
Customer Review / Survery: Great team, had a really good experience last month too, one of your team members went out of the way to fulfill our request. Always loved kapruka service.

Order #VSEY4970B663
Customer Review / Survery: They called me to inform that they couldn`t find the cheese that I wanted to include in the parcel promised to deliver it later. They had delivered all the rest of the items on time. Thank you.

Order #VSEY08FB37E4
Customer Review / Survery: I started recently sending gift from Paprika and I feel they provide quality quick service . I ordered fresh fruit basket and quality of fruits are good.I am happy to recommend their service to others.

Order #VLKR1C0D2273
Customer Review / Survery: This is my first order. I got it on time. It was a grate service on time delivery. Excellent customer service . Highly recommend for everyone. Thanks for offering such a service!

Order #VLKR89E7A23A
Customer Review / Survery: This is one of my personal experiences with Kapruka. In Kapruka Website, it was mentioned that the deliveries are free for Colombo and Suburbs for a certain period for Valentines. But when I was placing the order and checking out I was charged with a delivery fee and the delivery was to Kelaniya. I contacted the call center and asked but their response was though it is in the website, they are charging even for Colombo and Suburbs. It is really wrong to publish something like that and once your on your portal to pay, you charge for delivery. It`s simply publishing wrong information. Please take necessary steps to prevent such situation in future so that would be a plus point for the business.

Order #VLKR0D81527E
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent customer support service and delivery service. My order was delivered absolutely on time. Really appreciate the service.

Order #VLKR9B9A7E5E
Customer Review / Survery: It was of amazing quality. Recipient loved the fresh flowers. Really appreciate the service would recommend to anyone

Order #VSEP3D78610E
Customer Review / Survery: It was a grate service on time delivery. Excellent customer service . fresh very good quality grocery also Fresh and testy cakes. Easy to access.

Order #AH1A3CA1598C
Customer Review / Survery: The delivery person kept all the items in the ground floor and refused to bring it up to the first floor and deliver at the door stop. The delivery this time was a pleasant experience.

Customer Review / Survery: This is my first time placed an order with Kapruka . Excellent Service. A lot of gifts items for every age group. Very impressed. Many thanks to kapruka.

Order #AE2A3D35C46D
Customer Review / Survery: Easy ordering, delivery messages and delivery on time. Keep the good work. I ordering from US for my family in SL and it was convenient.

Order #VLKR5140B40E
Customer Review / Survery: If u can deliver whwhatever the items within a day, that after customer requested. If it is so thats good

Order #AH0A3CB8C219
Customer Review / Survery: in the cooked food menu it would be appreciated if you could mention the names of the curries as some are allergic to certain food ordinary lunch packet prizes are excessively high as its only for one person. It would be a good idea to atleast include a desert if you need to keep it at those prizes

Order #VSEYF8EB9268
Customer Review / Survery: Was helpful when I called to check the order status. Might be good if we can track the gps of the delivery vehicle so we do not have to call each time.

Order #VLKR88E93381
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. Delivered to the exact location on the given date. Thanks a lot for offering such a service.

Order #VLKR33B60C41
Customer Review / Survery: I had great shopping experience.. This was first time that I used online shopping. It was easy to choose what i likes and pay for my oder. And also you have delivered my oder on time..

Order #VLKRF4F55055
Customer Review / Survery: I’ve been shopping with kapruka for a very long time and it’s very convenient with lots of options to to one’s liking.

Order #VEXT2B2CD349
Customer Review / Survery: I`m living in Italy and as I came to know about kapruka I started to buy gift to all my family and friends living in srilanka this was the best way to stay near them in any occasio thank you kapruka for your service

Order #VSEP60421C3D
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent works guys ?? Keep it up your service Good luck ?? be safe and healthy God bless you all teams and employees ????????????????????????????

Order #VLKR30A640C6
Customer Review / Survery: Items are delivered on time. Its really appreciated. Comparatively fair delivery cost. Good interconnection with sender and also with receiver.

Order #VSEY24E42572
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery and customer service are excellent. The employees hired for delivery service are well disciplined and that’s something to be appreciated.

Order #VLKR3B67BF69
Customer Review / Survery: I have purchasing from kapruka from year 2010 far i remember . Times some delays. Not delivery at morning. Otherwise good service . I have recommended to my friends also

Order #VLKR6473D2BC
Customer Review / Survery: It was my first time ordering from Kapruka and I was completely satisfied with the service given. The package got delivered in good Condition and on time. Absolutely satisfied with the great service. Support service is also great

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