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Order #VSEPB666059D
Customer Review / Survery: It was easy to order using your online service. The product received was of good quality. However, delivery must be smooth. Location searching sometimes takes more time to deliver.

Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service.. Although we are far away from Sri Lanka your service helps us to keep in contact with our loved ones. Thank you for that..

Order #VLKR09EE66E9
Customer Review / Survery: It was a very speedy service even i placed the order on the same day. so thanks so much for the great work. Im a member since 2011 ,so far i had a great experience through Kapruka. Appreciate the great service.

Order #VAUTD7E48AC0
Customer Review / Survery: 14 july 2020 I have been using kapruka for very many years from different parts of the world ...i have been ordering.....kapruka has won every single time....excellent service .....super...*****

Order #AJ0A2E977549
Customer Review / Survery: Everything went very smoothly, placed the order, it was delivered straight away, and the flowers i had sent were pristine, obviously very freshly cut

Order #VCOD3K7EDE43
Customer Review / Survery: This is my very first order through site, and I am totally and completely satisfied! The cake was delicious...Thankyou Kapruka..will do more shopping with you

Customer Review / Survery: I actually got what I ordered faster than I thought. I have never seen an online service like this. Thanks for the humble service kapruka

Order #VAUTF18564E4
Customer Review / Survery: kapruka is one of the best delivery service in Sri Lanka, I love the webpage and never get delay on their service.

Order #AE0A2EA0CB9F
Customer Review / Survery: Very convenient ! I am so happy about choosing kapruka for sending gifts to my loved ones in Srilanka.

Order #AF0A2E9AE5D6
Customer Review / Survery: I am satisfied with my most recent orders with Kapruka. Appreciate for contacting me and showing the importance when they wanted to clarify and give some information.

Order #VAUT5B96A5A3
Customer Review / Survery: Further to my previous complaint about the order to Weligama , I am still waiting to hearing from you.

Order #AN0A2E9779B1
Customer Review / Survery: I found what I was looking for except that there were many items sold out and not filled. That is disappointing on a purchaser`s point of view. I appreciate your services where the ordered items was delivered as requested. Thank you.

Order #AE0A2E9762AC
Customer Review / Survery: Great service, never had any problems. Always provides quality products and on-time delivery. Highly recommended.

Order #VAUT11707D1E
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service on all previous occasions but with last week delivery of wreath to my brother`s funeral at Padukka I would like to inform that the delivery person didn`t deliver it to thier home. The driver had called my relatives to come and pick it up from a place convenient to him. Also they havd forgotten to attache my message on the wreath and they didn`t know who sent it.

Order #VAUT54190D61
Customer Review / Survery: Hats off to the delivery team for their efficient work! And thanks Kapruka for sending my order as I made it a day before with a reasonable delivery charge.

Order #VAUT8615EE98
Customer Review / Survery: I was very disappointed with your service. I have placed an order on 3rd July to deliver on 4th July to Weligama, Gihan phoned me and said your driver was there and cannot find the place due to contact numbers were not in operation. I asked him to tell the driver to ask anybody from there name and he will be able to deliver the item...That was a LIE...the driver wasn`t there at all. After that conversation I have placed an another order to Andugoda, SURPRISINGLY both orders were delivered on the same day 5th July. What you have done was while you were talking to me you have got the other order and only one mile apart in distance, hip hip hooray.... we can save the money so why not deliver tomorrow. That`s wonderful customer service..... lying to the customer and saving money. isn`t it Oh by the way I haven`t received the delivery e-mails and the survey forms to fill either for both orders, it tells a lot isn`t it Well!!!! that`s nice to be treated after 3 decades of doing business with you. Cc Derena TV, Sisira, Sunday Times

Order #AE0A2E2F7B26
Customer Review / Survery: thank you kapruka for your lovely service , i really appreciate that Actually i was worried about delivery process but end of the day my wife and kids more like how your delivery service thanks again .

Order #AN1A2E65B5EB
Customer Review / Survery: Great service as always! Thanks. Couldn`t understand the need for new delivery charge within Colombo! - It would be good to have an option to choose the currency we want to pay. (Pls keep my name anonymous if publishing the feedback)

Order #AE0A2E7AC8B1
Customer Review / Survery: We didn`t have any difficulties of choosing a gift with the site. And delivery was done on time. So we will go a head with KAPRUKA.SO

Order #AH1A2E90C0DC
Customer Review / Survery: Awesome , What a great customer service you provide even though having tough time with the pandemic situation. Appreciate and highly rated and recommended .

Order #AH0A2E67C2E5
Customer Review / Survery: Great Service . I would be more glad if you can guarantee of the time periods like 8am - 12pm 12pm - 4pm 4pm - 9pm . Anyway good work . And thank you -)

Order #AH0A2E9646C8
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service - very open communication throughout the order to delivery process. I was very confident in the product itself, and that the delivery would be made on time.

Order #VEXTF823A3EF
Customer Review / Survery: It’s quite easy and many options to choose. As well, much appreciate your service, as we could reached our loved once special events, though we are thousands miles away.

Customer Review / Survery: This is the most high quality online shopping delivery in my heart.because kapruka shopping gives very speed service.

Order #VLKR7B506912
Customer Review / Survery: Was very DISAPOINTED with the delivery as the ROSE was faded and the leaves all dried up. Please do not send such that are NOT fresh as the recipient was very Disappointed. I have been using Your services for along Time and do not expect such a service from You. Please check with yore operational staff as to how this happened and would appreciate your feedback .

Order #VCARC3KF84F5
Customer Review / Survery: I send cake to my friend as gift, she got that in correct time and she said cake also delicious..Quick delivery.able to get all details of delivery,able to get answer for our doubt..good service..willing to shop more.

Order #VLKR082C1D24
Customer Review / Survery: The service was magnificent . I did a surprise for my best friend through kapruka, where she got damn surprised and she loved the quality of the kapruka gift. It was a magically experience for me. Thanks alot??

Customer Review / Survery: I just want to thank you for the great job you did on my sister`s birthday cake. The cake tasted absolutely amazing as well. My Sister was so happy with her cake. Thank you again for helping us make her day so special.

Order #VLKR3D378ED2
Customer Review / Survery: I was very happy with the quality of service from Kapruka. I had missed out on a filling a section in my order in putting a wording for the cake. However when I called them customer service they were more than happy to help me and didnt charge me extra for this service.

Order #VLKR26993309
Customer Review / Survery: This was the first I order through Kapruka and I must say that I`m very happy and satisfied with the very prompt service. The flowers were fresh and it looked just the way it was shown in the picture. Kudos to the Kapruka team for not trying to deceive their customers. The UX dynamics of the website is good as browsing for products and making online purchases are hassle free and not time consuming. User friendly website very quick service.

Order #AF0A2E8440A0
Customer Review / Survery: We appreciate your kind and genuine customer service which we can claim as a great happiness to each other...Thank you Kapruka for this amazing service ?

Order #VCODBF4532B5
Customer Review / Survery: My experience of shopping at Kapruka was amazing. My order was on time and nicely packed with no defects. Very good service

Order #AF0A2E8166A7
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks a lot for sending the gift to my daughter’s birthday today, even I ordered it right today morning. Very helpful service. Wish KAPRUKA All the best.

Order #VLKR48AA82D0
Customer Review / Survery: Price was in yen and no where to change . and when i add it to cart only i saw the real price. this deceives the customer. delivery guy try to offer candy to my gf. and freak her out. highly unprofessional.

Order #AF0A2E4E659E
Customer Review / Survery: Have been a customer of Kapruka for several years now and Kapruka never failed to deliver quality products on time.

Order #VLKR83DA24B4
Customer Review / Survery: It was good but it would be better if we can filter the items based on price low to high, new items first and etc.

Order #AJ0A2E157EE4
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you for the great service.. my twin siblings were so happy.... I really appreciate your hard work even though this is a online service...

Order #VBAKC4889C64
Customer Review / Survery: The flowers were so fresh and in quality! Loved the arrangement, and the perfect delivery service ! It made our day ! Thank you so much ! So satisfied with the service!

Order #VSEP2D455226
Customer Review / Survery: This is an organisation that you can depend on for reliability, prompt service and a fantastic service especially for those living overseas and wanting to send gifts to their loved ones in Sri Lanka. I always use Kapruka to send fits and presents to relatives and loved one in Sri Lanka. Very valuable service.

Order #VSEP2D45490E
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is a very reliable organisation with a wide range of products available to choose from. Their service is very reliable and it great to have a service like Kapruka especially for those living overseas and need to send gifts and groceries to their loved one in Sri Lanka. Thank you Kapruka.

Customer Review / Survery: It would be great if there were delivery options for hilton cakes to negombo. Please include more 1.5 cake options at least as a customized option.

Order #VLKR510857B2
Customer Review / Survery: I’m really happy to say that one of the best service providers. Highly recommend. I’ve commented on your page as well. ??

Order #VSEP5732CC3B
Customer Review / Survery: Thanks for being so accommodative with my requests appreciate your delivery looking forward to make more orders in the future

Order #AC0A2E5186A7
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has a great deal of stuff which is quite helpful specially for people abroad to celebrate special moments with their loved ones in Sri Lanka

Order #AE0A2E48B58A
Customer Review / Survery: Dear Your kapruka company service and Delivery Team very Good And Very fast. Its very Good Service. And all staf very honest and very kindly. Thank you Very much. Nimali.

Order #VLKR3CC03C28
Customer Review / Survery: I placed the order yesterday and it was delivered today by 2.00 p.m.Very quick delivery.The gift was nicely packed.I`m so glad that I used Kapruka delivery service.

Order #AJ0A2E0D1633
Customer Review / Survery: I have been orders this cart from dubai I got a information my family has been received the order and fully protected and surprised Thanks for the kapruka team for this wonderful products and deliver

Order #AN0A2E4BF653
Customer Review / Survery: Im living in UK. Whenever I need to send gift or essential item for my family and friends Srilanka I`m doing online shopping with kapruka. I had good experience with kapruka. Specifically Corona period very difficult to work anyone but that difficult time also kapruka did good job and everything on-time delivered fully satisfied. Thanks kapruka...

Order #AG0A4A10C187
Customer Review / Survery: Several times I send the stuffs to sri lanka with your company . I am so happy about your service . Well done. Keep it up. Thank you

Order #AC1A2E368D68
Customer Review / Survery: Actually this a great idea service. Who lives abroad misses their family special occasions in Sri Lanka Helps a lot. Kapruka Connects each others. Good Service -)

Order #AJ0A2E3E8C89
Customer Review / Survery: A great service but you should consider on the prices,because prices are not reasonable I suggested please mention prices from sri lanka Rs,otherwise you will be lost many customers everyday. Thank you

Customer Review / Survery: This is the 1st time I ordered from Kapruka,and they did their job really good.. Im so happy about the order and the excellent service of Kapruka.

Order #AF0A2E3E96BF
Customer Review / Survery: There could be some improvements to the website but generally the experience of dealing with you was indeed a pleasant one. The staff were very helpful and keen to help. The recipients of the food say that the food was sensational and on time. I shall definitely recommend Kapruka to as many people as possible.I shall of course use you again without doubt. Keep up the good work.

Customer Review / Survery: Both orders were delivered with great standard and I received amazing from my family who said they tasted amazing and so fresh. Team Kapruka was very cooperative when it came to updating me about the status of each step of the order which I really appreciate. It was a wonderful experience shopping with Kapruka as there`s a large variety of items to select from.

Order #VLKRC0318C2A
Customer Review / Survery: Hassle free superb service. After ordering I didn`t have to worry about same and it has got delivered too

Order #VBAK4246DBBC
Customer Review / Survery: Icing on the cake is little bit melted when delivering. Apart from that everything is satisfactory. Good job...

Order #VEXT8CB97FA8
Customer Review / Survery: Very friendly customer service. They even called me to clear some delivery issue. My sis was happy and she loved the cake it was so good. Thankyou so much.

Order #VLKRE656F7CB
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time i have tried kapruka services and I’m pleased with the quality shopping experience that i had with Kapruka. Looking forward do more shopping. Thank you kapruka for the quick service.

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