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Order #AF0A2CD023A5
Customer Review / Survery: Great service always. This time was a bit delay due to covid but happy it was delivered. Some products were not delivered yet. Hope they can deliver all the products.

Order #VAUT87832937
Customer Review / Survery: More planning and more organising need.for ex- if order to times for same place,you can deliver same time.

Order #VLKR61D5323A
Customer Review / Survery: The delay was expected due to the country situation. But at least I received all the goods at a time where I was running out of options.

Order #VLKR03969E7C
Customer Review / Survery: The product quality is excellent but it took some time to delivery my product to home. But in this difficult curfew time I would like to Thank you for sending my requests. If you can reduce the prices of the essential items public can get some relief during this difficult time. Thank You --)

Order #VLKR65425513
Customer Review / Survery: Your service is great. I received goods very much earlier than expected. thank you The negative point I see is there are only very limited number of items (especially in grocery items )

Order #VAUTAE1A3011
Customer Review / Survery: It took 7days to deliver my order. I choose you guys despite all the media saga happening in SL to support you. Coz I have dealt with your company from over 10 years. But you took 7 days to deliver my order which not acceptable.

Customer Review / Survery: Recognizing challenges I stayed patiently and even when the first two orders were cancelled as I believed in the goodwill, capability and integrity of the owners

Customer Review / Survery: It`s a good service you guys provide, but would appreciate if when we select items and place the order that those items actually come cuz specially during this time it`s hard to find replacements, but I understand that sometimes it can go out of stock

Order #AE3A2CCFD926
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service deliver in timely manner. Appreciate your service in this pandemic period to help my mother get groceries at her Dehiwala hone

Order #VLKR928BD5BE
Customer Review / Survery: Although the delivery of my order took quite sometime, the Kapruka team managed to get it through despite the current situation faced by the country.

Order #VLKR8F1F2D18
Customer Review / Survery: I am happy with the delivery time and also I could connect once on the phone to your employees. However there were some items missing. Some of them were cut off in the receipt. There were 6 dishwashing liquids that were not cut off yet, were not there in the package. I trust that I will be charged only for the items actually delivered. Thank you

Order #AY3A2CBFC9B8
Customer Review / Survery: Good service. When others only focused on Colombo District, you delivered to Panadura also. Thank you!

Order #VLKR9E020689
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you for delivering the items during this hard time. Suggest to reduce the price of some items and give us them for reasonable price.

Order #VLKR0EE893E9
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience on the site was really easy and friendly. Product descriptions are displayed well with all other necessary information and advice. Each step during the purchasing process is designed so well, and the availability of multiple payment methods to choose from is a huge convenience. And I highly appreciate your delivery right to my doorstep even in a difficult time like this.

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has helped me a lot to connect with my loved once even when I’m out of the country many times thank u

Order #VLKR09981B9F
Customer Review / Survery: Good but this those day delivery problems there no. If you can change your organisation like Sri Lankan culture

Order #VLKRADD302A6
Customer Review / Survery: Easy and flexible. Most importantly a `lifesaver` during these challenging times (covid19 situation)

Order #VLKR6FE3CD76
Customer Review / Survery: Appreciate it very much he service provided during thr curfew period when all the other services are not available.

Order #VLKRD9E6B37C
Customer Review / Survery: I order Wallet and it was out of stock. But they called and WhatsApp me To tell what they can do and they gave me different Color wallet. By the way customer service really good. So polite talking. Appreciate

Order #VAUTA8E62D56
Customer Review / Survery: I`m extremely satisfied with kapruka service. I`m using kapruka since couple of years to send gifts specially cakes and flowers and all the time it was perfectly delivered. Recently I ordered diary product and received ontime as expected.. Thanks..

Order #VLKRD7E8A75E
Customer Review / Survery: really good experience, i use kapruka for cake delivery since two years and it never fails to job get done.

Order #VAUTB6B4938C
Customer Review / Survery: They gave me a good service. If I want to send gifts and goods through Sri Lanka, Kapruka is the only way I depend on. Thanks

Order #VLKRA4D8313A
Customer Review / Survery: I can`t even express how excited I was when your delivery arrived. Such well made, quality mug I`ve received.I`m happy I have chosen kapruka because of the kind service they offer and well-prepared , quality deliveries. You deliver whatever we order to the door without any hesitation. Thank you kapruka ??

Order #VLKRB1571785
Customer Review / Survery: It`s pleasure toshop with kapruka. But you had to improve the customer order on time. Like if customer need the order at 8am if you able to provide that its good

Order #VEXT779K3256
Customer Review / Survery: It was great. Delivery was made on time and I am quite satisfied. However, charging 350 - per delivery seems little too much. Other than that good service..!

Customer Review / Survery: Hi. I ordered groceries to be delivered to Colombo. The delivery was done but with some items yet to be delivered. I was informed of the delayed item and the product which was not in stock. I would suggest the following recommendations if you can specially in the crisis moments. 1) Ask customer replacement products if you do not have the item in stock 2) Try and implement a 6 hour or 12 hour deliver service 3) Expand your pharmaceutical products on your site 4) Expand you grocery products on your site

Order #AJ0A2C94E72A
Customer Review / Survery: Both my parents passed away last year in SL. Father in July and mom in October. I was in SL for both the sad occasions. Our family members and friends living overseas used your company to send flowers to our house in SL. When talking to them later on, I found out how efficient and professional your company`s delivery service is. Not to mention the good quality of the products. Thats what made me to use your company this time. Please keep up the good work.

Order #VLKR0CA3C107
Customer Review / Survery: It’s super cool experience to shop at kapruka. I was able to find gifts which I wanted quickly and easily.

Order #AE3A2C92DA63
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service by the team which takes orders to delivery team. Especially when taking care of late orders that have to be dispersed the following day.

Order #AM0A2C8EC1A3
Customer Review / Survery: Everything is good, just need delivery to stretch to more areas for hotel cakes and food too without just being Colombo only

Order #VLKR9E3DD61C
Customer Review / Survery: I used kapruka regularly to send gifts to my friends, this time also my friend is so happy. Thank u for the valuable responsible service and keep my secrecy..????

Order #VAUT544FA86D
Customer Review / Survery: Chanak was great in assisting me with the form. There was a girl I spoke but she the cut the line. The order form was bit confusing as I was sending flowers for a funeral at a parlour. So u sure why the form wanted the home address. The form should also have the deceased name especially if been delivered to a parlour. On the plus side it was delivered on time the flowers look great . I must say it was a great job so thank you.

Order #VLKR8DA15F96
Customer Review / Survery: this was an extra ordinary service. i requested for 100 yellow Roses how ever one day prior they inform me that they dont have yellow roses and they suggested red roses instead. I had a special request to deliver this at 12.00 AM and the delivery person came at 11.30 and wait these for 30 minutes until 12 and call my friend and deliver it sharp at 12.00 AM. Everything is well coordinated and i m extremely happy with their profession and friendly service

Order #VLKR5750152C
Customer Review / Survery: Ordered 2 cakes I am so happy about service level maintain international level standard Sign up is not essential to order items, no errors popped up and simpler interface understand a vast collection of cakes has enough pictures and details easy check out and quick IPG The order status updates also very accurate and delivered as instructed on time Try to increase icing greeting word limit

Order #VLKRA138A5EF
Customer Review / Survery: I get the updates of my order from the dispatch to the delivery that is very convenient to me. Great job kapruka

Order #VAUTF713521D
Customer Review / Survery: Happy that y’all called the recipient to find out a suitable delivery time. I did not however receive a reply from Awanthi about Loon Tao menus being out of stock.

Order #VCOD486B03B1
Customer Review / Survery: You provides us good service.it means other e-buisnessmen are don`t give pay cash and at ordermen`s home

Order #VLKR7A42353A
Customer Review / Survery: Oh my god ... what a great service kapruka is doing ! wonderful, very neat cake they sent ...unbelievable... best customer services via email... delivery on time ....200 superb ... I recommend kapruka ... Hope to keep bond with next time .. love you kapruka..

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has always been GREAT! I have full confidence that a good service will be done by Kapruka. Thank you Kapruka!

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