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Order #VAUT1241F8E3
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping with Kapruka was really easy and comfortable. But I would like to see more things in the same item category.

Order #VLKRCB4DC469
Customer Review / Survery: `I really appreciated being notified when the item was picked up and when it was delivered. I am out of colombo and needed to get something in the area sent to someone in the area, and this was a great solution. You were suggested to me by WASTHI Anushka.`

Order #VLKR85A071B1
Customer Review / Survery: Actually It`s easy to order and I got the delivery email when it reached. when But this time It took few days(2 days) to get delivery email due to overseas delivery. Better If you can improve that.

Order #AF0A1D946E8B
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great service by Kapruka.I am customer since last five years and i know that kapruka will deliver on time without to follow up.i ordered a cake to mothers birthday and due to work load i did not followed and it was delivered on time and i got a call from mother.much appreciated thanks

Order #VLKRFD726282
Customer Review / Survery: Call center staff a was very helpful and delivered tge information in nicer manner with a shorter time

Order #VLKRD83CC287
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered the vegetable basket. The date option allowed me to choose the same day after entering the post code and I placed my order without a problem. Then you customer care called and said that they can only deliver it the next day since it takes time to prepare. Maybe you can insert this while we feed information with the order. The delivery has also disregarded the timing instructions I?ve given

Order #VAUTA3AC5809
Customer Review / Survery: This was not my first experience with Kapruka. All I can say is, Kapruka is the Srilanka`s leading No.1 online shopping website who grow fast and will continuously give my support.

Order #AJ0A1D7D57F5
Customer Review / Survery: yah realy great services who needed it ... small mistaken has done in name name shuld be ahamed but its was ahmed !!!!!!!!!!!

Order #VAUTD2EF0953
Customer Review / Survery: Iv been sending gifts to my family from kapruka since a very very long time and not a single time I was disappointed! Keep it up kapruka team

Order #VEXTA648BE69
Customer Review / Survery: I?ve known kapruka since I was a kid. My father used kapruka since then and now following his footsteps, I?ve started using kapruka too. You guys provide the greatest service ever. I?m so glad about your cooperation and this awesome service.

Order #AE0A1D8E64D9
Customer Review / Survery: We have less options of selection. More gift variety which including some other country products seem to be a good intention if you can deal with. Example branded items like Nike , Puma etc.

Order #VLKRC9439D59
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent. Such efficient service not encountered todate from an online site. They go out of their way to please customers I must sincerely thank Madu of the Melbourne Office for processing this order without a hitch.

Order #VLKR791E0D1B
Customer Review / Survery: I really appreciate your valuable effort that helped to present a gift on time. My gift has received right on time and again I really appreciate your service.

Order #VCOD5D704E87
Customer Review / Survery: Very fast deliver and clear customer service in kapruka. I would like to rate 10. I will recommend for others my friends to use kapruka service

Order #VLKR0405E455
Customer Review / Survery: The services rendered are nothing short of excellent. I have been using kapruka for quite a few years, and never have been dissapointed by the services or of the quality of the goods delivered.

Order #AG2A2E3C51B7
Customer Review / Survery: Good, I haven`t had any problems with any of the orders I`ve placed and they always arrived on time.

Order #AJ1A1D7EF663
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent services System is very good Staff service is very good. Easy system access Food are in good quality

Order #VLKR0E6C9970
Customer Review / Survery: Actually, of other shoping sitets in Sri Lanka, Kapruka has a special thing. That is nothing more than given a valuable service for the customer.

Order #VLKR0F344B49
Customer Review / Survery: I`m absolutely appreciate your service. Kapruka has best variety of goods ans selection so that we can make better choices.

Order #VLKRB335A396
Customer Review / Survery: The website is user friendly and we can chose whatever we want and delevery was excellent. Thank you for your valued service

Customer Review / Survery: It was good. I wanted a personal delivery at first but then I got something batter. I was very satisfied. But the delivery status could use some work

Order #AP0AFCF2F5E8
Customer Review / Survery: Yes unbelievable service... Kapruka online service is the best service in the world,,thanks you again,,

Order #AM0A1D7FE080
Customer Review / Survery: Very helpful service. and I like if you can add more hotel gift vouchers. really happy with service.

Order #VLKR23EF07C5
Customer Review / Survery: This order is very valuable for me because I ordered this for mothers` birthday. And your crew is delivered it nicely. Fantastic service.

Order #AC1A1D839D45
Customer Review / Survery: I have been using Kapruka service to send gifts to my family for a long time now and find it trustable and lead-time for delivery is accurate. Apart from this, there were times I made the purchase very late and had to get the gift delivered the next morning or the same day, and the customer service team helped me up with it to get it delivered on time. These are the reasons I value the service of Kapruka and would recommend to anyone for the services they offer.

Order #AN0A1D846E9E
Customer Review / Survery: I always trust Kapruka for all my home transactions from where i am now. They are reliable and trustworthy. Excellent communication. Thank you

Order #AM1A1D3EE458
Customer Review / Survery: Everything was great except the cake I ordered had a nice blue Macaroon on top in the picture but what was delivered was a pale green macaroon. It didnt quite look as nice as the picture.

Order #AA2A2ED13771
Customer Review / Survery: The experience has been good so far. I`d suggest indicating that Mahaweli Reach gift cards are out of stock in the list itself without waiting to display it in the shopping cart. Thanks.

Order #AQ1AFF43E930
Customer Review / Survery: Great service. Easy to shopping with Kapruka. Especially the kapruka cakes are great and everyone loves them.

Order #VLKR0865F2BD
Customer Review / Survery: As always , It is happy to say that kapruka is the best place to recommend as a better shopping place.. there is no another place to compare with you. Great and best service..thank you very much..

Order #VLKR609265D4
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is a great way to send gifts and cakes to the loved ones ... I highly recommend kapruka to anyone ... wonderful service #128077 #127996 Keep it up

Order #AQ0AFF481FD4
Customer Review / Survery: * The Service was great! Highly Appreciated. From the Item Selection to Delivery I`m satisfied. -) * As we are Sri Lankans we are Price Sensitive. So I would like to see more reasonable Pricing, which you`ll could Negotiate Prices with your Partners and pass the benefit to the Customer.

Order #VLKRE75F7F36
Customer Review / Survery: having shopping with kapuruka is always a great experience. because it has some good collection for the arrange the gift.. their service and communication are good with the client to meet the expectation and arrange the delivery as well.

Order #AJ1A1D813A46
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has been reliable in delivering products on time. I appreciate their updates on the order status.

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka has the best variety of options to select from. Simple it would change your mind and make sure you select the best option.

Customer Review / Survery: I am happy with today`s service and didn`t expect it will be delivered so quickly. Great work guys #128076

Order #VAUT27A1DEF2
Customer Review / Survery: I would like to say ur service is best and I appreciate and keep it up. When I happened to see my friends I always encourage them to get the Kapruka service because it is quality and accurate.

Order #VLKR9AE8D192
Customer Review / Survery: I only ordered a bouquet of flowers but I was very impressed with the tracking system and prompt delivery. Have hardly any criticism to give, love that you do same day delivery.

Order #VLKR7C5925D8
Customer Review / Survery: This was my very first time ordering through Kapruka and I am so impressed by your service!You guys were efficient and delivered on time.Great customer service from your hotline staff. Definitely looking forward to shop more! Thank you.

Order #VAUT28493513
Customer Review / Survery: I?m so grateful and really happy about the service..as it was done perfectly in few hours once the payment has been made..seriously no idea of the taste and the quality of the cake as I?m in overseas..hopefully all is well..

Order #VCOD588D9A09
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery is always on the correct date. Goods are of quality and are packaged well leaving no damages. Customer service is great and easy going.

Order #VLKR0629683E
Customer Review / Survery: Really loved with your services, the cake looked great , overall everything was perfect.. thank you so much kapruka, hats off to u guys

Order #VEXT126EC58B
Customer Review / Survery: Improved user friendly online service. Like the updated delivery tracking information. I have move confidence in using Kapruka in the future.

Order #AH1A1D731D71
Customer Review / Survery: I appreciated the telephone call to me when you could not deliver an order after Easter Day terrorism (4 21 19). This was the order of the S.L. Army no fault of your`s ! I am a fairly long standing customer regularly using Kapruka. Thank You.

Order #AC0A1D7BD9EE
Customer Review / Survery: Hi i have being ordering with kapruka for a year and few months now. And kapruka is the best and online onilne shopping channel with so many varieties like fresh flowers at reasonable price,restaurant food and especially books and all the good varirtys of cake. I live abroad and through kapruka i had many moments to get closer to my loved ones and spread smiles on their faces.

Order #AE0A1D62CB25
Customer Review / Survery: I am Happy for your?re service and i had to send a gift to my mother that lives In Sri Lanka and i couldn?t do that cause I?m in Denmark so I?m really glad that you guys could do that!

Order #VSEP08E7925F
Customer Review / Survery: Choices are great , but should increase the cake items more selection specially for MOMs . also have a problem with ordering multiple choices

Order #AY0A1D63BE23
Customer Review / Survery: Highly appriciating, because of the peoples who are bearing their golden opaetunities as they far away from their lovers.In that movement the Kapruka...gives fullest support to settle the movement .

Order #VLKR1FE6AB45
Customer Review / Survery: The package was delivered on time and I am thankful for that. But I have ordered 3 items which include a free cane basket as well. But along with the other two items, this cane basket has not been delivered. That made a bit confusing and an inappropriate thing you to do for a gift.

Order #AY0A1D6ED2BA
Customer Review / Survery: It was my first Kapruka service that I received. The account creation and login was very simple and easy. The communication via online has been so great. Acknowledgements and confirmation of order delivery was very prompt. Overall, I have a very high regard about the experience I got and a great service experience, without doubt Thank you for the superior service that you provided to me. Wish your staff and your company much success in the future All the best .!!

Order #VCODCA5090F8
Customer Review / Survery: Amazing service... I`m really happy that I could get it delivered on time since it was a rush delivery. Thank you so much Kapruka for your tremendous service. I would also like to recommend Kapruka to all my friends and colleagues.

Customer Review / Survery: Almost perfect service.... just care little more about outward purchase.I wish you all the best successful future!

Customer Review / Survery: Its a great idea to add more outlets and stores, However I find it complicated as It never give me the option to add from two places into one. Majority have time it has restrictions. When it was smaller it was sweet and easy.

Order #VLKR4475A4F1
Customer Review / Survery: product category navigation would have improved. Video Imaging would be an Option to try in order to give more feeler to the customer on product dimensions.

Order #VAUTD7B599E0
Customer Review / Survery: The website is convinient and also it send a payment confirmation email and also a confirmation email as soon as the goods are delivered. I feel that it`s a great and convinient shopping experience.

Order #VLKR10DA154D
Customer Review / Survery: i had the best shopping experience with kapruka. its excellent service. im gonna recommend for everyone.

Order #AY0A1CF3ADD2
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience was very easy and user-friendly. I was able to find what I wanted and pay for it without any hassle.

Order #AY1A1D572D85
Customer Review / Survery: I got an excellent service, delivery was done on the same day.. I am very much pleased for their service...

Customer Review / Survery: I`ve been using Kapruka for years. It`s really convenient and the call center staff are friendly. If I order a gift which is not available at the store - Kapruka make sure to deliver it the next day. I highly recommend your services to my friends and family

Order #VLKR5B19A577
Customer Review / Survery: woow Silent service.. remarkable and recommended to shopping this without any suspicioun.. quality of the service is wonferful... and Thank you very much.. hope to shopping with you as always...

Order #AC3A1D457726
Customer Review / Survery: Highly recommend the Kapruka as they deliver on time and the descriptions of gifts are really accurate.

Order #AH0A1D5D8C97
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service by Team Kapruka. Delivery by on time all the time I requested. Keep up your good service with compromise the standards....

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