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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Edinborough Nelli Flavored syrup -750ml870
MCCURRIE Fennel seed pkt - 100g330
Orient Green Gram Dhal 500g1040
The Harvester Beans Sprouts 425g640
Surf Excel Matic Washing Liquid 1L2200
  • Edinborough Nelli Flavored syrup -750ml - Price : LKR 870

    Edinborough Nelli Cordial 750ml.

  • CATCH CANNED FISH 425G - Price : LKR 670

    Catch Canned Fish is a taste of the ocean`s bounty, conveniently packaged to bring you the goodness of seafood anytime. Catch Canned Fish represents a fusion of convenience and quality. Sourced from pristine waters and carefully processed to retain their natural flavors and nutrients, these canned fish options open a world of culinary possibilities.

  • MCCURRIE Fennel seed pkt - 100g - Price : LKR 330

    Mc Currie spices and condiments are trusted names in Sri Lankan households when it comes to quality, authentic Sri Lankan flavours. With a passion for taste, Mc Currie processes the highest quality spices and condiments that are daily essentials in a typical Sri Lankan kitchen. Now Mc Currie offers the best Fennel Seeds (Maha Duru) in Sri Lanka to the delight of housewife?s who have been looking for quality Fenugreek seeds in Sri Lanka.

  • Orient Green Gram Dhal 500g - Price : LKR 1040

    Orient Green Gram Dal, also known as Mung Dal, is a versatile and highly nutritious legume that plays a prominent role in Indian cuisine and beyond. This small, oval-shaped, bright green legume is harvested from the mature seeds of the mung bean plant. It has been a dietary staple in various Asian and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries and is celebrated for its numerous health benefits and culinary versatility.

  • The Harvester Beans Sprouts 425g - Price : LKR 640

    Our Beans Sprout in a Can, a versatile and nutritious ingredient that brings the freshness of sprouted beans right to your fingertips. These tender and crunchy bean sprouts are carefully cultivated, harvested at the peak of their freshness, and preserved in a can to maintain their quality and crispness. Our Beans Sprout offer a delightful texture and a mild, earthy flavour that can enhance a wide range of dishes. Whether you`re creating stir-fries, salads, soups, or adding a nutritious crunch to your sandwiches and wraps, these canned bean sprouts are a convenient and healthy choice.

  • Surf Excel Matic Washing Liquid 1L - Price : LKR 2200


Yes. Kapruka will deliver to any address in Sri Lanka, including Jaffna and other remote areas. Fastest grocery delivery is available for western province customers.


All grocery are purchased from linceced retailers and producers in Sri Lanka.

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