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Top Combo Gifts Products on Kapruka

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Teddys Love Army 5360
Fudge Paws Sweet Sensation5400
Little Teddys Picknick Basket12260
Plush Panda Choco Cuddles5880
Night Owl`s Snack Pack3920
Cuddlesworth Lion`s Share6820
  • Teddys Love Army  - Price : LKR 5360

    Prepare for an irresistible invasion with `Teddy`s Love Army,` a playful ensemble featuring an army of teddies on a mission to capture your heart. This sweet battalion introduces a delightful combination of cuddly companionship and delectable chocolates that will surely leave you enchanted. Leading the charge is the Nestle Kit Kat 2 Bar, with each 18.5-gram piece presenting the classic harmony of crispy wafer layers embraced by smooth milk chocolate. As the teddies march forward, they bring with them a 5-piece pack of Snickers Chocolates, each bar weighing 50 grams.

  • Fudge Paws Sweet Sensation - Price : LKR 5400

    Our Fudge Paws Sweet Sensation is a delightful confectionary experience featuring the adorable Fudge Paws Teddy in a rich brown color. This sweet sensation brings together the irresistible Nestle Kit Kat, offering two unique and delicious variations. ? Firstly, savor the Nestle Kit Kat 2 Bar, where each bite unveils the classic combination of crisp wafer layers enveloped in smooth milk chocolate. Each bar weighs 18.

  • Little Teddys Picknick Basket - Price : LKR 12260

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  • Plush Panda Choco Cuddles - Price : LKR 5880

    Introducing the Plush Panda Choco Cuddles, a gift that combines the adorable softness of a panda plush toy with the irresistible taste of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This delightful package is perfect for anyone who loves cuddly companions and delicious treats. Here`s what you get: A huggable panda soft toy: Made with soft, fluffy material, this adorable panda is perfect for snuggles and playtime. 9 Ferrero Rocher chocolates: These iconic treats feature a crispy hazelnut center, enveloped in smooth milk chocolate and a delicate hazelnut shell. Plush Panda Choco Cuddles is the ideal gift for: ?

  • Night Owl`s Snack Pack - Price : LKR 3920

    Calling all night owls! This cuddly companion is here to make your evenings extra special. Our Night Owl`s Snack Pack combines the softness of the Twilight Owl plush toy with a delightful selection of chocolatey treats. Here`s what`s included: A huggable 8-inch Twilight Owl plush toy: Perfect for bedtime snuggles or imaginative adventures. 4 balls of Ferrero Rocher chocolates - Indulge in the rich, creamy taste of these iconic treats.

  • Cuddlesworth Lion`s Share - Price : LKR 6820

    Cuddlesworth Lion`s Share is a roarsome Treat for Any Cub! Calling all little adventurers! Unleash the fun with the Cuddlesworth Lion`s Share, a gift pack overflowing with cuddly companionship and delicious treats. Here`s what`s inside: A majestic Cuddlesworth Lion plush toy (15 inches): This soft and huggable lion is ready to become your child`s loyal companion for endless adventures. A satisfying Nestle Kit Kat bar (41.

What are Combo Gift Packs?

Combo Gift Packs are thoughtfully curated assortments of our finest products, combining complementary items to create a delightful and well-rounded gift experience.

What types of combo gift packs are available?

At Kapruka we offer a diverse range of combo packs, including gourmet treats, festive assortments, and specialty combinations. Explore our website to discover the perfect combo for every occasion.

How do I place a Kapruka Combo gift pack order online?

Visit our website and browse through our Combo Gift Packs collection. Once you've selected the desired combo, click 'Add to Cart' and follow the checkout process. Ensure that you provide accurate delivery information for a seamless experience.

Can I include a personalized message with my Kapruka Combo Gift Pack?

Absolutely! During the checkout process, you'll have the option to include a personalized message. This adds a thoughtful touch to your gift and helps convey your sentiments.

What payment methods do you accept for Kapruka combo gift packs online orders?

We accept a variety of secure payment methods, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and other digital payment options. All transactions are processed securely to ensure your financial information remains protected.

Do you deliver Kapruka combo gift packs to any location in Sri Lanka?

We deliver any product sold at Kapruka to any address in Sri Lanka.