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Explore a delightful selection of gift hampers perfect for every occasion. From gourmet food hampers to luxury gift baskets, our collection offers a range of options to celebrate, express love, and share joy with family and friends.

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Top Hampers Products on Kapruka

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Christmas Cookie Delight Hamper3000
Cozy Christmas Cookies2500
Holly Jolly Cookies Hamper9000
Royal Cashews Tongue Splitting Hamper Box.- Top Selling Hampers In Sri Lanka12000
Santa`s Surprise Christmas Hamper- Top Selling Hampers In Sri Lanka9300
Global Harmony Hamper- Top Selling Online Hamper In Sri Lanka27000
  • Christmas Cookie Delight Hamper - Price : LKR 3000

    Unwrap the magic of the season with our Christmas Cookie Delight Hamper, a joyous assortment that promises to enchant taste buds and spread festive cheer. This carefully curated collection is a celebration of holiday flavors, combining traditional favorites with a touch of seasonal whimsy.

  • Cozy Christmas Cookies - Price : LKR 2500

    Experience the warmth of the holidays with our Cozy Christmas Cookies. This handcrafted assortment captures the essence of the season in every delectable bite. From spiced gingerbread to melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, these cookies are a comforting blend of festive flavors. Packaged with care, Cozy Christmas Cookies make for a delightful treat or a heartwarming gift, inviting you to savor the joy and coziness of the season in each delicious moment.

  • Holly Jolly Cookies Hamper - Price : LKR 9000

    Embrace the festive spirit with our enchanting Holly Jolly Cookies Christmas Hamper. Presented in a beautifully adorned hamper, the Holly Jolly Cookies are a perfect blend of traditional flavours and festive flair. Share the magic of the holidays with family and friends or indulge in these merry treats yourself. With every cookie, experience the warmth and merriment of the season, making our Holly Jolly Cookies Christmas Hamper a delightful gift that embodies the spirit of Christmas.

  • Royal Cashews Tongue Splitting Hamper Box.- Top Selling Hampers In Sri Lanka - Price : LKR 12000

    Today, Royal Cashew is Sri Lanka`s largest, most sustainable and ethical processor and exporter of cashew nuts and cashew nut products. At Royal Cashew, we believe in making intimate gathering count, helping you enjoy each of life?s magical moments, creating memories for a lifetime. Royal cashew from Sri Lanka is a premium grade cashew nut variety known for its superior taste, texture, and quality. We carefully select, handpicked, and process using traditional methods to ensure that only the best quality nuts are harvested.

  • Santa`s Surprise Christmas Hamper- Top Selling Hampers In Sri Lanka - Price : LKR 9300

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  • Global Harmony Hamper- Top Selling Online Hamper In Sri Lanka - Price : LKR 27000

    Global Harmony Hamper- Top Selling Online Hamper In Sri Lanka .Send global grocery and gourmet products to your loved ones. Arranged in a reusable Cane basket with Reihan Cream Caramel Tonno Tuna small Spagetti 500g Mushroom Tin Al Shafi Bee Honey 400g Peanut Butter Nescafe 100g Wadi Olives Kraft Cheese 100g Tin Herman Mayonnaise Toblerone milk Kitkat 4 finger Cadbury Mill 160g Mas Chocolate 50g Sparkling Non Alcoholic Wine 750ml Notes: Due to the Product`s unavailability in the market, the brand of the Product may vary upon availability.

What types of hampers are available in your collection?

We offer a variety of hampers, including gourmet food hampers, luxury gift hampers, occasion-specific gift baskets, and custom hampers tailored to your preferences. You can find the perfect gift hamper for any celebration or event.

Do you provide international shipping for hampers?

Yes, we offer international shipping for hampers. Please check with us for a list of supported countries and shipping rates.

What is your return policy for hamper purchases?

If you have any concerns or issues with your hamper order, please contact our customer support, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Can I personalize hampers with specific items or messages?

Yes, we offer customization options for hampers, allowing you to personalize them with specific items, messages, or special touches for a thoughtful and unique gift.

Can I find hampers suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or holidays?

Yes, our collection includes hampers suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other celebrations. You can choose hampers that match the theme and significance of the event.

Do you offer options for dietary restrictions or preferences in your hampers?

Yes, we provide hampers tailored to dietary restrictions or preferences, including options for gluten-free, vegan, or other specific dietary needs.

Can I add personalized cards or notes to hampers for a personal touch?

Yes, you can include personalized cards or notes with your hampers to add a special and heartfelt message to your gift.

Do you provide information on the contents and selection process of your hampers?

We offer detailed information on the contents and the selection process of our hampers, allowing you to understand the quality and care that goes into each one.