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Product NamePrice (LKR)
LungiLife- Cotton lungi with Sandriana home deco Plant5100
Slab Linen Printed Scallop Dress5740
Pastel pink batik saree with navy design & cracks D10-20-038570
Period Pantie2400
Tuk Sarong-Batik Unisex3570
  • LungiLife- Cotton lungi with Sandriana home deco Plant - Price : LKR 5100

    The perfect combination of comfort and style, our exquisite Lungi with a thoughtful gift is bound to make anyone`s day brighter! Made from premium quality cotton fabric, it`s soft to the touch and breathable, ensuring you stay cool even in the warmest weather. The Lungi features a timeless design with vibrant patterns and colours that add a touch of elegance to your everyday attire. Whether you`re lounging at home, heading to the beach, or enjoying a casual outing, our Lungi offers the perfect blend of ease and style.

  • Slab Linen Printed Scallop Dress - Price : LKR 5740

    Innovation Revamped, a well-known designer clothing brand based in Sri Lanka, can help you find your style and figure out what it says about you. Our thoughtfully crafted unique styles, delicate prints, and tropical fabrics portray a distinctive aesthetic look for you to embrace with confidence.

  • Pastel pink batik saree with navy design & cracks D10-20-03 - Price : LKR 8570

    This beautiful saree is handmade, using wax batik technique. Made in Sri Lanka. Ideal for any casual function or for work. Buy this as a treat for yourself or your loved one. Material - super voile Length - 6 yards + 1 yard jacket material (pink with navy cracks) 5% +/- colour variation due to light effects Wash namp; care Hand wash seperately in cold water with mild detergents.

  • Period Pantie - Price : LKR 2400

    Everyday Underwear: Hot n Brown Period Undergarment look and feel like everyday women`s underwear. This Brief is our original best-seller with a full-coverage and super absorbency to handle your super heavy days. Odor Controlling: Hot n Brown period-absorbing underwear controls odors, keeping you fresh all day. Plus, they are also sweat-wicking to keep you dry. Replacement for Feminine Care Products: Hot n Brown period panties WILL replace disposable feminine care products, like pads, tampons, and pantyliners.

  • Tuk Sarong-Batik Unisex - Price : LKR 3570

    Batik Sarongs go unisex now! This is a trending fashion that has a unique sense of artistry.

  • PRIDE RAINBOW T-SHIRT-007 - Price : LKR 2450

    Our Pride T-shirts are more than just clothing- they are a powerful statement of acceptance and unity. Each design is carefully crafted to capture the spirit of diversity and celebrate the beauty of every individual. Whether you identify as LGBTQ or simply want to show your support, our Pride T-shirts are a symbol of love, courage, and authenticity. Perfect for Pride parades, community events, or simply expressing yourself every day.

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Biggest challenge in clothing and fashion in Sri Lanka is that a large inventory needs to be maintained to make sure we could give you the biggest choice without running out of stock in a short time.

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These our our most demanded cities for clothing delivery in Sri Lanka. Jaffna being the most distant city from our operational center, we still do next day delivery.

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All clothing in Kapruka are hand selected from world class brands and export quality local clothing brands in Sri Lanka

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