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Product NamePrice (LKR)
CRERA Fruity Hoops 250g1300
Binaramalee Avurudu Kewili Hamper14500
Happy Hen Farm Fresh 10 Eggs Pack (L)650
Anchor Newdale Vanilla Flavoured Milk- 180ml (2 Pack)260
Munchee Super Cream Cracker 490g480
Ensure Vanilla Flavour 400g4350
  • CRERA Fruity Hoops 250g - Price : LKR 1300

    CERERA FRUITY HOOPS | KIDS BREAKFAST CEREAL | Natural colors and natural flavors breakfast cereal rings Cerera Fruity Hoops, designed specifically for kids, are more than just a breakfast cereal; they`re a burst of vibrant, natural colors and flavors that turn every morning into a playful adventure. Here`s why Cerera Fruity Hoops are the perfect choice to kickstart your child`s day: Natural Wonder: At Cerera, we believe in the power of nature. Cerera Fruity Hoops are a testament to this philosophy, boasting a spectrum of vivid, natural colors and flavors sourced from real Fruits. No artificial additives here; just the goodness of nature in every bite. Rainbow of Taste: These delightful cereal rings offer a medley of fruity flavors that dance on your taste buds, taking your child on a flavor adventure that`s as fun as it is delicious.

  • Binaramalee Avurudu Kewili Hamper - Price : LKR 14500

    Nestled amidst the lush village greenery, Binaramalee emerges as a captivating gem, where the essence of village life dances harmoniously with the rhythm of tradition. Meet Binaramalee, the enchanting village damsel, whose beauty lies in the simplicity of her ways. Here, secrets whisper in the gentle breeze, as clandestine affairs and silent admirers find solace under the veil of rustic charm. The air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of cooking over firewood, a symphony of flavors that beckons wanderers from afar. In Binaramalee, days are painted with hues of carefree joy, where laughter mingles with the chatter of friends and the warmth of family bonds.

  • Happy Hen Farm Fresh 10 Eggs Pack (L) - Price : LKR 650

    Switz Lanka is Sri Lanka`s leading egg producer. We market our product under the brand of Happy Hen. Switz Lanka was established with the intention of providing a high quality egg product to the Sri Lankan customer. We aim to provide our customers with clarity on our production system - we do not use any antibiotic growth promoters in our feed, we have a clear system of traceability for our products, and we intend to supply products with detailed labeling and information. We believe it is only with higher levels of confidence about the product consumed that more Sri Lankans be willing to consume this important and nutritious food on a daily basis.

  • Anchor Newdale Vanilla Flavoured Milk- 180ml (2 Pack) - Price : LKR 260

    Anchor Newdale Vanilla Flavoured Drink is a vanilla-flavoured milk-based beverage. It is creamy, rich and smooth in taste, with a hint of vanilla flavour. ? It can be enjoyed on its own or as a complement to your favourite desserts. It?

  • Munchee Super Cream Cracker 490g - Price : LKR 480

    The jewel in our cracker crown, this iconic vitamin enriched cracker is light, flaky and sugar free, baked to contain air pockets on its surface for the perfect crisp. The `Super` in the Munchee`s Super Cream Cracker portrays the cracker`s healthy aspects as it does not contain sugar, colours or preservatives.

  • Ensure Vanilla Flavour 400g - Price : LKR 4350

    Complete, balanced nutrition for everyday health. Each serving of Ensure Original Nutrition Powder, from the number one doctor recommended brand Ensure, provides complete, balanced nutrition. Now new and improved containing 32 nutrients. High in omega 3 and a greatnnbsp; source of protein, calcium and prebiotics. Every prepared 8-fl-oz serving has: 9 grams of high quality protein 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants 250 nutritious calories Delicious vanilla flavor Additional information: Gluten-free Suitable for lactose intolerance Halal Kosher NOTE: Your physician is the best source of guidance for nutrition.


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