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Global Food - Find all your online grocery needs at Kapruka and we will home deliver to any address in Sri Lanka. All grocery products are 100% original brands and purchased via brand owners and producers in Sri Lanka.

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Davidoff Coffee Rich Aroma Vivid & Spicy -100g 5200
American Gourmet Mayonnaise 473ml1400
ST Whole Green Olives 333g1320
Doritos Mild Salsa 300g2140
Doritos Medium Salsa 300g2140
KAMER ROSE JAM -370g2660
  • Davidoff Coffee Rich Aroma Vivid & Spicy -100g  - Price : LKR 5200

    Enticingly fragrant coffee that will awaken your senses and treat your taste buds to an immersive experience Rich Aroma is a harmonious and delicious blend inspired by our zest for life. A nod to our belief that balance is the key to contentment. Its pleasantly robust body is punctuated by a mildly acidic aftertaste.

  • American Gourmet Mayonnaise 473ml - Price : LKR 1400

    American Gourmet Regular Mayonnaise, is a classic and creamy condiment that sets the standard for culinary excellence. Made with a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients, American Gourmet Regular Mayonnaise delivers a smooth and velvety texture that effortlessly enhances the flavor of your favorite dishes. Its balanced richness and subtle tanginess create a delectable foundation for sandwiches, salads, and a myriad of culinary creations. Whether used as a sandwich spread, a dip for fries, or a key ingredient in salads, American Gourmet Regular Mayonnaise is a kitchen essential that enhances the texture and taste of your favorite meals.

  • ST Whole Green Olives 333g - Price : LKR 1320

    Lucky St Whole Green Olives offer a delightful experience straight from the heart of traditional olive cultivation. With their vibrant green hue and tempting appearance, these olives promise a culinary journey that`s both satisfying and transportive. Lucky St Whole Green Olives are an ode to the simplicity and elegance of the Mediterranean lifestyle ? where food is savored slowly and enjoyed with the company of friends and family.

  • Doritos Mild Salsa 300g - Price : LKR 2140

    Load up your Doritos tortilla chips with Mild Salsa Dip to unleash the full Doritos taste experience. Doritos tangy Mild Salsa dip makes your snacking experience even bolder. The perfect dip for sharing! Suitable for Vegetarians and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Try Doritos tortilla chips with one of our dips for a bolder snacking experience.

  • Doritos Medium Salsa 300g - Price : LKR 2140

    This 300g jar of salsa is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite Doritos chips. It`s made with a blend of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices, and it has a medium heat that will tantalize your taste buds. This salsa has a medium heat that is perfect for those who like a little bit of spice without being overwhelmed. Doritos Medium Salsa is great for more than just chips. You can also use it on tacos, burritos, quesadillas, or even as a dip for vegetables.

  • KAMER ROSE JAM -370g - Price : LKR 2660

    ROSE JAM Rose petal jam is a sweet condiment made from rose petals - it is a magical delicacy with a delightful aroma and incredible taste. Serve rose jam on toast, a warm biscuit, or a scone. Rose jam can also be swirled into yogurt, and makes an elegant dessert when spooned over vanilla ice cream.


Yes. Kapruka will deliver to any address in Sri Lanka, including Jaffna and other remote areas. Fastest grocery delivery is available for western province customers.


All grocery are purchased from linceced retailers and producers in Sri Lanka.

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