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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Purple Passion Chrysanthemum Bouquet5540
Love`s Garden Vase7510
Rose-Gold Symphony Arrangement10900
Charming Love Arrangement With Six Red Roses6580
Scarlet Dreamscape Arrangement13020
Love Rose Giggles Letter - Mix Of Red Roses And Chrysanthemums2490
  • Purple Passion Chrysanthemum Bouquet - Price : LKR 5540

    The Purple Passion Chrysanthemum Bouquet is a striking floral masterpiece that celebrates the allure of the enchanting purple chrysanthemums. This bouquet is a testament to elegance and sophistication, with the deep and rich hue of the chrysanthemums creating a captivating focal point. The purple chrysanthemums, carefully arranged, exude a sense of passion and charm. Each bloom unfolds with layers of petals, creating a visual symphony that is both mesmerizing and refined. The Purple Passion Chrysanthemum Bouquet is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the timeless beauty and graceful presence of this regal flower.

  • Love`s Garden Vase - Price : LKR 7510

    Immerse your senses in the blossoming beauty of Love`s Garden Vase, an enchanting tribute to love and affection. This exquisite arrangement showcases the timeless allure of red roses, their velvety petals speaking of passion and romance. Paired gracefully with the delicate charm of carnations, the bouquet takes on a poetic rhythm, symbolizing deep admiration and enduring love. Adding a whimsical touch, baby`s breath (Gypsophila) delicately weaves throughout, creating an air of ethereal enchantment. The inclusion of Anthurium adds a modern twist, with its heart-shaped blooms in shades of red, further emphasizing the theme of love.

  • Rose-Gold Symphony Arrangement - Price : LKR 10900

    Elevate the symphony of love with our Rose-Gold Symphony Arrangement, a breathtaking medley of romantic blooms that will sweep your special someone off their feet. The arrangement boasts a harmonious blend of passionate red roses, conveying deep love, alongside the vibrant allure of Tiger Lily in soft pink hues and the sunny warmth of yellow roses. Golden touches from meticulously placed golden roses add a touch of opulence, while the intricate dance of Chrysanthemums and the delicate charm of Baby`s Breath (Gypsophila) create an enchanting melody of textures. The inclusion of carnations introduces an element of admiration and fascination, making this arrangement a visual and emotional masterpiece.

  • Charming Love Arrangement With Six Red Roses - Price : LKR 6580

    The Charming Love Arrangement with Six Red Roses is a delightful expression of affection, nestled within a small basket for an intimate touch. Adorned with six radiant red Roses, each bloom symbolizes passion and devotion, their velvety petals exuding warmth and romance. Interwoven with the Roses are delicate carnations, adding a touch of elegance and sweetness to the arrangement. Small chrysanthemums, with their dainty petals, bring a subtle yet charming texture to the ensemble, enhancing its allure. Together, these blooms create a harmonious composition that captures the essence of love`s enchanting embrace.

  • Scarlet Dreamscape Arrangement - Price : LKR 13020

    The Scarlet Dreamscape Arrangement is a mesmerizing composition that transports you to enchantment and beauty. Within this captivating display, vibrant assorted colors of Roses intertwine, creating a striking contrast that symbolizes the passionate fervor and purity of love. Nestled among the Roses are clusters of Baby`s Breath (Gypsophila), infusing the arrangement with delicate charm and grace. Adding a bold pop of color, carnations burst forth with their rich hues, adding depth and texture to the ensemble. Blue Wattle Leaves provide an unexpected yet stunning touch, offering a subtle hint of exoticism and intrigue.

  • Love Rose Giggles Letter - Mix Of Red Roses And Chrysanthemums - Price : LKR 2490

    In this season of Love, offer this charming Flower arrangement to spread the romance around. Make the precious people in your life feel happy, loved, cared and remembered throughout your life. Celebrate the significant days in your life in a unique way, and make a day memorable for a person you love. Here is a gift of nature, designed by the floral experts at Kapruka,andnbsp; for you to express yourself in a heartfelt manner. This elegant, stunning and fresh flower arrangement consists 3 Red roses and 2 Chrysanthemums.

Do they look fresh and wrapped the way they are shown here?

Yes. Our florists receive fresh cut flowers every morning. The flowers will be wrapped and delivered as shown in these pictures. .

What is the earliest that my flower order could be delivered in Sri Lanka??

Same day delivery is availble in selected cities in Sri Lanaka. However, we advise you to place the order at least one day prior to the delivery date.


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Yes absolutely. You will get a confirmation e-mail right after you place the order. Within minutes of the delivery in Sri Lanka, you will get the final confirmation e-mail confirming the delivery.

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Consider the recipient`s taste and the significance of the anniversary. If it`s a milestone anniversary like the 25th or 50th, you might opt for grand arrangements. For a more intimate celebration, a simple and elegant bouquet might be preferable.
Flowers are a suitable gift for any anniversary year, from the first to the fiftieth and beyond. The choice of flowers and the style of the arrangement may vary based on the milestone, but the sentiment of celebrating love remains the same.
Sending anniversary flowers to your spouse is a romantic gesture that many couples enjoy. It`s a way to express your love and appreciation for your partner on your special day. You can surprise them with a beautiful bouquet or arrange to have flowers delivered to your home.
The choice of flowers can vary depending on personal preferences, but classic options include red roses for passionate love, mixed bouquets for variety, or the recipient`s favorite flowers for a personalized touch. You can also choose flowers that hold specific meanings, such as lilies for devotion or daisies for innocence.
Sending anniversary flowers is a beautiful way to express love, appreciation, and celebration on this special occasion. Flowers symbolize romance and convey heartfelt sentiments to your partner or the couple celebrating their anniversary.

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