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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Petals Of Paradise6910
Whispering Grace Garden Bouquet4880
Botanical Melange Vase6990
Hearts In Bloom Flower Bouquet - For Her5140
Blossom Blush Harmony5610
Floral Sunset Delight Vase5800
  • Petals Of Paradise - Price : LKR 6910

    A vibrant union of fiery red roses and delicate lilies, this bouquet ignites the senses with its passionate allure. The velvety petals of the crimson roses exude love and desire, while the elegant lilies represent purity and devotion. Together, they form a harmonious blend of beauty and emotion, capturing the essence of love`s fervor. Each blossom whispers sweet secrets, infusing the air with a captivating fragrance. As you hold this bouquet, feel the power of its red roses and the tender grace of its lilies, reminding you of the profound connection that blossoms in every beating heart.

  • Whispering Grace Garden Bouquet - Price : LKR 4880

    Step into a realm of enchantment with the captivating `Whispering Grace Garden`. The leather fern`s lush fronds serve as a verdant embrace. The roses, synonymous with purity and innocence, create a serene balance while the hydrangeas infuse the arrangement with a sense of wonder and admiration. The snapdragons introduce a touch of architectural elegance while the anthurium`s vibrant blooms offer a pop of colour and a sense of exotic allure. Tied with a ribbon bow, this arrangement is a gift in every sense of the word.

  • Botanical Melange Vase - Price : LKR 6990

    A lovely Botanical Melange arrangement with Red Rose, Gerbera, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Greenbrier (Badalhanassa), Blue Water, and Cordillera is an extraordinary fusion of exotic and enchanting blooms, meticulously curated to create an awe-inspiring floral masterpiece. This stunning arrangement showcases the diverse beauty of nature`s botanical wonders, capturing the essence of a lush and vibrant tropical paradise.

  • Hearts In Bloom Flower Bouquet - For Her - Price : LKR 5140

    Our captivating `Hearts in Bloom` Flower Bouquet, is a symbol of love and beauty. This enchanting bouquet features a harmonious fusion of romantic red roses and pure white roses, representing the timeless emotions of love, purity, and devotion. At the core of this heartfelt arrangement are delicate baby manas, which add a touch of innocence and tenderness to the bouquet. The baby`s breath, with its delicate and ethereal appearance, complements the roses beautifully. Radiating love, grace, and charm, this bouquet is a timeless and thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts of your recipients.

  • Blossom Blush Harmony - Price : LKR 5610

    Indulge in the serene beauty of our exquisite floral creation, `Blossom Blush Harmony? Symbolizing purity and grace, the pristine roses evoke a sense of timeless beauty while the gerberas contribute a burst of colour and energy. The hydrangeas offer a sense of abundance and appreciation while the chrysanthemums contribute an air of sophistication to the bouquet. The angel bucket exudes a rustic charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic while offering a touch of sentimental elegance.

  • Floral Sunset Delight Vase - Price : LKR 5800

    Experience the breathtaking beauty of our `Floral Sunset Delight Vase,` a captivating arrangement that captures the essence of a serene and picturesque sunset. This vase boasts a stunning fusion of sunny yellow roses, delicate pink roses, billowy hydrangea, and the exotic allure of anthuriums, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Just like the warm embrace of the setting sun, this bouquet exudes a sense of peace and wonder. The vibrant yellow and soft pink hues meld effortlessly amidst lush greenery, while the exotic anthuriums add a touch of intrigue.

Do they look fresh and wrapped the way they are shown here?

Yes. Our florists receive fresh cut flowers every morning. The flowers will be wrapped and delivered as shown in these pictures. .

What is the earliest that my flower order could be delivered in Sri Lanka??

Same day delivery is availble in selected cities in Sri Lanaka. However, we advise you to place the order at least one day prior to the delivery date.


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Is the delivery guaranteed in Sri Lanka?

Yes absolutely. You will get a confirmation e-mail right after you place the order. Within minutes of the delivery in Sri Lanka, you will get the final confirmation e-mail confirming the delivery.

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There are many online flower delivery services available in Sri Lanka that offer a wide range of floral arrangements for all occasions. Kapruka tops them with below qualities of service:

Quality of flowers: Uses fresh, high-quality flowers and has a good reputation for the quality of their arrangements.

Selection: Wide selection of flowers and arrangements to suit your preferences and budget.

Delivery options: Multiple Delivery options available and choose a service that can deliver to your desired location in a timely manner.

Customer service: Good customer service and is easy to contact if you have any questions or issues.

Overall, the best online flower delivery service for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It's a good idea to do some research and compare your options before making a decision.