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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Floral Flamenco Fusion7980
Charming Love Arrangement With Six Red Roses6580
Love Rose Giggles Letter - Mix Of Red Roses And Chrysanthemums2490
Tender Breath Flower Bunch4550
Dreamy Blossom Flower Basket12660
Vase In Red- Mix Of Red Roses - Flowers For You3250
  • Floral Flamenco Fusion - Price : LKR 7980

    The Floral Flamenco Fusion ignites the senses with a passionate blend of Chrysanthemums, Red Roses, Tiger Lilies in hues of pink, Gerberas, and Snapdragons. Like the spirited dance it`s named after, this arrangement captivates with its vibrant colors and dynamic textures, evoking the rhythm and energy of a flamenco performance. The fiery red roses symbolize love and desire, while the delicate pink tiger lilies add a touch of playfulness and grace. Gerberas bring a burst of cheerful energy, complemented by the bold presence of snapdragons. Amidst the flurry of blooms, the chrysanthemums anchor the arrangement with their timeless beauty and elegance.

  • Charming Love Arrangement With Six Red Roses - Price : LKR 6580

    The Charming Love Arrangement with Six Red Roses is a delightful expression of affection, nestled within a small basket for an intimate touch. Adorned with six radiant red Roses, each bloom symbolizes passion and devotion, their velvety petals exuding warmth and romance. Interwoven with the Roses are delicate carnations, adding a touch of elegance and sweetness to the arrangement. Small chrysanthemums, with their dainty petals, bring a subtle yet charming texture to the ensemble, enhancing its allure. Together, these blooms create a harmonious composition that captures the essence of love`s enchanting embrace.

  • Love Rose Giggles Letter - Mix Of Red Roses And Chrysanthemums - Price : LKR 2490

    In this season of Love, offer this charming Flower arrangement to spread the romance around. Make the precious people in your life feel happy, loved, cared and remembered throughout your life. Celebrate the significant days in your life in a unique way, and make a day memorable for a person you love. Here is a gift of nature, designed by the floral experts at Kapruka,andnbsp; for you to express yourself in a heartfelt manner. This elegant, stunning and fresh flower arrangement consists 3 Red roses and 2 Chrysanthemums.

  • Tender Breath Flower Bunch - Price : LKR 4550

    A flower bunch made with Gerberas, Chrysanthemums and Sandriyana will pour out the joyous feelings of any beautiful occasion. This is a timeless expression of Secret love and affection.Let the blooms speak your pure intentions on yournnbsp; special occasion. This enchanting flower bouquet has 08 Gerberas, 10 Chrysanthemums and 15 Sandriyana.

  • Dreamy Blossom Flower Basket - Price : LKR 12660

    Showcasing an ethereal beauty that seems almost heaven-sent, our Dreamy Blossom Flower Basket effortlessly expresses happiness, gratitude with such sweetness. This beautiful arrangement is made with 15 Red Roses, Hydrangea and chrysanthemums.

  • Vase In Red- Mix Of Red Roses - Flowers For You - Price : LKR 3250

    3 Red Roses in a vase is a symbol of both romance and simplicity. The elegance and the charm of this flower arrangement lies in the uniqueness and the coherence of its` beauty. Note: color of the teddy may vary Upon availability.

Do they look fresh and wrapped the way they are shown here?

Yes. Our florists receive fresh cut flowers every morning. The flowers will be wrapped and delivered as shown in these pictures. .

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Same day delivery is availble in selected cities in Sri Lanaka. However, we advise you to place the order at least one day prior to the delivery date.


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Yes absolutely. You will get a confirmation e-mail right after you place the order. Within minutes of the delivery in Sri Lanka, you will get the final confirmation e-mail confirming the delivery.

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Overall, the best online flower delivery service for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It's a good idea to do some research and compare your options before making a decision.