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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Action Electric Series Flying Car Red2450
Musical Stop Motor bike Toy2500
Stunt Shark Toy2730
  • Action Electric Series Flying Car Red - Price : LKR 2450

    This is an attractive flying car with automatic shape changing function, colorful lights, and 360 degrees rotation function. This car toy is made of ABS and electronic component materials. Amazing sports car design super dream car with 3D light, music, bump and go action mode and 360 degree rotation. Works easily with the help of batteries. Easy to use and easy to control which allow anyone to master the car driving.

  • JAZZ Piano DRUM FUN TOY - Price : LKR 2980

    Introducing our Jazz Piano Drum Fun Toy, a dynamic and multifunctional musical instrument designed to inspire young musicians and bring the joy of jazz to playtime. This entertaining toy combines the versatility of a piano and drum set, offering a delightful fusion of sounds for an immersive musical experience. This multi section Toy provides music enlightenment and early education.

  • Musical Stop Motor bike Toy - Price : LKR 2500

    Embark on a journey of boundless creativity with our Stop Motor bike Toy ? a mesmerizing playtime companion that brings a whirlwind of fun, lights, and sounds to young adventurers. This innovative toy promises 360 degrees of motoring joy, elevating the play experience to new heights. Watch in awe as the Stop Motor bike Toy becomes the epicenter of an imaginative universe, where creativity knows no bounds. With its dynamic design and vibrant colors, this toy is not just a plaything; it`s an open invitation to explore the limitless realms of imaginative play.


    Introducing the Girls DIY Rope Bracelet Grooming Set, a delightful and creative kit designed to inspire young fashionistas and DIY enthusiasts. This set is a perfect blend of crafting and personal expression, allowing girls to design and create their own stylish rope bracelets while exploring their creativity. The DIY Rope Bracelet Grooming Set typically includes a variety of colorful and textured ropes, beads, charms, and easy-to-follow instructions. The materials provided in the set are carefully selected to encourage imaginative design and customization, making each bracelet a unique reflection of the creator`s personality. Perfect for playdates, sleepovers, or solo crafting sessions, this set engages young minds in a fun and productive way.

  • Stunt Shark Toy - Price : LKR 2730

    Our Stunt Shark, is a mesmerizing and action-packed toy that takes playtime to new depths of excitement. This incredible stunt performer is not just an aquatic companion; it`s a thrilling and dynamic toy that combines 360-degree rotations, stunt evolution, vibrant lighting effects, and a cool expression for an unforgettable playtime experience.


    Our Mechanical Forklift Construction Toy, is a contemporary rendition of a beloved classic. This innovative toy boasts a transparent body structure that offers a captivating glimpse into its inner workings, showcasing a mesmerizing mechanical gear structure. Measuring at a compact 9.8 cm by 18.50 cm, this toy is designed to provide both entertainment and educational value.

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