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Product NamePrice (LKR)
The Amazing Magic Cube840
Magic Panel 3 In 1 Work Bench, 255 Pcs Tool Set For Kids,- YM20276850
Doll Star Drummer Playset For Girl2450
Heroes Assemble - Mini Hulk (83 Pcs)500
Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm- Barbie Doll - GJB6551940
Barbie Big City Dreams Vehicle - GYJ2585260
  • The Amazing Magic Cube - Price : LKR 840

    The Infinity Magic Cube is a perpetual transformation puzzle that is great for fidgeting. The puzzle consists of 2 parts, and when they are combined in a certain way, they can be perpetually twisted in a series of repeating patterns. When the pattern is not repeated, this cube can also be arranged into various fancy and colorful shapes. When in cubic form, the puzzle looks like a stickered 2x2 on the outside. This is an unique gift for a kid or adult .

  • Magic Panel 3 In 1 Work Bench, 255 Pcs Tool Set For Kids,- YM2027 - Price : LKR 6850

    The assembly toy kits require an elementary level of focus to promote the development of your child`s attention span, hand-eye coordination, memory, and problem-solving skill sets. Superb fun construction toy for kids who can build it up, take it apart and start all over again. Kids will improve concentration and fine hand skills. Made of friendly non-toxic and durable ABS plastics, includes an electric drill (use 2 x 1.5V high-quality batteries not included), drill bit, and screws.

  • Doll Star Drummer Playset For Girl - Price : LKR 2450

    Let?s drum up to a popular beat and enjoy music with this star drummer set. Beat the cymbal, beat the drum and play to your heart?s content and rock and roll all day.

  • Heroes Assemble - Mini Hulk (83 Pcs) - Price : LKR 500

    Assemble Your favorite cinematic heroes! These mini Hulk Heroes assemble collectible toy and is ready to serve. Whether it`s standing up to his enemy or fighting a former ally, if there`s one thing you can count on Hulk for, it`s that he will never give up. Be aware that Hulk comes out of hiding to help save the world once again.

  • Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm- Barbie Doll - GJB65 - Price : LKR 51940

    What you consider today as a simple ?playing with Barbie? is actually preparing it for its future. Barbie encourages imagination, free expression and the desire to discover through the game.

  • Barbie Big City Dreams Vehicle - GYJ25 - Price : LKR 85260

    Imaginations can hit the road and play out rockin` adventures with this transforming Barbienreg; vehicle playset inspired by Barbie: Big City, Big Dreamsntrade;! Ready to take the show on the road? Buckle two Barbienreg; dolls in (dolls sold separately), then park and transform the vehicle to set the scene for a pop-up performance! The glittery pink SUV features a removeable roof that becomes a stage, removeable seats that become seating for an audience and over 20 storytelling accessories including a drum set and stool, speaker and turntable, microphones and more. Future stars ages 3 years old and up can dream up all kinds of big adventures with this transforming Barbienreg; vehicle!

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