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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Emco Brix Police Pursuit5250
EMCO Hot Shot - Spitfire7000
EMCO Moon Lander Block 17 Pcs2500

    Brix Tank Defender Now training and improving children`s skills and creativity can be done in a fun way. Brix Tank Defender is a block and puzzle toy that can educate children about how to design a tank, and train children`s imagination to coordinate between eye-hand and color -amp- shape recognition It is specially made with quality materials and has a cute and fun designed appearance. Brix is ?also available in a wide collection of Game Sets that can be played and shaped in a variety of attractive themes. This toy is suitable as a gift for the child`s achievements and suitable for children over 6 years of age to play.

  • EMCO BRIX SKY PATROL - Price : LKR 5250

    The shape can be changed with 3 designs from emco with a police theme.

  • Emco Brix Police Pursuit - Price : LKR 5250

    Emco Brix Police Pursuit is an educational toy Has a cool and attractive design and appearance. This toy is made of quality materials that are safe for your little one to play with. Playing with Emco Brix Police Pursuit is very fun and can train your little one`s motor skills and creativity. Feel the excitement of playing with Emco Brix Police Pursuit and find more fun in other Emco Brix series.

  • EMCO Hot Shot - Spitfire - Price : LKR 7000

    It is compact and packs a lot of power. The firing range is as far as 12 meters. Equipped with 6 foam bullets and 3 targets. Suitable for children aged 6 Can fire 6 bullets at once.

  • EMCO ATLANTIS BLOCK 15PCS - Price : LKR 2500

    Develop your little one`s imagination and creativity by giving him the Mighty Brix toy from Emco, a cool stacking block toy to make your little one even more cheerful. Great for sharpening children`s creativity and perseverance assembling and assembling these blocks. This toy is made of strong and quality plastic because it is SNI certified, so it is safe for children to play.

  • EMCO Moon Lander Block 17 Pcs - Price : LKR 2500

    The Emco Mighty Brix that can be assembled and assembled is like a shape. Can be changed (See the image on the back of the box) A large block with the theme of outer space. Comes in a fun and playful design for your little one. This block toy is designed to increase children`s creativity and imagination in playing with it. This Emco block toy is perfect as a gift for your little one.

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