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The season for giving is here and Kapruka has a host of delightful seasonal gifts to help you spread the cheer and share the joy. Select from a tasteful range of Christmas goodies, hampers and cakes.

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Top Christmas Products on Kapruka

Find the top Christmas Products on Kapruka while you could also explore the price in Sri Lanka in LKR here

Product NamePrice (LKR)
Elf Workshop Bento Box Delight With Cupcakes3350
Santa Sponge Vanilla Swiss Roll4780
Chocolate Christmas Tree Roll3180
Holly Jolly Deco Dream Gateau Cake6280
Vintage Woodland Gateau Christmas Treat6550
Battery Operated Unique Dancing Santa Christmas Toy4870
  • Elf Workshop Bento Box Delight With Cupcakes - Price : LKR 3350

    The Elf Workshop Bento Box Delight With Cupcakes is a whimsical and festive Christmas confection that transforms your dessert table into a magical workshop of holiday joy. At the heart of this delightful creation, a meticulously crafted bento box unveils an assortment of sweet surprises, resembling an enchanting elf workshop. Adorned with edible decorations that mimic the tools of busy little elves, the cupcakes surrounding the centerpiece are individual works of art, featuring festive sprinkles, vibrant colors, and playful frosting designs. The color palette, inspired by the traditional hues of the season?emerald greens, cheerful reds, and snowy whites?

  • Santa Sponge Vanilla Swiss Roll - Price : LKR 4780

    The Santa Sponge Vanilla Swiss Roll with a luscious red velvet base is a festive indulgence that combines the rich flavors of the holiday season with a touch of whimsy. The velvety red sponge cake forms the perfect foundation for this delightful treat, offering a moist and decadent texture that harmonizes seamlessly with the sweet vanilla undertones. Expertly rolled into a cylindrical shape, the Swiss Roll reveals a charming Santa Claus design on its outer layer, creating a visual spectacle that captures the magic of Christmas. Each slice unveils a tantalizing swirl of red and vanilla, making it not only a delicious dessert but also a festive centerpiece that adds joy and flavor to any holiday gathering.

  • Chocolate Christmas Tree Roll - Price : LKR 3180

    The Chocolate Christmas Tree Roll is a divine holiday treat that encapsulates the essence of Christmas in a delightful roll of indulgence. Crafted with a sumptuous chocolate base, the sponge cake serves as a decadent canvas for the festive creation. Skillfully rolled into a cylindrical shape, this dessert unfurls into a stunning Christmas tree design, adorned with intricate details that evoke the spirit of the season. The rich and moist chocolate cake layers are complemented by a velvety chocolate filling, ensuring a symphony of flavors in every bite. This Chocolate Christmas Tree Roll not only satisfies chocolate cravings but also adds a touch of festive elegance to any holiday celebration, making it a perfect centerpiece that doubles as a delectable treat for the senses.

  • Holly Jolly Deco Dream Gateau Cake - Price : LKR 6280

    Indulge in the festive magic of the season with the Holly Jolly Deco Dream Gateau Cake, a Christmas delight that transforms any celebration into a winter wonderland. This decadent masterpiece features layers of velvety cake adorned with a symphony of holiday flavors, from rich chocolate to hints of seasonal spices. The exterior is a canvas of edible artistry, with intricate decorations resembling holly leaves and festive ornaments, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the joy of the holidays. Each slice reveals a dreamy harmony of textures and tastes, with creamy fillings and moist cake layers that make every bite a journey into Christmas decadence. The Holly Jolly Deco Dream Gateau Cake is not just a dessert; it`s a festive centerpiece that adds enchantment and flavor to your holiday celebrations, making it a delectable treat that embodies the spirit of Christmas.

  • Vintage Woodland Gateau Christmas Treat - Price : LKR 6550

    Embrace the nostalgia of the season with the Vintage Woodland Gateau Christmas Treat, a delightful confection that transports you to a bygone era of festive enchantment. This Christmas cake is a masterpiece of timeless flavors, featuring layers of rich, moist cake infused with warm spices that evoke the cozy memories of holiday gatherings. The exterior is adorned with charming woodland-inspired decorations, reminiscent of a classic Christmas tableau. Edible ornaments and detailed accents create a rustic and inviting aesthetic, making this treat not only a delicious dessert but also a visual feast that captures the spirit of yuletide traditions. The Vintage Woodland Gateau Christmas Treat is a delectable journey into the heart of Christmas past, combining the warmth of seasonal flavors with the charm of a vintage holiday celebration.

  • Battery Operated Unique Dancing Santa Christmas Toy - Price : LKR 4870

    Add a dash of holiday magic to your festivities with our Battery-Operated Unique Dancing Santa Christmas Toy! This whimsical and entertaining Santa is ready to light up your celebrations with his infectious energy and festive moves. Watch in delight as Santa comes to life, grooving and spinning to cheerful holiday tunes with the touch of a button. The battery-operated design ensures hassle-free entertainment, allowing you to place Santa anywhere in your home to spread joy and merriment. Dressed in his iconic red suit and donning a jovial expression, our Unique Dancing Santa Christmas Toy is designed to add a playful and festive atmosphere to any space.

What is the benefit of ordering hampers from Kapruka?

Kapruka hampers are value for money and Kapruka can deliver these hampers to any address in Sri Lanka.

Can I pre-order my hampers?

Yes, you may pre-order hampers or gifts and get them delivered on the date you actually want.

Can I include a personal message along with my gift?

A personalised message can be included with your gift. These will be printed and handed over to the receiver of the gift.

I have to order a corporate order to be delivered to my staff. How can I do this?

If you have many gifts to be delivered to different addresses for example for staff working in an office you may call our marketing department and they will help you out instantly.

Why are Christmas Hampers very popular in Sri Lanka like the rest of the world?

Christmas hampers are the perfect festive treat; complete with delicious food, fine wine, and lavish gifts, they are bound to please any recipient. Whether you’re gifting for your friends, family, colleagues, clients, or even yourself, you can’t look past the indulgence of a Kapruka Christmas hamper.

Can I tailor make a hamper as per my budget to be given to my office staff?

Yes, you can. Please speak to our marketing department with this regard and they will help you.