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Discover Kapruka's unbeatable prices and vast selection of fruit baskets for online sending and delivery. Shop now for the best value and variety

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Discover Kapruka's unbeatable prices and vast selection of fruit baskets for online sending and delivery. Shop now for the best value and variety

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Bananas(Kolikottu) -Sri Lankan Fruits710
Kiwi Fruit260
Healthy Fresh Fruit Box - Vitamin C Fruits6200
Pineapple-Sri Lankan Fruits1020
  • Bananas(Kolikottu) -Sri Lankan Fruits - Price : LKR 710

    weight may vary from 900g to 1.2kg Kolikuttu Banana is one of the most popular Banana varieties in Sri Lanka. You can spot them easily amongst the other types. You will simply love the texture and the sweeteners in them. They have a slightly curvy shape, look plump and have yellow-tinged brown colour due to brownish spots on the skin when it ripens.

  • Kiwi Fruit - Price : LKR 260

    The Kiwi fruit, a delightful green gem often referred to simply as `kiwi,` is a tropical wonder celebrated for its vibrant green flesh, unique texture, and tangy-sweet flavor. Beyond its unique flavor, the Kiwi fruit offers a wealth of health benefits. It is exceptionally rich in vitamin C, containing more than most other fruits.

  • Healthy Fresh Fruit Box - Vitamin C Fruits - Price : LKR 6200

    Make a perfect choice with this special Seasons Delight Fruit Basket enriched with nutritious fruits. You can send this to your loved ones to give a healthy experience.All Kapruka fruit baskets are made with fresh fruits purchased from the producers in Sri Lanka. Included fruits : Five Oranges,Two Pineapples Approx : 1.3kg ,Papaya Approx :1.

  • Pineapple-Sri Lankan Fruits - Price : LKR 1020

    weight may vary from 900g to 1.2kg With its vibrant golden hue and distinctive crown of leaves, the Sri Lankan Pineapple is a symbol of exotic allure and abundant flavor. From the first tantalizing scent to the juicy explosion of taste, each bite is a celebration of nature`s bounty and the island`s rich soil. Known for its unparalleled sweetness and refreshing tang, the Sri Lankan Pineapple is a burst of tropical delight.

  • Orange - Price : LKR 250

    Embark on a journey around the world without leaving your plate, as you indulge in the enticing allure of imported oranges. Imported oranges are ambassadors of taste, representing the agricultural prowess of various corners of the globe. When you savor imported oranges, you`re partaking in a cultural exchange that spans continents.

  • Pears - Price : LKR 240

    Pears, often hailed as the `gift of the gods,` are a timeless fruit renowned for their sweet, succulent flesh and graceful appearance. What truly sets pears apart is their enchanting flavor. The taste of a ripe pear is a delicate balance of sweetness and subtle acidity, with a hint of floral and honey-like notes. Pears remain a timeless symbol of nature`s bountiful gifts.

Fruit delivery in Sri Lanka

Biggest challenge in fresh fruit delivery in Sri Lanka is that it needs to be delivered within 10 hours to any location in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has expertise in doing perishable deliveires across including grocery, fresh fruit, flowers, cakes and restaurent food.

Colombo, Kandy, Negombo & Jaffna

These our our most demanded cities for fruit basket delivery in Sri Lanka. Jaffna being the most distant city from our operational center, we still do next day delivery.

Baskets used

All baskets used in Kapruka are locally manufacrued here in Sri Lanka. The once used for custom fruit baskets are imported from world class suppliers.

Why Kapruka gift service

Looking for a perfect gift can be frustrating and exhausting. You aren’t looking for just a gift, but to give that special someone the “wow” experience that they deserve. But where do you look first? Luckily, we have you covered with the perfect gift: Fruit and vegetable gift baskets.Fresh fruit baskets are a splendid way to show your affection and they are fantastic gifts for a multitude of occasions including, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines, and even just to say thank you. And to make the gift giving even better, fruit basket deliveries can be lighter on your wallet, easy to send, and even more special for the recipient when they receive your custom heartfelt note. Kapruka offers fruit basket gifts unlike any other. These baskets come in many different packages to that you can set the tone of your perfect gift. If you are looking to send a romantic gift to a significant other, we have fruit baskets that include oranges, apples, juicy grapes and are topped off with a bottle of red grape wine to dial up the romance. As for a thank you or care package gift, our basket featuring freshly picked fruit and savory snacks works fabulously. Treat that person to a munchable gift that they can enjoy at home or on the go.

Vegitable Baskets

Kapruka’s fruit and vegetable gift baskets are also a great choice for a foodie. If you know someone that like to cook or try new exotic foods, we might have just the gift. Our medium vegetable box gift offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables from top selling farmer’s markets in Sri Lanka. This is a delicious way to offer that foodie of yours the chance to try new foods and recipes. You are guaranteed to find the fruit gift basket of your dreams here at Kapruka. With us, you can leave your worries of imperfection behind as we promise to deliver your special someone with the gift that makes them feel as special as you know they are.