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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Toblerone Swiss White Chocolate With Honey And Almond Nougat-100g1100
Quantum EVA Foam Roller6160
Quantum Training Rope 6m30640
Quantum Medicine Ball3440
Quantum Neoprene Dumbbell960
Quantum Gym Ball4640
  • Toblerone Swiss White Chocolate With Honey And Almond Nougat-100g - Price : LKR 1100

  • Quantum EVA Foam Roller - Price : LKR 6160

    Do you have stiff muscles after an intense workout? Loosen up those muscles by massaging them with this fine Foam Roller Massage. A convenient way to reduce muscle pain after a workout and to stimulate blood flow. The fitness roller is made of foam and equipped with so-called nlsquo; distro density zonesnrsquo;: elevated areas that vary in width and firmness. It allows you to precisely match your needs for each massage by using a certain part of the roller.

  • Quantum Training Rope 6m - Price : LKR 30640

    The Proform Training Rope is ideal for strength training workouts. With durable construction, it measures six meters and features wrapped ends for a secure grip.

  • Quantum Medicine Ball - Price : LKR 3440

  • Quantum Neoprene Dumbbell - Price : LKR 960

  • Quantum Gym Ball - Price : LKR 4640

    This fitness ball is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, abdominal exercises, pregnancy gymnastics, chest presses, crunches, core training, and other work out. Can be used as Exercise Ball, Birthing Ball, Fitness Ball, Stability Ball, Balance Ball, and Yoga Ball .

What are the best gifts for a boy friend's birthday in Sri Lanka?

There are many great gift options for a boyfriend's birthday, and the best gift will depend on his interests and preferences. Some ideas for gifts for a boyfriend's birthday include gift vouchers, cakes, electronics and gadgets

What are the best gifts for a girl friend's birthday in Sri Lanka?

Fresh flowers and a piece of jewelry tops the list. A spa day or spa gift set with chocolates are also popular at Kapruka

What type of birthday gifts do best friends like?

A personalized gift is a popular choice in Sri Lanka for best friends. Kapruka has plenty of them. Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful handcrafted textiles, including batik, lace, and traditional clothing. Consider giving a gift of handmade crafts such as a batik sarong or a lace tablecloth.

What can I send instead of flowers for a birthday?

If you're looking for an alternative to flowers, there are many other optiosns you can consider sending as a gift. Some ideas include A potted plant, A food or snack basket or clothing.

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