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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Java `Love Bites`Lip Chocolates1750
Java 08 Piece Lips With Rose Petal Slab Chocolate1230
  • Java `Love Bites`Lip Chocolates - Price : LKR 1750

    This Java `Love Bites`Lip Chocolates is perfect to celebrate any romantic moment with your sweetheart. Crafted with authentic Belgian Chocolate and combined with an assortment of natural ingredients, the Java Lounge chocolate is a treat for everyone with a sweet tooth.The chocolates are delicately hand packed in a sophisticated box for gift giving.

  • Java 08 Piece Lips With Rose Petal Slab Chocolate - Price : LKR 1230

    Surprise in two! Caramel filled lips and Rose petal Slab. Send this mouthwatering chocolate and express your affection for her. Java lounge is an upscale coffee lounge chain in Sri Lanka with high quality coffee-based beverages, cakes, desserts and snacks.

What are the best gifts for a boy friend's birthday in Sri Lanka?

There are many great gift options for a boyfriend's birthday, and the best gift will depend on his interests and preferences. Some ideas for gifts for a boyfriend's birthday include gift vouchers, cakes, electronics and gadgets

What are the best gifts for a girl friend's birthday in Sri Lanka?

Fresh flowers and a piece of jewelry tops the list. A spa day or spa gift set with chocolates are also popular at Kapruka

What type of birthday gifts do best friends like?

A personalized gift is a popular choice in Sri Lanka for best friends. Kapruka has plenty of them. Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful handcrafted textiles, including batik, lace, and traditional clothing. Consider giving a gift of handmade crafts such as a batik sarong or a lace tablecloth.

What can I send instead of flowers for a birthday?

If you're looking for an alternative to flowers, there are many other optiosns you can consider sending as a gift. Some ideas include A potted plant, A food or snack basket or clothing.

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