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Find the top New Additions: Rice/Sugar/Oil/Essentials Products on Kapruka while you could also explore the price in Sri Lanka in LKR here

Product NamePrice (LKR)
Suduru Samba Pkt - 1 Kg740
Ma Vee Rice 1kg650
05 Kg Samba Rice Bag1150
Sobako Sri Lankan Basmathi -4kg Bag2200
10 Kg Red Kekulu Rice Bag2100
  • Suduru Samba Pkt - 1 Kg - Price : LKR 740

    Suduru Samba, is a unique variety of rice that holds significant cultural and culinary importance in Sri Lanka. This rice variety is renowned for its distinct characteristics, making it a staple ingredient in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Suduru Samba rice is easily distinguishable by its short, plump, and round grains. When cooked, Suduru Samba rice offers a unique texture that is both tender and slightly sticky.

  • Ma Vee Rice 1kg - Price : LKR 650

    A rare traditional reddish-brown rice variety which is cultivated only in a very few locations on earth containing the highest amount of protein and antioxidants. It has qualities equivalent to human mothers? milk. Ideal for both children and adults for growth, regeneration, and immunity. Also highly recommended for expectant and lactating mothers.

  • 05 Kg Samba Rice Bag - Price : LKR 1150

  • Sobako Sri Lankan Basmathi -4kg Bag - Price : LKR 2200

    Embark on a culinary journey with SOBAKO Sri Lankan Basmathi, a premium rice variety that embodies the essence of Sri Lanka`s rich agricultural heritage. Grown in the fertile soils of the island nation, this basmati rice is celebrated for its exceptional quality, distinctive aroma, and long, slender grains. Aromatic Excellence: SOBAKO Sri Lankan Basmathi Rice is renowned for its enchanting aroma that permeates the kitchen as it cooks. Each grain carries a fragrant note that elevates your dining experience. Culinary Versatility: Whether you are crafting a traditional Sri Lankan curry, a fragrant biryani, or a simple pilaf, SOBAKO Sri Lankan Basmathi Rice complements a wide range of dishes, making it a versatile staple in your kitchen.

  • 10 Kg Red Kekulu Rice Bag - Price : LKR 2100

    Kekulu is a traditional Sri Lankan rice variety. Kekulu, is considered to be one of the most nutritious rice varieties in the country. Being a good source of dietary fibre, Kekulu rice may help in improving bowel movements and providing relief from constipation. Additionally, red Kekulunnbsp; rice is low in fat content and high in protein and fibre; it increases satiety, reduces overeating and may help in better metabolism. Milk Rice is a delicious meal that can be prepared with red Kekulu rice as an alternative to normally cooked rice.

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