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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Sesu Pirikara Pack 24000
Challenger `Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk3600
Cotten `Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk5500
`Thai Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk8100
Thai Tetron Cotton Sivura With Watapatha6500
  • Sesu Pirikara Pack 2 - Price : LKR 4000

    Offering Sesu Pirikara consisting of practical day to day requisites to Buddhist monks is one of the ways one can practice Dana and support the Sangha. It is also a popular alms giving gesture to Buddhist Monks and given at various other Buddhist rituals and ceremonies. Generally, Ata-Pirikara is offered to the chief monk and one can dutifully present Sesu Pirikara to the other monks.

  • Challenger `Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk - Price : LKR 3600

  • Cotten `Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk - Price : LKR 5500

  • `Thai Sivura With Andhanaya` For `Aranyavasi ` Monk - Price : LKR 8100

  • Vatapatha - Price : LKR 1200

    Watapatha is a fan and given as articles of donation for use of Buddhist monks during the Buddhist religious activities. It is a highly necessity item in a tropical country like Sri Lanka. The Watapatha is usually made of palm leaves trimmed with embroidery to form a circular or oval shape.

  • Thai Tetron Cotton Sivura With Watapatha - Price : LKR 6500

    A finely crafted Sivura made exclusively for the practising Buddhist Monks. Sewn from 100% Thai Tetron cotton, ensures durability and a neat appearance. Comfortable to wear, good air ventilation, long-lasting and easier to wash and dry. This set includes a high-quality monk?s fan (Watapatha).


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