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Send bouquets and fresh-cut flowers online with Kapruka in Sri Lanka. Our vast collection of over 1200 specialized flower arrangements ensures island-wide delivery of the freshest blooms

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Send bouquets and fresh-cut Flowers online with Kapruka in Sri Lanka. Our vast collection of over 1200 specialized flower arrangements ensures island-wide delivery of the freshest blooms

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Purple Blossoms Flower Bouquet10510
20 Pink Pearl Roses flower bouquet4900
Blushing Chrysanthemum Roses Bouquet6770
Eternal Bond flower Arrangement - Flowers for Her8490
Honey Bee Flower Bouquet10480
Roses Of Maiden Eyes Flower Arrangement - Mix Of Pink Roses7030
  • Purple Blossoms Flower Bouquet - Price : LKR 10510

    Remind them how special they are with a perfect blend of soft pastel Chrysanthemums and lush greenery. This beautiful bouquet is perfect to celebrate any special occasion.

  • 20 Pink Pearl Roses flower bouquet - Price : LKR 4900

    Lovely and luxurious, Pink Pearl Roses are the perfect gift for the Princess in your life. Fuller, fabulous, and long-lasting, this arrangement brings elegance and charm to any occasion. Flower Vendor(s): Kapruka Flower Farms.

  • Blushing Chrysanthemum Roses Bouquet - Price : LKR 6770

    The Blushing Chrysanthemum Roses Bouquet is a striking and elegant arrangement that brings together the timeless beauty of red, pink, and white roses with the delicate charm of chrysanthemums. This bouquet offers a captivating blend of colors, from the passionate allure of red roses to the gentle blush of pink roses, complemented by the purity of white roses and the intricate detail of chrysanthemum blooms. The result is a bouquet that`s both romantic and sophisticated, making it an ideal choice for expressing love, admiration, or sympathy on a variety of occasions. Whether you`re celebrating love or offering condolences, this bouquet combines the classic and the delicate in a truly captivating way.

  • Eternal Bond flower Arrangement - Flowers for Her - Price : LKR 8490

    Freshly picked from the farm and hand tided only for you, This flower arrangement is a classic way to express your love and affection on your special day! Stems of our Roses and chrysanthemums picked fresh from the farm arrive to bestow your sweetheart with their rich color and soft fragrance to make their special Day more memorable.

  • Honey Bee Flower Bouquet - Price : LKR 10480

    The beauty of life lies on the beauty of your pure feelings. Expressing those amazing emotions is more beautiful because pure gestures are always appreciated.

  • Roses Of Maiden Eyes Flower Arrangement - Mix Of Pink Roses - Price : LKR 7030

    You have to agree, pink generate a look of pure grace and sophistication. If she loves the color pink, then she is sure to love this - Roses Of Maiden Eyes ` flower bouquet. This radiant design showcases a combination of pink roses, all elegantly designed in a pink vase showcasing a feminine charm.

Do they look fresh and wrapped the way they are shown here?

Yes. Our florists receive fresh cut flowers every morning. The flowers will be wrapped and delivered as shown in these pictures. .

What is the earliest that my flower order could be delivered in Sri Lanka??

Same day delivery is availble in selected cities in Sri Lanaka. However, we advise you to place the order at least one day prior to the delivery date.


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Is the delivery guaranteed in Sri Lanka?

Yes absolutely. You will get a confirmation e-mail right after you place the order. Within minutes of the delivery in Sri Lanka, you will get the final confirmation e-mail confirming the delivery.