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Order your favorite beaverages for home delivery in Sri Lanka. All liquor products are 100% original brands and purchased via licenced retailed and producers in Sri Lanka. This service is only availble for Sri Lankans who live overseas to order as gifts for a recipient in Sri Lanka

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Top Sri Lankan Wine and Spirtis online Products on Kapruka

Find the top Sri Lankan Wine and Spirtis online Products on Kapruka while you could also explore the price in Sri Lanka in LKR here

Product NamePrice (LKR)
Lindemans Shiraz 14 ABV 750ml Australia6480
CinZano Vermouth Rossa Sweet 750ml 15% Italy6200
On This Season With Santa Alica Pinot Noir 14 ABV 750ml Chile9100
Roskaa Vodka 38 ABV 750ml6400
Sangre De Toro Original Red Dry 13.5% 750ml Spine7660
Martini Asit Sparkling Wine 7.5% ABV 750ml Italy7110
  • Lindemans Shiraz 14 ABV 750ml Australia - Price : LKR 6480

    Lindemans Shiraz 14 ABV 750ml Australia Medium to deep red. Berry, plum and spice mingle with vanillin oak aromas on the nose. A medium to full bodied red with berry, plum and spice flavours following on the palate.

  • CinZano Vermouth Rossa Sweet 750ml 15% Italy - Price : LKR 6200

    Cinzano comes about from the perfect union of wine, alcohol, sugar and an infusion of herbs and spices. Still today Cinzano`s recipe is unique in the world and has been kept secret for over 250 years. Created in Torino, Cinzano Rosso is the original of Cinzano`s vermouth portfolio. Its amber colour reflects the product`s rich infusion of herbs and spices, while representing its prestige and quality. It is the perfect ingredient for cocktails thanks to its delicate, yet persistent aftertaste and can be served neat or with a splash of soda.

  • On This Season With Santa Alica Pinot Noir 14 ABV 750ml Chile - Price : LKR 9100

    Looking for the perfect gift for a special person? Look no further! This beautifully curated gift arrangement is sure to make your love feel extra special. The gift set includes a premium bottle of wine that`s perfect for toasting, along with a stylish and practical wine bottle presentation holder that she can use to keep her favorite bottle well-presented. But that`s not all?

  • Roskaa Vodka 38 ABV 750ml - Price : LKR 6400

    Finest Vodka Collection by Rockland Roskaa Vodka Pure Distilled Vodka ABV 38% 750ml.

  • Sangre De Toro Original Red Dry 13.5% 750ml Spine - Price : LKR 7660

    Since 1954, Sangre de Toro is the ambassador of the Spanish way of life, a reflection of our land, our people and this way of living. Rich complex Mediterranean aromas with exuberant notes of spices and blackberries. Velvety tannins are noted on the palate with elegant flavours of licorice and small dark forest fruits. Perfect with stews, game, meat paellas and traditional mountain cuisine. Sangre de Toro Original is a wine to share with your loved ones.

  • Martini Asit Sparkling Wine 7.5% ABV 750ml Italy - Price : LKR 7110

    The steep, sun-drenched hills in the heart of Piedmont provide a growing environment and an ideal habitat that allows Moscato grapes to develop into one of the world`s most famous wines. Martini n Rossi is the leading Italian sparkling wine producer. harvest and store the fresh grape juice of Moscato Bianco grapes, harvested in the Asti DOC area. We arrest fermentation to keep the natural sweetness of the ripe musts that give Martini Asti its taste and aroma of grape juice, vine peaches, elderberry and sage. Its flavour is refreshing, sweet and fruity.


No. We will not accept any transactions or orders from customers residing in Sri Lanka


All wine and spirits are purchased from linceced retailers and producers in Sri Lanka.

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Here are advantages of online liquor shopping in Sri Lanka:

Convenience: You can shop for liquor from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to you, rather than having to go to a physical store. Wide selection: Online stores may have a larger selection of liquor than physical stores, so you have a better chance of finding a specific brand or type of alcohol.

Competitive pricing: Online stores may offer competitive prices, especially if they don't have the same overhead costs as physical stores.

Easy to compare: It's easy to compare prices and products from different online stores, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Easy to shop for gifts: If you're looking to buy a bottle of liquor as a gift, shopping online can be a convenient way to find something that meets your recipient's preferences.

It's worth noting that online shopping may not be available for all types of liquor in Sri Lanka, and there may be laws and regulations governing the sale and delivery of alcohol in the country. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with these before making an online purchase.