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Are you searching for a Unique gift sets in Sri Lanka? Browse through Kapruka's hand selected best selling gift sets for him and her. Either it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we have the widest range of gift sets. Get gift sets handpicked by Kapruka gift specialists. Hundreds of gift categories at Kapruka will help you choose the best gift set for him or her.

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Chocolatey Teddy Love- Java ` I love You` 8 piece chocolate with a Teddy4800
Pen Sheaffer Giftset - WP1932911690
Customizable Mug with Blooms and Kandos Promises Chocolate5470
Red Rose Glamour Pack - 12 Red Rose Boquet with Handbag7590

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  • Chocolatey Teddy Love- Java ` I love You` 8 piece chocolate with a Teddy - Price : LKR 4800

    Chocolatey Teddy Love is the ultimate gift to express your love and affection for your favorite one. This delectable treat combines the decadence of chocolate with the adorable charm of teddy bears, making it a perfect way to make her feel special.

  • Pen Sheaffer Giftset - WP19329 - Price : LKR 11690

    Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen with Business Card Holder is one of the most popular gift sets around. It combines the best selling Sheaffer 9317 Matte black ball pen with a matching business card holder. The business card holder can either be folded or placed on your desk for easy access. This business card holder closes firmly thanks to the magnetic closure. The elegant gift box makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Customizable Mug with Blooms and Kandos Promises Chocolate - Price : LKR 5470

    The `Mug of Blooms n Decadent Delights` combo offers a delightful fusion of floral beauty and indulgent treats. A picturesque arrangement of vibrant blooms within the customized mug captivates the senses, infusing any space with natural charm and elegance. Each petal whispers tales of love and affection, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. Paired with this floral masterpiece is a selection of decadent chocolates, carefully curated to tantalize the taste buds and satisfy sweet cravings. From rich truffles to creamy pralines, every bite promises a moment of pure indulgence.

  • Red Rose Glamour Pack - 12 Red Rose Boquet with Handbag - Price : LKR 7590

    Introducing our Red Rose Glamour Pack, where sophistication meets style in a delightful combination of beauty and utility. This exquisite ensemble pairs a lush bunch of red roses, symbolizing love and passion, with a chic side bag that exudes elegance. The bouquet of red roses captures attention with its vibrant hues and alluring fragrance, while the side bag adds a touch of glamour to any outfit with its sleek design and practical functionality. Perfect for expressing affection or treating yourself to a touch of luxury, the Red Rose Glamour Pack is a statement of timeless sophistication and refined taste, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.


    Why Carry A Separate Notepad, Pen, Power Bank, Flash Drive And Cardholder, When You Can Have Them All In One? Superbook Is Just That- A Marvellously Versatile Quiver For Everything You Need, To Be Productive, Connected And Organised. That Means No More Fumbling At Airport Security, No More Scampering For Things You`ve Forgotten, And No More Messy Bags To Mine For What You Need. A Superbook Is All You Need. It Comes In One Piece, Fits In One Hand, Closes Neatly When You Don`t Want It In Your Way, And Is Always Sorted And Ready To Help You Do Superhuman Things, Just Like It.

What gift set categories do you have in Sri Lanka?

Most of Kapruka gift set categories are under clothing, cosmetics, and electronics sections. However there hundreds of gift categories that fall under this section.

How do you select gift sets?

Kapruka product team in Sri Lanka are expers in gift combining and gift set creation. These specialists hand pick the products on this section.