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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Ferrero Fantasy Tree With Customizable Mug11850
Roses Choco Bliss Heart8380
Sweet Hugs KitKat Delights Chocolate Bouquet4240
Yuletide Chocolate Extravaganza Gift Pack7600
Snickers Sweethearts Bouquet5500
Dairy Milk Love Blossom Bouquet - For Her2800
  • Ferrero Fantasy Tree With Customizable Mug - Price : LKR 11850

    Embark on a delectable journey with our Ferrero Fantasy Chocolate Ball Mug`a luxurious indulgence that seamlessly blends the exquisite taste of 32 Ferrero Rocher chocolates with the charm of a customized mug. Each chocolate ball, meticulously crafted, unveils layers of heavenly delight, with a crunchy hazelnut center embraced by velvety chocolate, promising an opulent treat for the senses. The accompanying custom mug adds a personal touch to this experience, elevating the enjoyment of these sumptuous chocolates with every sip. Whether sipping a favorite beverage or savoring the decadent chocolates, this Ferrero Fantasy Chocolate Ball Mug is a harmonious symphony of taste and aesthetics, making it an ideal gift or a delightful personal indulgence for the chocolate connoisseur. Note : The mug shown in the image can be customize eg: Happy Birthday Ashani.

  • Roses Choco Bliss Heart - Price : LKR 8380

    Indulge in the ultimate expression of love with our Roses Choco Bliss Heart. This heart-shaped chocolate arrangement is a decadent fusion of sweetness and beauty, combining the richness of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, the classic crunch of KitKat Chocolates, and the everlasting charm of artificial roses. Each element is meticulously arranged to create a stunning presentation that captivates the senses and ignites the passion within. Whether it`s for a romantic gesture, a heartfelt anniversary gift, or a sweet expression of affection, the Roses Choco Bliss Heart is sure to convey your love in the most delightful and enchanting way.

  • Sweet Hugs KitKat Delights Chocolate Bouquet - Price : LKR 4240

    The Sweet Hugs and KitKat Delights Chocolate Bouquet is a charming and delicious surprise that includes five delightful KitKat chocolate bars and an adorable teddy bear. This thoughtful combination of sweet treats and a cuddly companion is the perfect way to express your love and warmth to someone special. Whether it`s a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion, this bouquet is sure to bring smiles and joy, offering both the comforting embrace of a teddy bear and the delectable crunch of KitKat chocolate bars in one delightful package.

  • Yuletide Chocolate Extravaganza Gift Pack - Price : LKR 7600

    Indulge in the Yuletide Chocolate Extravaganza Gift Pack, a celebration of sweetness and warmth. Unwrap the festive magic with the iconic Dairy Milk chocolate (13.2g), offering a creamy delight that captures the essence of the season. Adding an extra layer of joy, this giftpack features not one, but two adorable teddy bears, spreading love and cuddles. The combination of decadent chocolate and the charm of teddies makes this gift pack a perfect expression of holiday cheer, sure to bring smiles and sweetness to your Yuletide celebrations.

  • Snickers Sweethearts Bouquet - Price : LKR 5500

    The Snickers Sweethearts Bouquet is a delightful and playful arrangement, combining the nutty and caramel goodness of 5 Snickers bars with the adorable charm of 7 small teddy bears. This unique and fun bouquet is a perfect gift for spreading joy and smiles on various occasions. Whether it`s a birthday, a special celebration, or just a sweet gesture to show your love, this bouquet offers the perfect mix of delectable sweetness and cuddly companionship. It`s a heartwarming and whimsical gift that`s sure to make anyone`s day a little sweeter.

  • Dairy Milk Love Blossom Bouquet - For Her - Price : LKR 2800

    The Dairy Milk Love Blossom Bouquet is a sweet and romantic gesture, featuring the creamy indulgence of Dairy Milk chocolates and the timeless elegance of a single rose. This charming combination of chocolates and a delicate rose makes it the ideal gift for expressing your affection on occasions like anniversaries, Valentine`s Day, or simply to show your love. It`s a delightful way to convey both sweetness and heartfelt emotions, creating a memorable and heartfelt gift that`s bound to make the recipient`s day extra special.

What gift set categories do you have in Sri Lanka?

Most of Kapruka gift set categories are under clothing, cosmetics, and electronics sections. However there hundreds of gift categories that fall under this section.

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Kapruka product team in Sri Lanka are expers in gift combining and gift set creation. These specialists hand pick the products on this section.