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Teddy Bears - Kapruka sells range of online soft toys including teddies of all sizes. Toss a toy in to the hands of any child or adult and he or she would definitely fiddle with it, remove some parts and refit it and maybe even sit and play with it before passing it on.

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Baby Santa - Christmas Soft Toy3380
Xmas Moose - Christmas Soft Toy1980
Christmas Reindeer Soft Toy2980
Santa Soft Doll (30cm)3780
Honey Cuddle Bear - 1.2 ft Super Soft Teddy Bear3460
Graduation Teddy Bear - Large3620
  • Baby Santa - Christmas Soft Toy - Price : LKR 3380

    Our adorable Baby Santa Christmas Soft Toy?a lovable companion designed to usher in the holiday season with warmth and charm. This endearing plush toy brings a touch of festive joy to the youngest members of your family, making it the perfect cuddly companion for little ones during this magical time of year. Dressed in a miniature Santa suit with a cheery hat, our Baby Santa Soft Toy is crafted from the softest materials, ensuring a gentle and comforting embrace for your baby. With its squeezable form and delightful expression, this plush Santa brings smiles and festive cheer to every cuddle.

  • Xmas Moose - Christmas Soft Toy - Price : LKR 1980

    Our charming Xmas Moose Christmas Soft Toy, is a cuddly friend that adds a touch of festive enchantment to your holiday celebrations. With its delightful design and plush, hug-gable form, this moose brings a sprinkle of Christmas magic to both young and young-at-heart. Dressed in festive holiday attire, our Xmas Moose Soft Toy features endearing details such as a cozy scarf, and playful antlers. Crafted from irresistibly soft materials, this plush moose is perfect for snuggling and spreading holiday cheer throughout your home. Its friendly expression and charming holiday ensemble make it a standout decorative piece that radiates warmth and festive spirit.

  • Christmas Reindeer Soft Toy - Price : LKR 2980

    Our enchanting Christmas Reindeer Soft Toy, a cuddly companion that brings the magic of the Christmas season to life. Standing adorned with festive charm, this plush reindeer captures the spirit of Christmas with its endearing features and huggable design. Crafted from the softest materials, our Christmas Reindeer Soft Toy is perfect for both young and young-at-heart alike. With its velvety fur and adorable antlers, this lovable reindeer is a delightful addition to holiday d├ęcor and a heartwarming gift that spreads joy and festive cheer.Share the magic of the season by gifting the Christmas Reindeer Soft Toy, a delightful expression of love and festive merriment that will be treasured for years to come.

  • Santa Soft Doll (30cm) - Price : LKR 3780

    Add a Santa to your soft toy collection. Gift this to your loved ones and witness how much they enjoy having this cuddly toy. Suitable for all ages and personalities. Made from the finest quality material for lasting love. Height (approx.

  • Honey Cuddle Bear - 1.2 ft Super Soft Teddy Bear - Price : LKR 3460

    We`ve lovingly crafted the most endearing teddy bear, poised to become your child`s closest confidant and dearest companion. It transcends mere plaything status; it`s an adored friend that will join your little one on countless adventures and provide solace at bedtime. Height : 14 inches ( Approx.

  • Graduation Teddy Bear - Large - Price : LKR 3620

    What`s better than a cuddly keepsake` This graduation Teddy bear is a super-soft stuffed animal wearing a mortarboard and black robe with a little felt diploma in its paw.


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