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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Sweetheart Chocolate Bliss Cake3850
Love Struck Heart Shape Gateau Cake4490
Cupid`s Whispers Chocolate Cake5650
Sweetheart`s Delightful Surprise Ribbon Cake5640
My Heart For You Cake3530
XOXO Kisses Cake5980
  • Sweetheart Chocolate Bliss Cake - Price : LKR 3850

    Indulge in the Sweetheart Chocolate Bliss Cake, a decadent creation that promises to enchant your taste buds with every heavenly bite. This moist and rich chocolate sponge cake is a symphony of cocoa-infused perfection, meticulously crafted to delight chocolate aficionados and sweethearts alike. Each layer is a celebration of velvety smoothness, enveloped in luscious chocolate ganache, and adorned with delicate chocolate shavings, creating a visual and gastronomic masterpiece. Whether shared with a beloved partner on a romantic evening or savored solo as a self-love treat, this cake embodies the essence of indulgence and affection, leaving a lingering sensation of bliss long after the last crumb disappears.

  • Love Struck Heart Shape Gateau Cake - Price : LKR 4490

    Experience the enchantment of affection with our Love Struck Heart Shape Gateau Cake. Delicately crafted into a heart shape, this captivating confection is a celebration of romance and sweetness. Made with layers of moist sponge cake infused with the refreshing essence of strawberries, each bite is a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Adorned with a mesmerizing sugar-dipped exterior, this cake is as beautiful as it is delicious, making it the perfect centerpiece for any romantic occasion. Whether you`re expressing your love on a special day, commemorating a meaningful moment, or simply cherishing time together, our Love Struck Heart Shape Gateau Cake is sure to leave you and your beloved utterly smitten.

  • Cupid`s Whispers Chocolate Cake - Price : LKR 5650

    Introducing the Cupid`s Whispers Chocolate Cake, a delectable delight that promises to sweeten any celebration. This decadent chocolate-based cake is a true indulgence for chocolate enthusiasts, featuring rich layers of moist chocolate sponge infused with velvety cocoa flavors. Topped with smooth chocolate ganache and adorned with adorable kissing bears made from premium chocolate, this cake is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. Each bite is a symphony of chocolatey goodness, making it the perfect centerpiece for expressing love and affection. Whether shared with a special someone or savored solo, the Cupid`s Whispers Chocolate Cake is sure to make hearts flutter and taste buds dance with joy.

  • Sweetheart`s Delightful Surprise Ribbon Cake - Price : LKR 5640

    Introducing the Sweetheart`s Delightful Surprise Ribbon Cake, a delightful confection that captures the essence of romance and sweetness. This ribbon-based cake features layers of moist and decadent sponge cake, delicately infused with flavors of vanilla and hints of strawberry. Adorned with smooth buttercream frosting, each layer is elegantly wrapped in a satin ribbon, adding a touch of elegance and charm. Atop the cake sits an adorable edible bear figurine, blushing with affection and ready to spread love with its tender kiss. Whether shared with a special someone or presented as a heartfelt gift, the Blushing Bear Kiss Cake is a perfect symbol of love and affection on any romantic occasion.

  • My Heart For You Cake - Price : LKR 3530

    Send it to the person you love and cherish and make her Day even sweeter. Kapruka cakes are fresh and baked exclusively for you daily using the right blend of fine and premium ingredients. The exceptional creativity, the presentation and the careful packing along with the best affordable prices of Kapruka cakes are available to you with value for money and standards beyond imagination.

  • XOXO Kisses Cake - Price : LKR 5980

    Indulge in a decadent delight with our XOXO Kisses Cake, crafted with love and adorned with irresistible charm. This ribbon cake, specially designed, features layers of moist, fluffy sponge interlaced with creamy frosting, creating a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. The cake`s exterior is adorned with delicate ribbons and adorned with sweet kisses, symbolizing the essence of affectionate embraces. Each bite is a reminder of cherished moments shared with your beloved, making this cake the perfect centerpiece for celebrating love and romance.


Kapruka carefully selected the highest quality brands of Cakes in Sri Lanka. Majority of these brands are either high end bakeries or 5-star hotels. .


Every cake goes thought a quality check(QC) at the time of pickup from the producer and once more at the time of delivery dispatch


You can give feedback to colombo.office@kapruka.com


Kapruka offers Ribbon cakes, Chocolate cakes, Cheese cakes, Sponge cakes, Vanila Butter Cakes, Red Velvet Cakes and Gatuex.


Yes. You can use the `Add icing greeting to this cake` option under the cake name when adding icing greetings to future cake orders.