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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Dawn Of New Year`s Gateau Cake6660
Araliya Sunshine Sampler New Year Bento Cakes With 5 Cupcakes3670
Sinhala New Year Celebration Cake4250
Java Sinhala And Tamil New Year Cake 20244870
Java Sinhala And Tamil New Year Choco Cake 20245100
Caribbean Queen ( GMC )5390
  • Dawn Of New Year`s Gateau Cake - Price : LKR 6660

    Introducing our `Dawn of New Year`s Gateau Cake,` a majestic creation that heralds the arrival of a fresh beginning with each sumptuous slice. This exquisite gateau is a celebration of hope, promise, and the boundless possibilities that a new year brings. Adorned with intricate designs symbolizing the first light of the year, this cake is a visual masterpiece, captivating the senses and igniting the spirit of renewal. With each bite, you`ll experience layers of decadence, from velvety sponge cake to luscious cream and delicate fruit fillings, harmonizing to create a symphony of flavors that delight the palate. Whether shared with loved ones or savored in solitary reflection, our Dawn of New Year`s Gateau Cake is a tribute to new beginnings, promising joy, abundance, and sweet moments to cherish throughout the year ahead.

  • Araliya Sunshine Sampler New Year Bento Cakes With 5 Cupcakes - Price : LKR 3670

    Illuminate your New Year celebrations with our Araliya Sunshine Sampler Bento Cakes, a radiant fusion of flavor and elegance. The ribbon base cake, a masterpiece of culinary artistry, unfolds in layers of soft, moist decadence, adorned with the vibrant hues of araliya blossoms. This sunshine-infused creation captures the essence of joy, bringing warmth to your palate with each delectable bite. Accompanied by five intricately crafted cupcakes, the Araliya Sunshine Sampler is a symphony of sweetness that promises to brighten your festivities. Embrace the spirit of the season with this enchanting Bento, where the delicate flavors and sunny aesthetics harmonize to create a truly unforgettable celebration for the senses.

  • Sinhala New Year Celebration Cake - Price : LKR 4250

    Introducing our Sinhala New Year Celebration Cake, a delightful treat that pays homage to the cherished traditions of the Sinhala New Year. Shaped in the form of the auspicious bulath kole (betel leaf), this cake is more than just a dessert ? it`s a symbol of prosperity, joy, and unity. Resting on a ribbon base, adorned with vibrant colors reminiscent of the New Year festivities, this cake is a visual feast that captures the essence of the season. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors, with layers of rich, moist cake complemented by traditional ingredients like jaggery, coconut, and spices, offering a taste of Sri Lankan heritage.

  • Java Sinhala And Tamil New Year Cake 2024 - Price : LKR 4870

    At the heart of our New Year Cake lies a harmonious blend of flavors, echoing the rich culinary traditions passed down through generations. But what truly sets our Sinhala and Tamil New Year Cake apart is its stunning adornment with Erabadu flowers, a symbol of purity, beauty, and prosperity. These delicate blossoms, meticulously arranged atop the cake, infuse it with an air of elegance and enchantment, elevating your New Year celebrations to new heights. These delicate blossoms, meticulously arranged atop the cake, infuse it with an air of elegance and enchantment, elevating your New Year celebrations to new heights.

  • Java Sinhala And Tamil New Year Choco Cake 2024 - Price : LKR 5100

    This decadent creation is a fusion of rich chocolate flavors and traditional festive elements, making it a delightful centerpiece for your New Year celebrations. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this indulgent cake is adorned with delicate Araliya mal flowers, symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings. The cake is generously coated with a luscious chocolate glazing, adding a touch of indulgence to every bite. Its smooth, glossy finish enhances the visual appeal, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

  • Caribbean Queen ( GMC ) - Price : LKR 5390

    Ah, the Caribbean Queen from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier - a cake fit for royalty, indeed! Let`s paint a picture of this tropical treasure: A luxuriously moist dark chocolate cake, its richness hinting at the depths of flavor to come. A sun-kissed coating of citrus crumbs, flecked with orange and lemon zest, adding a touch of zesty brightness. A cascade of Caribbean orange syrup, infusing the cake with the vibrant essence of sun-drenched oranges, its subtle sweetness dancing with the chocolate`s depth. Nestled within, a heart of pure indulgence - Belgian chocolate chip mousse.


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