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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Happy Birthday Letter Multi Color Candles380
Candlelit Hearts - Annivesary, Cake Toppers300
Happy Birthday Letter Candles - Blue450
Happy Birthday Letter Candles - Silver450
Happy Birthday Letter Candles -Pink450
Happy Birthday Letter Candles -Green450
  • Happy Birthday Letter Multi Color Candles - Price : LKR 380

    Illuminate your birthday celebration with our enchanting Happy Birthday Letter Multi-Color Candles. This vibrant collection of candles adds a burst of joy and excitement to your cake, featuring a spectrum of lively colors that spell out `Happy Birthday.` Each candle is meticulously crafted to represent the exuberance of the occasion, making them suitable for birthday parties of all ages. The kaleidoscope of colors brings a sense of festivity and cheer, transforming your cake into a delightful centerpiece that symbolizes the diversity and happiness of life`s milestones. Light up your special day with these Multi-Color Letter Candles and watch as the colors dance and flicker, filling the air with the spirit of celebration and the promise of a year filled with joy.

  • Candlelit Hearts - Annivesary, Cake Toppers - Price : LKR 300

    Candlelit Hearts is a collection of exquisitely crafted candles that not only illuminate your space but also touch the very essence of your heart. Each candle in this collection features a heart-shaped design, making it a perfect symbol of love, warmth, and romance. Whether you`re celebrating a special occasion with a loved one or simply want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, these candles are the ideal choice. Their soft, flickering flames cast a warm, inviting glow that enhances the ambiance of any room. The Candlelit Hearts collection is designed to evoke feelings of love and connection, making it the perfect addition to romantic dinners, anniversaries, or any moment when you want to infuse your space with the magic of love and affection.

  • Happy Birthday Letter Candles - Blue - Price : LKR 450

    Elevate your birthday celebration with our charming Happy Birthday Letter Candles in Blue. These delightful candles infuse a sense of joy and vibrancy into your birthday cake, bringing a playful and colorful touch to the occasion. Meticulously designed, their vibrant blue color adds a lively and cheerful atmosphere to your special day. The letters spell out `Happy Birthday,` making them suitable for birthday celebrations of all ages and genders, while the captivating blue hue ensures they serve as a delightful focal point, symbolizing the spirit of celebration.

  • Happy Birthday Letter Candles - Silver - Price : LKR 450

    Elevate your birthday celebration with our stunning Happy Birthday Letter Candles in Silver. These exquisite candles exude a touch of sophistication, adding a touch of glamour to your birthday cake. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, their sleek silver finish imparts a sense of elegance and opulence to your special day. The letters spell out `Happy Birthday,` making them suitable for all ages and genders, while their radiant silver hue ensures they stand out as a centerpiece. Illuminate your birthday with these Silver Letter Candles, and let the festivities shimmer and shine in style.

  • Happy Birthday Letter Candles -Pink - Price : LKR 450

    Celebrate with style and warmth using our Happy Birthday Letter Candles in Pink. These charming candles add a touch of elegance to any birthday cake, creating a delightful focal point for your celebration. Each candle is crafted with care, featuring a vibrant pink hue that`s perfect for adding a pop of color to your festivities. The letters spell out `Happy Birthday,` making them a versatile choice for any age or gender. Whether you`re celebrating a milestone or simply cherishing another year of life, these candles will bring joy and a sense of occasion to your special day.

  • Happy Birthday Letter Candles -Green - Price : LKR 450

    Elevate your birthday celebration with a burst of vibrant energy using our `Happy Birthday` letter candles in lively green. These candles bring a lively and cheerful touch to your cake, setting the stage for a joyful celebration. Each candle features the words `Happy Birthday` elegantly written in a charming cursive script, adding a personalized and festive touch to your dessert. The green hue symbolizes growth, renewal, and positivity, making it an ideal choice to brighten up your special day. Illuminate your birthday cake with these green letter candles and infuse your celebration with a sense of youthful exuberance and hope for the year ahead.


Yes, you may order any type of number candles you prefer along with your order and there will no additional delivery charge when you order with another product.


We deliver to any address in Sri Lanka for a nominal delivery fee.


The first one is the Greek theory, which says that the tradition of blowing candles on birthdays is connected to the ancient practice of lighting the candles in order to worship the birth of the Goddess Artemis. According to another theory, the tradition of blowing candles originated in Switzerland in the year 1881.


The three candles means past, present and future and put out 2candles which mean past and present. And it implies good luck if the last candle which means future can keep being lit long.


The number of candles in a birthday cake is based on the age of the celebrant. For example, a child celebrating his or her third birthday should have three candles, however adults celebrating their 21st birthday should have one or three candles because having twenty-one candles can be overwhelming.