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Auto Care - For most people, vehicle care is more than a hobby; in fact, it’s a passion. We've curated our Automobile category at Kapruka, offering products and detailing supplies to fuel that passion. Check out our automobile category to purchase polishes, car waxes, sealants, towels, cleaners, and more. Now you can make car detailing enjoyable by achieving incredible results.

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Green Fresh Microfiber Premier Cleaning Cloth390
Flamingo Car Wash Shampoo 500ML - F0301120
Car Cleaning Cloth SOOCOOL Blue - CL001-SOOCOOL600
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Wash Towel Drying Polishing Car Rag- CL-SH-003460
Microfibre Cleaning Glove - CL-SH-001590
WURTH Silicone Spray - 500ML3820
  • Green Fresh Microfiber Premier Cleaning Cloth - Price : LKR 390

  • Flamingo Car Wash Shampoo 500ML - F030 - Price : LKR 1120

    Cleans the Toughest Automotive Dirt and Grime Your car`s delicate finish is too important to trust to household products like some dish soaps, which may contain harsh surfactants that can strip your vehicle`s wax protection. As the most trusted name in car care, we formulated our Car Wash Shampoo especially for your vehicle`s finish, so it`s powerful enough to lift away the toughest dirt and road grime, yet gentle enough that it won`t strip wax. *Powerful cleaners lift away dirt and road grime *Clean-rinsing formula for spot-free, streak-free results *Won`t strip wax, like some dish soaps *Safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats USAGE DIRECTIONS- 1. Use on a cool car, preferably in the shade. 2.

  • Car Cleaning Cloth SOOCOOL Blue - CL001-SOOCOOL - Price : LKR 600

    The Clean Cham is an essential tool in maintaining your cleanliness. Comprises of a unique, super-soft, non-linting cloth, designed to remove oily or filmy residue including waxes, polishes, glazes, and fingerprints without scratching or streaking delicate surfaces. It is ideal for painted/clear coated surfaces consisting of chrome, glass, Furniture, dashboards and more.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Wash Towel Drying Polishing Car Rag- CL-SH-003 - Price : LKR 460

    Reusable microfiber cleaning towels are very effective, washable, and can be reused in your car, etc. These fabrics are very suitable for your cars, trucks, electronic products, etc. The super soft material made of polyester will not scratch paint, coating or any surface. Specification- Type- Thickened microfiber cleaning cloth Material- high quality superfine fiber Dimensions- 30 x 30 cm Function 1- car washing, drying, waxing/polishing your car, boat, motorcycle, washing TV screen/computer screen, etc. Function 2- Multi-purpose household cleaning-kitchen, bathroom, office Function 3- Dust removal-mirrors, windows, surfaces, furniture, car interiors.

  • Microfibre Cleaning Glove - CL-SH-001 - Price : LKR 590

    FEATURES- Car washing sponge/glove is made of microfiber chenille material. Super water absorption, strong detergent and soft tactility. Use less water and soap. Soft, comfortable and good handle. Coral fleece brush cannot leave any scratch delicate surfaces in your car.

  • WURTH Silicone Spray - 500ML - Price : LKR 3820

    Ensures long-lasting protection, preservation and insulation of vehicle exterior and interior plastic, rubber and metal parts- good lubricating properties Colour- Colourless Chemical basis- Mineral oil Min./max. temperature conditions- -5 to 40 -deg-C Shelf life from production- 24 Month Plastic parts retain a high-gloss finish and do not become brittle Rubber parts are protected, do not become brittle and do not freeze or stick Impregnated folding roofs and hoods Anti-static effect (dust-repellent) Protects electrical contacts against moisture Sliding roof and seat rails, seat belt rollers etc. run smoothly Prevents squeaks and creaks between dissimilar materials, e.g.

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Automobile care products are dedicated to the specific elements of the body and interior of your vehicle for greater comfort and driving pleasure.

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