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Looking for plants and flowers online? Kapruka offers a wide range of plants and flowers with islandwide next day delivery. Explore our collection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as beautiful floral arrangements.

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Looking for Plants and Flowers online? Kapruka offers a wide range of Plants and Flowers with islandwide next day delivery. Explore our collection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as beautiful floral arrangements.

Top Plants and Flowers Products on Kapruka

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Rambutan Plant790
Guava Plant880
Murraya Paniculata (Kuru Atteriya)1260
Philodendron Xanadu1620
Uguressa Plant740
Saplera Yellow Leaf1620
  • Rambutan Plant - Price : LKR 790

    This is an exotic fruit plant that is very popular in Sri Lanka. Rambutan trees grow well in moist areas. Therefore, water well daily and keep the soil moist.

  • Guava Plant - Price : LKR 880

    Guava is a common tropical fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. It is a good to have plant in any garden.

  • Murraya Paniculata (Kuru Atteriya) - Price : LKR 1260

    Murraya Paniculata, commonly known as satinwood, orange jasmine is a flowering shrub with twisting branches, dark green, glossy leaves and fragrant blossoms. This plant is commonly called Kuru Atteriya in Sri Lanka. Kuru Atteriya widely planted as an ornamental plant, where it is valued especially for the intense orange-blossom fragrance of its atteria flower and its small red fruits. Note: Water the plant infrequently, every 10 to 14 days, allowing it to dry somewhat between watering. A container-grown plant may need to be watered more frequently than a plant grown in the ground.

  • Philodendron Xanadu - Price : LKR 1620

    The Philodendron Xanadu is a fascinating tropical foliage plant with attractive lobed leaves that are richly green and lush. It is ideal as an indoor plant for tables and desks. This plant is imported from Netherlands. Scientific Name: Philodendron Xanadu Common Names: Philodendron Xanadu or Winterbourn Family: Araceae Type: Tropical Evergreen Watering: Maintain moist soil Light: Indirect light Humidity: Moderate to high humidity Toxicity: Poisonous to humans and pets. Typically, ingestion will result in swelling of the lips, tongue, and stomach irritation with possible vomiting.

  • Uguressa Plant - Price : LKR 740

    The `uguressa` fruit has countless health benefits and medicinal value. Uguressa is not that sweet, but it has a sweet quality and it is a little sour and astringent.It is a perfect plant to have in your garden.

  • Saplera Yellow Leaf - Price : LKR 1620

    Saplera Plant. A popular house plant with divided hand-like leaves and fun texture, Saplera plant can be planted and grown in living, dining, family rooms and bedrooms. A low maintenance plant, it is also ideal for gifting purposes.

What types of plants are available at Kapruka?

Kapruka offers a wide variety of plants, including indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, succulents, and more. You can find plants suitable for your garden, home, or office.

Do you provide care instructions for the plants?

Yes, each plant comes with detailed care instructions to help you maintain its health and beauty. We also provide guidance on watering, sunlight requirements, and general plant care tips.

Can I send plants as gifts?

Absolutely! Sending plants as gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions. Simply provide the recipient's address during the checkout process, and we'll ensure the plant is delivered with care.

Do you offer same-day plant delivery?

While same-day delivery is not currently available, we provide next day delivery across Sri Lanka. Please place your order in advance to ensure timely delivery.