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    The Chinese Dragon Café is Sri Lanka’s oldest and most respected restaurant. Started in 1942 by a family of Chinese immigrants, CDC has pioneered Chinese cuisine in Sri Lanka, offering authentic food refined specifically to suit the local palate. Authentic dishes such as our Foo Yung Hai and our caramel pudding are still prepared just as they were when we first opened over half a century ago. Popular innovations have also become a trademark - our hot buttered cuttlefish, crab claws and devilled dishes have become synonymous with Chinese food in Sri Lanka – often imitated but never replicated.

    For a taste of the food that you have come to know and love, visit one of our branches in Mount Lavinia or Colombo. Or use our take out page to experience Sri Lanka’s premier delivery service and enjoy our dishes in the comfort of your own home.

    CDC offers a dining experience for the entire family. Our long-standing staff and loyal clientele combine with the familiarity of our trademark flavors to make for a timeless and heart-warming dining experience.

    We thank you for your continued patronage and are thrilled that you are a part of the Chinese Dragon family.

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