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About the brand Swarovski at Kapruka

Known for its unique craftsmanship mastery heritage of over 120 years Swarovski was founded by an extraordinary artisan Daniel Swarovski in 1895 who redefined the art of crystal cutting by enduring innovation distinctive designs for each piece of art made. The brand is significantly located in Wattens Austria where every piece of mastered craftsmanship carries a remarkable story that is infused with exclusive expertise in every step. The brand not only focuses on refining Crystals but also ventures into exploring ways in making the most phenomenal pieces by creating enhanced sparkle by using exceptional techniques such as Beading Pav Bezel Prong. Swarovskis crystal setting comes to life through its proprietary craftsmanship such as Pointiage. For over 35 years Swarovski has captivated the world with its unique pieces like The Nirvana Cocktail ring the slake bracelet and its signature Swiss movement watches.Swarovski portrays itself as a conscious luxury brand that drives positive action attitude across the industry. Some of Swarovskis sustainable movements include Engaging in responsible production using materials of the future where the crystals are picked to be the most responsible on the market friendly collaborations in order to improve good practices in the industry and encourage loyal Swarovski users to act sustainably.Swarovskis unique prolific designs continuous innovative trends techniques has undoubtedly thus far created the Brand as the worlds most elite jewelry accessory brand that designates itself as an everyday style to women around the world.

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