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A brand that promotes Traditional rice...

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A brand that promotes Traditional rice...

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Ma Vee Rice 1kg650
Kurulu Thuda Rice 1KG650
Nilkada Rice 1KG650
Heenati Rice 1Kg650
Suwandal Rice 1kg740
  • Ma Vee Rice 1kg - Price : LKR 650

    A rare traditional reddish-brown rice variety which is cultivated only in a very few locations on earth containing the highest amount of protein and antioxidants. It has qualities equivalent to human mothers` milk. Ideal for both children and adults for growth, regeneration, and immunity. Also highly recommended for expectant and lactating mothers.

  • Kurulu Thuda Rice 1KG - Price : LKR 650

    A unique traditional red rice variety which enhances vitality reduces cholesterol, body fat and phlegm. Ideal for weight reduction and improvement of muscle tone.

  • Nilkada Rice 1KG - Price : LKR 650

    A unique red rice variety with exceptional medicinal and nutritional values. Ideal for diabetes control, Rich in valuable dietary fibres.

  • Heenati Rice 1Kg - Price : LKR 650

    It is a highly nutritious traditional red rice variety. Its purple and red pigments are indicative of rare antioxidants which enhance physical health strength and immunity, protecting the body from diseases. Heenati rice is also a time tested detoxifier and blood purifier in Ayurveda.

  • Suwandal Rice 1kg - Price : LKR 740

    This is an exquisite traditional white rice variety with a fine aroma which promotes a range of health benefits such as diabetic control, enhanced vitality and aphrodisiac capabilities.

About the brand Rankema at Kapruka

A brand that promotes Traditional rice.

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