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Bega is a well known Australian Cheese brand...

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Bega is a well known Australian Cheese brand...

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Bega Super Cheese 12 Slices 250g2860
Bega Cream Cheese 200g2440
Bega Chedder Prosseded Cheese 250g2920
  • Bega Super Cheese 12 Slices 250g - Price : LKR 2860

    Bega Super Cheese 12 Slices is a premium Australian cheese product known for its rich, creamy flavor and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Made from high-quality dairy, it offers a versatile and delicious addition to sandwiches, burgers, and other culinary creations. Each slice is expertly crafted to deliver a perfect balance of taste and consistency, making it a favorite among cheese enthusiasts seeking an authentic Australian cheese experience.

  • Bega Cream Cheese 200g - Price : LKR 2440

    Bega Cream Cheese is a smooth and velvety spread, crafted with care in Australia. Made from the finest local ingredients, it boasts a rich, creamy texture and a subtly tangy flavor profile. Perfect for spreading on toast, bagels, or as a delectable ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes, Bega Cream Cheese delivers a taste of pure indulgence with every bite.

  • Bega Chedder Prosseded Cheese 250g - Price : LKR 2920

    One of Australia`s top dairy firms, the Bega Cheese Group, manufactures the well-known Bega Cheese Cheddar Block. For its premium ingredients and age-old cheese-making methods, this cheddar cheese is known. It is made in Australia`s scenic Bega Valley, in the state of New South Wales. The cheese block has a rich, creamy flavor with a faint tanginess, as well as a smooth, solid structure. It is normally aged for a set amount of time to create its unique flavor character.

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Bega is a well known Australian Cheese brand.

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