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Valentines gifts for husbands, boyfriends, girl friends and more at Kapruka. This gift collection is hand picked for you by experienced gift delivery specialist at Kapruka.

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valentines gifts for husbands, boyfriends, girl friends and more at Kapruka. This gift collection is hand picked for you by experienced gift delivery specialist at Kapruka.

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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Grand Gesture Arrangement - By Shirohana19000
My One And Only880
Serenade Flower arrangement8400
Dozen Red Roses In Recycled Paper Box6660
Enchanting elegance Arrangement - By Shirohana10000
Dainty love Arrangement - By Shirohana7500
  • Grand Gesture Arrangement - By Shirohana - Price : LKR 19000

    Elevate your declaration of love with the n#34;Grand Gesturen#34; bunch. This extravagant arrangement includes six graceful Lilies, twenty-five classic Roses, twelve playful Chrysanthemum Pompons, and a touch of lasting Statice. Make a grand statement this Valentine`s Day with this opulent expression of affection.

  • My One And Only - Price : LKR 880

    A rose is a timeless blossom that has always symbolised true love. Use Kapruka`s single red rose to say you are the only one I love. Place an order for this blossom and Kapruka will deliver such that you can share this special day with your special someone no matter where you are. Flower Vendor(s): Kapruka Flower Farms.

  • Serenade Flower arrangement - Price : LKR 8400

    Serenade your special someone with this enchanting arrangement named n#34;Serenade.n#34; It comprises eight Roses, nine Chrysanthemum Pompons, four Celosia, and a single Foliage, all artfully arranged in an glass cup. Let the melody of love unfold with this charming ensemble.

  • Dozen Red Roses In Recycled Paper Box - Price : LKR 6660

    A dozen red roses convey a declaration of love and passion, and also perfection and completeness because the number 12 itself is associated with the months of an entire year. In fact, a dozen (12) red roses have become the definitive symbol of true love. This arrangement is lovingly made with 12 red roses, a recycled paper box, and baby breath to make it a masterpiece of pure class. Flower Vendor(s): Kapruka Fresh Flower Farm.

  • Enchanting elegance Arrangement - By Shirohana - Price : LKR 10000

    n#10; Presenting n#34;Enchanting Elegance,n#34; a stunning bouquet from our Valentine`s Collection. This arrangement effortlessly combines four graceful Lilies, twelve classic Roses, eight playful Chrysanthemum Pompons, and a delicate touch of Statice. n#34;Enchanting Elegancen#34; is the perfect choice for making a lasting impression on Valentine`s Day, delivering a message of sophistication and admiration with its lush blend of blooms.

  • Dainty love Arrangement - By Shirohana - Price : LKR 7500

    n#10; Introducingn#10; n#34;Dainty Love,n#34; a sweet and understated addition to our Valentine`sn#10; Collection. This charming floral bunch captures the essence of love in itsn#10; simplest form, featuring two graceful Lilies, twelve timeless Roses, eightn#10; charming Chrysanthemum Pompons, and a delicate touch of Statice. Express yourn#10; affection with n#34;Dainty Love,n#34; a bouquet that whispers love in then#10; most delightful way.


We deliver our products to any address in Sri Lanka for a nominal delivery fee.


The delivery fees depends on the distance to your location and will be nominal.


Yes, we will make all arrangements to deliver valentine presents on 14th of Feb.


That depends but flowers, chocolates takes top billing.


It's important to give a card, a small gift, and a huge hug, and to talk to your loved one.


Sri Lanka, just like rest of the world, celebrates valentine's day on 14th of February.

What are the best gifts for Valentine's Day for a girl friend?

Valentine's Day globally and in Sri Lanka is a special occasion to show your beloved just how much you care. Here are some ideas that are sure to make him or her feel loved and appreciated. Flowers, cakes, chocolates, A personalized gift: Customize a t-shirt, mug, or pillow with a heartfelt message or inside joke.

What are best valentine's day gift for husband in Sri Lanka?

Whether you've been married for years or are in a new relationship, in Sri Lanka its custom to celebrate Valentine's day big or small. Personalized Photo Album, Engraved Pen, Perfumes tops the list. However, nothing beats Red Roses.

What are best valentine's day gift for wife in Sri Lanka?

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to show love and affection. It's the perfect time to surprise your wife with something special. In Sri Lanka, there are many great gift options for your beloved. From romantic cakes like the Together We Are Perfect Ribbon Cake , Abundance Of Love Valentine Cake or My Heart For You Valentine Cake, and Java Lounge chocolates. You can also make it more special by adding a bouquet of red roses or other unique gifts to show your love and appreciation. No matter what you choose, your wife will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and love.

In Sri Lanka, Is Valentine's Day only for Lovers?

In Sri Lanka, Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, but rather a global holiday that has taken a secular form in recent years. Though traditionally celebrated as a romantic holiday, it has become more of a holiday to celebrate friendship, family, and special people in our life in Sri Lanka. Galle is a great destination for couples or friends to celebrate Valentine's Day, as there are many romantic things to do such as relaxing by the pool, going for a walk by the beach, dining at a restaurant, and enjoying a spa treatment.

How to surprise my boyfriend in Sri Lanka for Valentine's Day?

If you're looking for a unique Valentine's Day surprise for your boyfriend in Sri Lanka, there are plenty of options. Consider booking an intimate candlelit dinner at one of the country's beach-side restaurants. For the ultimate romantic setting, rent a private cabana overlooking the ocean. You could also order your valentine's day gifts from Kapruka for home delivery, pickup or even schedule a delivery to your hotel.