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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Cosmetic Beauty Collection - Gift For Her7000
Emami 7 Oils In 1 100ml +Alovera150
Dove Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair Shampoo900
Argan Oil Hair Treatment With Moroccan Argan Oil Extract-100ml3470
Luvesence Rose Exotique - Body Smoothie 100G1250
  • Cosmetic Beauty Collection - Gift For Her - Price : LKR 7000

    Spoil her heart with a gift that whispers sweet nothings, showing her you`re all about romance. You can also, light up her eyes with a gift that speaks volumes or you could celebrate your love story with a gift that captures your journey together. Better still, spark her joy with a gift that`s as unique as she is. You can also warm her heart with a gift that comes from your soul. So pour your heart into it and watch her eyes light up like fireworks.

  • Emami 7 Oils In 1 100ml +Alovera - Price : LKR 150

    7 Oils in One Organics Aloe Vera Oil - Nourishes and hydrates dull, dry hair, Soothes irritated scalp. Ultra-light formula to give you set, shiny and worry-free hair on-the-go. Suitable for all hair types. Solutions to Your Problems - Hair not getting the nourishment it deserves? Do not panic, Go Organic!


    Acne starts appearing at the teen ages, due to hormone activation and Otler environmental factors, research confirms oily food makes tie skin more vulnerable for acne formation, younger generation is mostly affected and areas such as face, neck. and shoulder are most commonly affected and leaves scars mostly, this causes disturbances for normal life style specially in the youngsters, GOLDEN TOUCH MEN`S PIMPLE CARE CREAM ideal treatment for acne and it completely manage acne and clear the scars.

  • Dove Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair Shampoo - Price : LKR 900

    Dove nourishing secrets is a range of products inspired by indulging and caring rituals practiced by women around the world, that combine the advanced nourishment of Dove with inspiration from nature. Dove Healthy Ritual for growing hair is inspired by North American rituals with blends of coneflower, oil and white tea. Ingredients known for their boosting and caring properties. Boosts hair to cope with stressful routines that trigger hair breakage, limiting its growth potential. How to Use Apply through wet hair, lather and rinse out.

  • Argan Oil Hair Treatment With Moroccan Argan Oil Extract-100ml - Price : LKR 3470

    Argan Oil Hair Treatment With Moroccan Oil has been specially formulated using oil from the fruit of the Argan Tree and enriched with Vitamin E a natural and oxidant to nourish and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. This concentrated formula will help protect the hair whilst adding shine and reducing frizz.

  • Luvesence Rose Exotique - Body Smoothie 100G - Price : LKR 1250

    Luv Esence is a brand that is real and authentic, helping you to grow, love, and accept yourself for who you truly are, which is unique and beautiful. Luv Esence products are filled with the fresh goodness of natural ingredients, infused with floral and fruity fragrances, and packaged in the gentlest hues of nature to remind you of this every day. They create authentic products that are conscious, environmentally friendly and sustainable for your future. Luv Esence products are not tested on animals and use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure the best ingredients are used without compromising the future. They are engaged in community fair trade practices to ensure their suppliers?

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