English Translation of a reading

Blessings of the Buddha be with you........

You are born under Taurus at birth major period of Saturn had a balance of – 0 years 04 months and 10 days. Hence you are going through the major period of Venus which started on the 27th of July 2000. This is a forceful period since Venus is benefic. Therefore, the unfavorable "Erashtaka" will not bring forth-bad effects.


Your marriage will take place between 15th January 2002 and 10th December 2002. Your partner will be a person of discipline with several abilities. He will be a person with much knowledge and experience. You your selves are a person with a lot of patience and kindness for which your are liked by many. Hence your partner will be a suitable person to you in all respects. At the beginning your parents may not like this marriage but with time they will change. Eventually your husband will be a person whom they can’t be without. Your married life also only by with trials and tribulations.


You will be getting more of daughter (than sons). The first born will be a daughter. This will be within the first two years of married life. Your children will be children with fortune. After first delivery, you will be subject to a very high degree of phlegm and phlegm related sicknesses. Luckily this will not last long. Your children will be looking after you very well.


Remuneration and benefit you are receiving from the present occupation will be ensolidated by the end of 2002. Promotions are done by the beginning of 2003. By 2008, you will either be an officer of the highest level or will be in a position, where a considerable numbering of people will be working under you. When 42 years of age, you will unexpectedly receive lot of fame.


According to the planetary position of your horoscope, you should live in a place close to your birthplace. You should own a house through the help of others. If not you will be able to buy a house for unexpectedly low amount. You will live in a beautiful and cordial surrounding. Prospect getting vehicles are bought.


The load of 2nd and 11th houses are placed a position to see each other. This is a powerful combination, which will bring a lot of wealth. Unexpectedly sources of income will come your way. There will be no obstacles to you getting such income. Your planetary positions are such that there will no obstacles to receiving such sources of income. However, if you lend it will be very difficult to get the loans back.


As the lord of 6th houses, which indicate health is under the influence of the moon, a serious sickness will not affect you. However you will be subject to phlegm related sickness. Hence you should refrain from food and drinks which are likely to promote such sickness and avoid living in a climate not conducive to such ailments.


There are no strong malefic planets that affect you. Therefore, your future will be satisfactory. Your expectation will be fulfill.