Navy Blue Suede Thong Strap For Girls, Floral Bow Solid Flat Slippers For Teenage,women - Casual Footwear - Size 42 Online at Kapruka | Product# fashion002152_TC7

Navy Blue Suede Thong Strap For Girls, Floral Bow Solid Flat Slippers For Teenage,women - Casual Footwear - Size 42

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Each pair of these suede casual sandals is meticulously handcrafted to perfection.
Our freshly upgraded soles are constructed of a combination of rubber and Pu that is extremely durable.
We also picked a long-lasting suede material to ensure that it is suitable for daily use.
The ankle straps have buckles on them so that the wearer can modify the fit to her liking.
The suede material is used in all of these. Well, these are the ideal footwear for a vacation.

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