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BreadTalk has been single handedly responsible for revitalizing the once stale bread business, with an imaginative and creative new approach to the art of bread making and baking.

BreadTalk specializes in the finest breads, gourmet desserts and bakery items. Each item has itÂ’s very own scrumptious story to tell and most are filled with special ingredients sourced from around the world, like exotic nuts, the freshest fruit and the finest cheeses; just to name a few.

From our clear cut, hip, urban outlets that are as vibrant as they are functional, to an amazing range of the finest breads and other bakery products; BreadTalk will seduce you with its charm and delight you with it many exquisite flavors.

Today BreadTalk has over 400 boutique bakeries and 40 food atriums and restaurants across 16 countries worldwide. Because we believe in constantly exceeding expectation and delighting our customers in everything we do, we pay absolute attention to detail. From sourcing only the finest ingredients from around the world, to using the very latest in food preparation technology, every one of our products has a premium and consistent quality. That is sure to what your appetite and delight your taste buds.

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