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Milk Toffee 16 Piece Box(gmc)

Vendor: Gerard Mendis Chocolatier (GMC)

A sweet favorite, milk toffee, also known as Kiri Toffee, is a vanilla flavored dairy fudge.

Why are Gerard Mendis Chocolatier`s chocolates, cakes and confections so delectable` To be sure, creative flair and artistry set us apart but the secret to deliciousness is the quality of our ingredients.

At Gerard Mendis Chocolatier, we go to great lengths to find the best ingredients because exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients.

Discover for yourself the results of our passion for spectacular flavor: luscious handcrafted cakes and pastries, exquisite chocolates made from imported Belgian and Swiss chocolate and colorful, jewel-like confections.

Brand: GMC
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At this time of pandemic its great gesture what kapruka and team doing to connect the families and friends. But still for products made in sl needs to be priced same as the market value without converting to USD. Customers will not be happy more amount than market prices for products made in sl.
Its my first gift delivery. Everything went quite fine..looking forward to send more gifts in the hence.
On time delivery
Kapruka is very helpful us to connect with our loved ones specially when we really cant attend their special occasions physically. I usually recommend Kapruka for my friends. 10084 128591
It was a great experience I always make every surprise order through Kapruka since it never disappoints me.
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