Anchor milk is one of the most popular milk powder brands in Sri Lanka. Moreover, as a brand, it entered the Sri Lankan market in the 1980s and since then evolved into a household dairy brand. For instance, millions of glasses of Anchor milk are consumed across the island every day. Without a doubt, this bears testament to the fact that Sri Lankan families trust Anchor to provide the best and high-quality dairy nutrition.

Anchor Milk and Fonterra

Fonterra is a leading global nutrition company from New Zealand, committed to providing Sri Lankans with trusted dairy goodness. Correspondingly, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is a New Zealand-based multinational dairy company. In fact, Fonterra is owned by the New Zealand-based dairy farmers that supply the company. Notably, the company derives its revenue from the collection, manufacturing, and distribution of milk and milk-derived products. To enumerate, as per the latest reports Fonterra is responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports. Markedly, it is New Zealand’s largest company.

Fonterra™s premier brand Anchor has now become the front runner in many countries. For this reason, Fonterra stays true to its promise of providing Anchor milk, of the highest quality made from the purest and freshest milk from New Zealand. Thus, during Anchor™s presence in Sri Lanka, it has focused on its core values of being the mother™s trusted choice. Uniquely, Anchor has been providing high-quality dairy products to Sri Lanka for over 40 years.

Where is Anchor made in Sri Lanka?

Fonterra manufactures and packs its products at their state-of-the-art powder and liquid plants in Biyagama. Additionally, their powder plant packs over 475,000 packs of milk powder every day. Indeed, this includes some of Sri Lanka™s favourite dairy brands Anchor, Ratthi, Anlene and Anchor Pedia Pro. Moreover, their liquid plant processes about 40,000 litres of local milk every day, turning it into fresh dairy products for the Anchor and Anchor Newdale brands, including UHT milk, flavoured milk, set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt and curd

Is Anchor full cream milk power imported?

Yes, Anchor full cream milk powder is imported from New Zealand. Without a doubt, you can trust that some of the world’s finest dairy comes from farms in New Zealand. Uniquely, New Zealand is tucked far away from anywhere and surrounded by clean air, bathed in rain and sunshine. Of course, it™s the ideal climate for the growth and abundance of dairy farming. Likewise, New Zealand™s well-cared cows produce better quality milk, than elsewhere. Moreover, Anchor Milk gives their utmost care and attention to ensure the integrity of their products are protected. Not to mention, their carefully managed, world-class supply chain.

Fonterra’s packing and blending plant, New Zealand

Accolades for Anchor 

Anchor milk has blazed a successful trail in the marketing arena of Sri Lanka and overseas. Anchor Milk for over a century has maintained a sterling reputation for quality. Certainly, the brand has been relevant in each passing decade. Its owners Fonterra has seen to that it has a top of mind awareness at any given time. As an illustration, over the years, Anchor milk has won many awards from various leading organisations. Notably, among its noteworthy wins were at the SLIM Nielsen Peoples Awards 2011. Here it won the award for FMCG Brand of the Year. Furthermore, Anchor was recognized as one of Asia™s Best Brands at the CMO Asia Awards 2011. Incidentally, the awards were organized by the World Brand Congress, highlighting the strength of the brand in the Asian region

SLSI confirms Anchor meets national standards for milk powder

In 2020, The Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) reconfirmed that Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder meets all Sri Lankan standards of quality and safety for full cream milk powder. To enumerate, this was possible due to an extensive surveillance audit conducted in New Zealand by SLSI. This meant SLSI inspected the breadth of the manufacturing process. For this reason, key findings by the SLSI team concluded that Fonterra New Zealand, the dairy co-operative behind Anchor, has taken every possible measure in this direction. Chiefly, SLSI has certified that products exported to Sri Lanka meet the requirements of SLS 731, which is the national standard for milk powder in Sri Lanka. 

Throughout the years, Anchor has grown as a brand and has innovated new products to better cater to the evolving needs of the Sri Lankan milk market. During this expansion, Anchor has strengthened its gold standard quality and best nutrition through its entire range. That is to say, Anchor continues to be known as a brand trusted by mothers to provide great-tasting and nutritious milk products.

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