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Cuddly Bear 16 Piece Chocolate Box(gmc)

US$ 28.64

Vendor: Gerard Mendis Chocolatier

Convey your love with this decadent box of chocolates. Our  sixteen piece paperboard gift boxes, beautifully tied with our classic ribbon, make a perfect gift for the chocolate lover. Each box is filled with an irresistible assortment of Gerard Mendis premium chocolates. Each chocolate is tailor-made in small, selective batches to retain its freshness and unique flavours. Using only the best quality Belgian and Swiss chocolate, Gerard Mendis combines freshness and superior ingredients to give his chocolates its sheen, snap and mellow creamy flavour.There`s pure chocolate pleasure waiting for the lucky person who receives your gift.

Place your order 24 hours before the delivery date; delivery recommended only for the Colombo area.

Brand: GMC
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