Orange And Yellow Rayon Saree

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Look your best at any occasion with this Rayon Silk Saree. Designed with contrast colors, this is a must to have in your Saree wardrobe. This Saree comes with a beautifully woven jacket piece, which complements the whole look. You can dress up with matching jewelry to complete this elegant look.

  • Saree Length - 6 yards
  • Jacket Piece - 1 yard
  • Saree Height - 45 inches
  • wash and care instructions - Dry Clean Only
  • Fabric - Rayon Silk fabric

Brand: Islandlux
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If ever there were a garment that brought out the best in a lady in the most sensuous yet dignified manner, it is the saree. From the desk at office to a wedding hall, from a meeting in the boardroom to a party, this all enduring garment remains dressy and classy. The uses are endless, the occasions are numerous, yet the online price that you would have to pay Kapruka for these exquisite lengths of woven fabric is probably less than what you would spend at an actual saree shop. Come discover the glamour of life in a saree or gift one and add some colour to someone's day.