Salada Peeler - Pasta

US$ 7.51

Vendor: MJ and JQ (Made in japan and Japan Quality)

Product features

  • It is a slim type I-shaped peeler which can slice radish · carrots etc. just as thin as pasta.
  • The secret of smooth and excellent sharpness is in the cutting edge which the knife town, Seki craftmen carefully made one by one. It is a gem that uses special blade steel and raises the hardness by hardening the cutting edge independently from the arm part and performs cutting with the best condition. Also, the skewer blade is attached independently of the arm. The edge is very beautiful with a sharp edge with a thickness of 0.15 mm.
  • The traditional vege· noodle makers can take a long time by turning the ingredients into noodles, but by using this peeler you can quickly make vegetable pasta.
  • Unlike the T-shaped peeler pulling in front, the cutting direction is away from the fingers, so that you can cook safely without worrying about injury.
  • Easy to hold with the slim body design and the thumb that fits, you can cook lightly.
  • Even left-handers can use by reversing the mounting direction of the blades.
  • It comes with a safety cover that can be removed with one touch. 

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