Kids Mini Car Collection - 16 Mini Pull Back Toy Vehicles In A Big Car Bottle - Birthday Gift For Boys And Girls

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Kids Mini Car Collection is a delightful and imaginative set of miniature cars designed to captivate the hearts and minds of young children. This collection not only offers a fun playtime experience but also adds a touch of creativity and organization with its unique packaging.

  • Mini Pull Back and Go Car Toy is made of plastic colorful material.
  • No batteries needed, just simply pull the car then let go and watch the mini car accelerate across the floor.
  • An amazing funny time to playing a different role to drive different car with friends.
  • The perfect way to kids can interact with other children.
  • Great collectibles or gifts for young collectors.
  • Pull Back Vehicles, pull back and go, great fun in party favors and kids play.
  • Cool designs and colors.
  • Various lovely pattern, realistic detailed
  • Assorted Vehicles, measure approx 2.2 inch, Bright and Colorful

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