How do you buy gifts for boys? This is a difficult one. After all, boys are not like girls. Rather, boys are not soft and emotional. In reality, young boys or boyfriends do like to be gifted flowers or cakes. I for one don™t like these options. Notwithstanding, when buying gifts for boyfriends one must be very particular. Then again, it is not an easy decision as the gift giver should know about the person before selecting the gift.  

Selecting gifts for boys

Thinkabout the child. Whatdo they love to do? Are they into the park, the pool, or heading outdoorsgenerally? Are they indoor most of the time? Do they love going to the museumor library? Are they obsessed with dinosaurs or superheroes? Think about a gift that could feed their interest.

Consider gifts children can share. Not literally, but gifts that kids can use to play with other kids (or even their families) like board games or puzzles. Again, these will be useful for years, and can help foster a healthy, fun sense of healthy competition for older children.

Remember that toys help kids learn. And often, toys are the primary way that kids learn. Rather, choose toys that both foster creativity and free play. On the other hand, you can also choose toys that teach more œformal� skills like numeracy and literacy.

Check with the parents. If the gift is for someone else™s child, check with the parents before buying. In other words, the child may already own the item, or the parents may have objections.

Choose gifts with a long lifespan. In our largely wasteful world, a toy that can be used for years is highly prized. Notably, items like Lego, bikes can be used for years and handed down to other children.

If in doubt, buy a book. This is a rule we go back to again and again. Indeed, books take up very little space, have an infinite shelf life (pun intended) and can be handed down.

Hobbies. Older children are more likely to have specific hobbies they enjoy, such as playing sport or drawing. For example, a few carefully chosen items based around a hobby are always popular. For instance, a Mars Rover Toy would suit an aviation mad boy. At the same time, you can gift a cricket bat to boys who like to play cricket.

Remembersafety. As muchas possible, choose gifts for boys that are safe to use.

What do you buy as gifts for boys?

Clothing, leather goods, and perfume are some of the staple gifts for men.  But honestly, they are easier gifts for boys. Frankly, most boys don’t give very much thought to buy clothes, or things that don’t have a clear purpose. To make matters easy I have decided to break down into segments when suggesting birthday gifts for boys.

These are some of the best gifts for boys, especially 10-year-old boys.

When boys get to be 10-years-old, the game changes. By all means, to win over a 10-year-old boy is not that easy. Surely, here they want something more complicated and sophisticated than a basic toy. In fact, gift something simple and they will not like it. Believe me, I have experienced this. But remember 10-year-old boys are still pre-teens. That is to say, it’s possible for toys and kits to become too complex for them to handle. In general, here are some fun gifts for boys, to ramp up their interest.

What can you gift young boys?

Here you can classify teenagers as young boys. I’ve heard the term “college-aged” on occasion. In Sri Lanka basically, those doing their OL and AL exams fall into this category. Honestly, those who are in the age group of 20 “ 23 don™t like to be called young boys rather they are young adults. When boys are classified as young boys they have a distinct flavour about them. Here, some like to indulge in sports while some like drama like acting, while some like to study. What about art and design or electronics? However, most young boys like music. By all means, the gifts you choose can revolve around their interest. However, be warned it is a really tough decision to decide on gifts for boys, especially when they™re young teenage boys.

If you want to gift something unique to young boys, refer to the unique birthday gift list we have curated for you. For instance, we™ve put together a list of ideas that are unique but also have a personal touch to them. Happy shopping!

Gifts for boyfriends

Generally speaking, if a girl wants to buy a gift for her boyfriend, there are many clues to crack. In reality, it is cumbersome to gift clothes as boys have definitive tastes. For this reason, it is prudent to gift them a gift voucher instead. Frankly, I would like to get an aged whisky bottle as a gift for my birthday. Indeed, this is only a dream. Surely, by the time a guy is a boyfriend a gal knows a thing or two about his tastes, interests and preferences. Accordingly, choosing an appropriate gift based on his liking is the way to go.

5 Rules for the Perfect Boyfriend Gift

Follow this quintet of suggestions and you’ll reap the rewards of seeing his eyes light up with the joy of a 12-year old boy. Obviously, boyfriends love presents, and with a little planning, you can get exactly the right thing for him. By and large, you may think that the perfect boyfriend gift is something you can share together. And something you both like. The odds are, you’d be wrong. All in all, the perfect boyfriend gift has to be for him, unreservedly. In essence, make sure when you pick it out, that it is given with the unconditional generosity of a true present.

Boyfriend Gift Guide: Questions to Consider

When you are looking for the perfect boyfriend gift, askyourself the following questions:

  • What does he like to do?
  • What are his hobbies?
  • Is he a suit and tie guy?
  • Does he like sports?
  • What is his idea of a relaxing day?

The answers to these questions can make picking out the perfect gift for your guy a lot easier.

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