Statue Of Hindu God Shiva Lingam

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The Shiva linga or Shivlingam (Sanskrit for `symbol`) is the symbol of the god Shiva and the form in which he is most commonly worshiped.

The origin of the lingam has been described in the Hindu scripture of Shiva Purana in its first section of Vidyeshwar Samhita. Shiva-linga has been described as beginning-less and endless cosmic pillar (means Stambha) of the fire which is originally a cause of all causes. It never has any ending and beginning. It (Lingodbhava) symbolises the superiority over all gods such as Brahma (God of origin) and Vishnu (God of wellness). According to the Linga Purana, it is symbolises as the cosmic pillar means an infinite nature of Shiva. It is the representation of a tasteless, formless and smell less Universe Bearer. It is the oval shape structure resembling the whole Universe and its bottom resembling the base of Supreme Power which hold the entire Universe. Its is a Perfect gift to send for your Friends and Family.

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