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Clove Essential Oil - 20ml

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The spicy and pungent oil extracted from cloves offers a boost for stressed and exhausted minds. Clove is a natural antiseptic with wide benefits for acne, wounds, cuts, rashes, scars and blemishes while it also carries strong aphrodisiac properties. This essential oil is steam distilled from clove flower buds and plant stems. Unique Uses: - An excellent soother for aching teeth ` soak a piece of cotton wool and place it near the aching tooth for instant relief. It has acts as an anesthetic and gives relief for several hours. - Clove essential oil is also beneficial as it helps to prevent colds and influenza. - Blending Clove essential oil in tiny amounts into massage oils can create relief in stiff, aching muscles and lessen rheumatic joint pain. - Add a couple of drops of Clove essential oil to your bath to be warmed and comforted after a chilly day. - Tiny amounts of Clove essential oil can also strengthen the fragrance of a mood perfume, massage blend or bath oil. - Clove essential oil is also useful for alleviating flatulence, stimulating better digestion and creating a healthy appetite. Clove essential oil boosts your mental and psychological state with its subtle energy tonic.

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