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Virgin Coconut Oil, 200 Ml

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Coconut collectives Organic Coconut Oil is only produce using the highest graded Coconut pulp. Further using traditional methods such as Cold Pressure with minimal human intervention. We preserve it`s healthy natural qualities.
Benefits Include:
Rich with Medium Chain Fatty Acids including Lauric acid and medium Triglycerides (MCT) which helps refresh the skin and hair
Cold Pressed and unrefined
Can be used for banking and cooking providing an appetizing light Coconut taste
Filled with high-density lipoprotein or more commonly known as the `go cholesterol`

Ingredients : 100% Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-pressed coconut oil.
Useage : Mainly Used as a dietary supplement, as well as a versatile cooking oil. Can also be used as part of a skin and hair beauty regime.
Vendor Name : Hotel Emporium
Brand: MISL

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